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Recap / The 100 S 04 E 05

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  • Artistic License – Medicine: Raven is seen visibly seizing on screen and, afterwards, Abby says that her brain shows signs of a stroke. While it's possible that she experienced a stroke sometime before or after the seizure, the symptoms of a stroke are very different from those of a seizure and they don't involve, well, seizing. A stroke is indicated by drooping facial expressions, slurred or loss of speech, and inability to move one or more limbs. (FAST - Face, Arms, Speech, and Time.) Also, while it's not impossible that her speech, cognitive functioning, and motor abilities would be unaffected after a stroke, it's highly unlikely.
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  • Hope Spot: Clarke is able to convince Roan to avert his planed ambush of Arkadia and instead move at least 50 of his men inside thus resecuring their alliance. Meanwhile Bellamy is able to convince Riley to stand down thus preventing the potential bloodshed from his assassination attempt. And it all becomes moot once Illian blows up Arkadia anyway.
  • Idiot Ball:
    • Whoever's bright idea it was to bring Riley (who had been held captive by the Ice Nation over the course of months) along into a potentially disastrous negotiation with the lives of two races on the line. It gets lampshaded quite a few times how much of a bad idea it was.
    • Even if he did help bring in Octavia alive, just allowing Illian to walk around unsupervised in the literal last ark of humanity was a very stupid move (especially once he starts rolling in a wheelbarrow full of flammable liquids into the base). The end result? Arkadia gets blown to kingdom come.
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  • Pet the Dog: While the first time Illian saved Octavia it was to ensure that he could enter Arkadia and destroy it from the inside out the second time he saves her and Niylah it is because he genuinely doesn't want them to die even though doing so puts him in danger of being captured by both Skaikru and Azgeda.
  • Power at a Price: Due to Raven's chip being forcibly fried by an EMP as oppose to having her mind savely returned into her body by the kill switch Raven now has parts of A.L.I.E. and Becca's consciousness in her head. While this has greatly expanded her brainpower it has given her a stroke which will only get worse the more she taps into this higher intelligence.

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