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Recap / The 100 S 03 E 09

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Season 3,episode 9

Stealing Fire

The Horns blow indicating the start of a conclave. Murphy mocks the idea that the grounders fight to get a chip placed in their heads. Clarke tells Murphy that they have to ensure that Aden wins the conclave. Titus returns and Clarke asks how he is still alive. He reveals he is the only flame keeper. Clarke asks to see Aden and after some resistance, Titus brings Clarke and Murphy to the Lexa's body and the nightbloods are. Clarke speaks to Aden and the other Nightbloods and they all say they will protect the thirteenth clan. They all loved Lexa and she made them promise.

Meanwhile, Lincoln, Kane, Sinclair and the other grounder prisoners are still in prison. Pike tells the three of them that will be executed at dawn. Bellamy and Monty come to see Harper and Miller. Bellamy reveals the bug on Nathan's jacket and tells them he wants to help break Kane and the others out of prison. He tells them to send Octavia at the dropship.


Ontari comes to the conclave with Roan and Clarke asks Titus why she is part of it. Titus says that she is allowed to participate as she is a nightblood. Titus says that he has served four commanders and Lexa was the strongest and purest of them. But he says that Lexa already had these qualities, the flame only enhanced them. Clarke wants to make sure that Aden wins but Titus says that Lexa's spirit will have to choose him, there is nothing they can do. Suddenly the victory horn blows much to everybody's surprise. Everybody comes to see what has happened and they see Ontari sitting on the throne. She is covered in black blood and is holding Aden's head. Ontari says that she has won.

Bellamy comes to see Indra with Octavia. They proceed to tie him up but Bellamy complains and says he wants to help save the others. Octavia says that he is the reason they need saving and leaves Indra alone with Bellamy.


Bryan and Miller are talking and Bryan asks if Miller is the spy. He then remembers the bug and Miller already knows and asks him if he put it there. Miller says that Bryan can't have both him and Pike and leaves. Abby goes to visit Kane in prison and is upset about his execution. Abby says she won't let it happen but Kane says she would get caught but the people need her.

Roan takes Murphy and Clarke out of Polis and says that as he has saved their lives he is no longer in debt to them. Clarke says that Titus will never support Ontari but Roan says that she is Ice nation so he will support her and he leaves. Clarke and Murphy don't leave as warned and instead Clarke says she won't leave without the flame.

Lincoln, Kane and Sinclair are still in prison and Pike and his men come for them. Lincoln tells the others to stay strong and not protest. Pike puts the three prisoners, Kane, Sinclair and Lincoln into a room that is guarded and to shoot anybody who comes near. Bellamy asks Indra to stop Octavia as he says she will get caught and begs to be set free. But Indra says that if she dies, she will die a warriors death - something that Bellamy denied Indra.


Clarke goes to Titus and Titus claims that Clarke indirectly killed Lexa. Clarke says that they can't let Ontari be commander but he says that Lexa's spirit chose her. Clarke wants to put the flame into the nightblood that fled, Luna. Titus says that she was a coward but she would be better than Ontari. Titus gets Clarke to hide as Ontari enters. Titus orders Murphy to take Ontari to the purification ritual and they leave. Titus then gives Clarke the flame and says that she is flame keeper now. He says that he will get Murphy out and Clarke leaves.

Meanwhile, at Arkadia, Pike realizes that something is wrong and finds that the room where the prisoners were is empty and the guards are drugged. Octavia and the prisoners are hiding under the floorboards. The prisoners are nearly caught but Monty lies on the radio in front of his mother and says the prisoners are heading to the main gate, throwing the guards off of the prisoner's trail. Pike comes to see Hannah and Monty and Hannah explains that there was a false report, but doesn't reveal it was Monty.

The prisoners along with Octavia and the others escape but Abby refuses to leave as she says she should stay in Arkadia. Kane then kisses her and she kisses him back. Pike then radios that he will execute all of the innocent grounder prisoners if Lincoln doesn't turn himself in. Octavia tells him he can't but Lincoln kisses her and injects with a substance that makes her pass out. Kane leaves with Octavia and Lincoln surrenders himself.

Murphy is overseeing the purification ritual and Ontari is surprised that he is not afraid of her. Murphy says that he thinks what she did was smart. Somebody knocks at the door and Ontari steps out of the bath and puts on her robe whilst Murphy watches her. Roan enters with Titus who claims to have lost the flame. Roan and Ontari nearly kill him but Murphy says he is the only one who can perform the ascension. However Titus says Ontari will never be commander and commits suicide claiming it's for Lexa. Ontari says that she nobody knows that she isn't commander and she will simply pretend. Murphy becomes her fake flamekeeper.

Outside Arkadia, Lincoln is outside for his execution whilst Octavia awakes and watches from afar. Pike promises that he will care for Lincoln's people and ask Lincoln if he has any last words. Lincoln says he has none for Pike and Lincoln says may we meet again without Pike hearing. Pike then shoots Lincoln and Octavia cries but then stops and glares angrily at Pike.


  • Big Damn Kiss: Kane and Abby give each other a kiss before Kane has to leave Arcadia thus resolving their three season long Will They or Won't They? subtext.
  • Character Death: Lincoln is executed by Pike
    • Titus kills himself on Roan's knife.
    • Alden and the other nightblood children are killed by Ontari in their sleep.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Lincoln very calmly resigns himself to his fate, surrendering to Pike, telling him that he has nothing to say to him, before turning his head in the direction of where Octavia and co are and saying to her, "May we meet again."
  • Gory Discretion Shot:
    • Alden's decapitated head is only shown offscreen.
    • Unfortunately averted with Lincoln's death. While we get a far away shot of Pike shooting Lincoln we then get a lovely shot of Lincoln's body, with the bullet hole through both sides of his head, slamming into a puddle and spilling his blood into it.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Lincoln stays behind and surrenders himself to spare the other Grounder prisoners from being executed by Pike.
  • Infant Immortality:Averted when Ontari kills the nightblood children.
  • Killed Offscreen: Ontari kills all the other nightbloods offscreen. The aftermath is her sitting on the throne covered in their blood with their heads in a bag holding the head of Aden.
  • "Reason You Suck" Speech: "Your the reason we need saving." Octavia to Bellamy
    • Harper's comment to Monty about if his mother knows he's here.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Titus's death as he did it to make up for what he did to Lexa even before this helping Clarke and giving her the directions on how to use the Flame and helping her escape.
  • Welcome Back, Traitor/ Easily Forgiven: This is averted because when Bellamy comes to see Octavia, her and Indra tie him up not trusting him when he says he's their to help them because of his previous actions.
    • Harper and Miller also don't immediately trust Bellamy and Monty when they offer their help.

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