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Recap / The 100 S 06 E 11

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Bellamy and Octavia must work together to save their friends; Echo is forced to face her past.

This episode contains examples of:

  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: Russell gives Murphy one last chance to help him, by retrieving Josephine from the Children of Gabriel. He makes it clear that if Murphy fails, Emori will suffer the consequences.
  • Broken Pedestal: "Xavier" confesses that he is Gabriel, which enrages the Children, especially Xavier's sister Lyla.
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  • Call-Back: Once again, Monty's plea to "be the good guys" is the impetus for Clarke to come up with a riskier but less deadly plan.
  • Dark Secret: In a last-ditch attempt to dissuade Ryker from wiping her mind (and stall for time), Echo tells him a story from her past which she hasn't told to anyone, even Bellamy.
    • Given Name Reveal: As it turns out, Echo's real name is actually Ashe; when she was young, her best friend was a girl named Echo, trained as a spy. Queen Nia forced the two to fight, just to see if Echo could kill, but Ashe ended up killing her instead. She was ordered to take up the name and mission.
  • Impersonating the Evil Twin: In order to sabotage Sanctum's shield, Clarke suggests that she return there pretending to be Josephine. Bellamy is against it, but they're forced to go through with it when Murphy and Jade slip in to rescue "her". She does a good job so far, replicating some of Josephine's Character Tics like twirling her hair and general sociopathic attitude.
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  • Ironic Echo: Puns aside, when Ryker loses his nerve and Echo is freed, she stabs Ryker without a moment of uncertainty, repeating Queen Nia's words from her story: "Hesitation is death".
  • Karmic Death: Russell intends for Echo to suffer one; she helped kidnap a Prime, and now she will be turned into a Prime host.
  • Never Hurt an Innocent: Gabriel tries to avoid a large-scale confrontation with Sanctum because the people, who are Unwitting Pawns, would be caught in the crossfire. After her experience with the Anomaly, Octavia agrees that they should spare innocents if at all possible.
  • Unwanted Revival: Gabriel was so enraged when he was brought back to life in Xavier's body that he killed his adoptive son, the one who resurrected him.
  • You Have to Believe Me!: The Children of Gabriel don't entirely believe Clarke's claim to not be Josephine, despite Gabriel showing them the empty mind drive, but they come around when Clarke avoids shooting Lyla when escaping.

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