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Recap / The 100 S 03 E 08

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Season 3,episode 8

Terms And Conditions

Monty, being down here, I've learned that if something helps you survive, it's always the right thing. Pike taught me that, taught all of us. It's what kept us alive. You do what it takes.


Hannah is explaining the dimensions of the blockade to Bellamy and Pike when suddenly, two Grounders appear in front of Arkadia. Bellamy goes to the messengers, who explain their conditions of the blockade: the Sky People either give Pike to the twelfth Clan, or the blockade stays and every member of Skaikru that is seen outside Arkadia dies. In order to make the threat clear, one of the Grounders throws the heads of the Arkadia guards that were on watch in front of Bellamy's feet. Pike orders Bellamy to step back. He does, but not before shooting the messengers.


A little later, Pike is talking to Hannah, Bellamy, and Monty. Hannah explains that, with the blockade still intact, their supplies will last for approximately two weeks, if they start rationing them. She also suggests fighting the blockade. Pike refuses this, wanting to take down the enemies within Arkadia first. He tells Monty to change the camps access codes every day. He also insists on spying on the Sky People, shocking Monty at first, Pike explains that his commands cannot be leaked to Kane anymore.

Meanwhile, Kane is with Harper and Miller, listening to the entire conversation. Harper voices that she would like to kidnap Pike and hand him to the Grounders. Kane refuses her.

The rationing has started, angering Jasper, since Sinclair denies giving him alcohol now. Meanwhile, Raven and Jaha are sitting in the cafeteria, talking about how to get the second artificial intelligence. Raven says that she and A.L.I.E. had searched the system of the Ark more than once, without any success. Jaha says that they need to get more people to join the City of Light. Raven says that they can't, since Pike confiscated their chip maker after Abby shut them down. Jaha says that they need to get it back. Raven asks how. Jaha then looks over to Jasper, who angrily tells Sinclair off, then leaves. Raven and Jaha watch the scene, then smile at each other.


Pike and his team are going trough their ammunition storage when Kane enters, wanting to talk to Pike. The two step outside. Kane tries to convince Pike into turning himself in to the Grounders. Pike refuses, not wanting to end up like Finn. Instead, he wants to keep fighting the Grounders until they learn their lesson. Kane calls him a dictator, leaving Pike unimpressed.

Later, Kane, Harper, and Miller meet again to spy on Pike and his team. Pike tells his team his new plan, which is attacking the Grounders with a small troop in order to make them stand down before blowing them up. Kane, Harper, and Miller are looking at each other in horror, not realizing that Pike found out about the bug and made this plan up.

Monty watches as Kane and Sinclair talk. Sinclair later tries to manipulate the Jeep in which Pike's men want to go to the Grounders, to execute their "plan." Before he can do so, Bellamy starts talking to him and his cover blows. Sinclair gets arrested and questioned, but he gives no further information to Pike. Pike then asks Bellamy to hand out his gun, Bellamy hesitantly does. Pike, however, only uses it to destroy the bug. Hannah voices out that, on the Ark, Sinclair would get floated now. Pike tells her that they're not on the Ark and leaves. Sinclair gets locked up with the Grounders and tells Lincoln to get ready for Kane's plan.


Jasper and Raven are working on getting the access code to Pike's office. Raven lets A.L.I.E check the words Jasper says. They eventually identify the password as "Earth" and head to the office. As they're searching for the chip maker, Jasper points out that the situation they're in right now, which reminds him of when the Grounders marched onto the camp to get Finn. Jasper then wants to know if the Chips erase only the painful memories, and leaves the good ones, Raven confirms that. But then she tries to think about her time with Finn, after Jasper asks about her necklace and their first kiss. Raven can't remember those things. A.L.I.E is alarmed and tries to get Raven focused on getting the chip maker. Raven, however, grows irritated and realizes that she can't remember Finn at all. Jasper eventually finds the chip maker. A.L.I.E tells Raven to take it, but Raven ignores her, makes Jasper put the chip maker back, and then hastily leaves the office with him.

Monty checks out the Jeep and found out that everything was still intact. Hannah approaches him, telling Monty that arresting Sinclair was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Bellamy goes to Kane. Kane once again tries to make Bellamy switch sides, Bellamy denies. Miller and Bryan run into each other in their room. They end up having a fight about Pike. Miller then says that his shift begins soon. Before leaving, Bryan hands Miller his jacket, Miller doesn't realize that Bryan put a bug into the jacket, in order for Bellamy and Monty to spy on them.

Kane meets up with Pike. Meanwhile, Bellamy gets called to the cell, because Sinclair wants to talk to him. While Sinclair is talking, Lincoln stands up and starts beating up Sinclair. Bellamy goes into the cell, to help Sinclair. Suddenly, the other inmates are attacking Bellamy and a riot starts. As Pike hears about it, he tells the guards in the room to stop it, leaving him alone with Kane. Kane uses the opportunity to knock out Pike and tie him up. As he does so, Harper tells him that the plan is working. Kane asks her if the Gate is open, Monty hears it over the bug in Miller's jacket. He warns Bellamy, so he and the other Guards head to the Gate. Kane is about to leave Arkadia with Pike, when he sees Bellamy and the Guards blocking his way. He abruptly stops the Car and orders Bellamy to get out of the way. Bellamy denies. Kane eventually lets the Guards arrest him.

In the evening, A.L.I.E talks to Jaha about the incident with Raven. She explains that a free will and consent is part of her programming, Jaha says he could change that. Kane tries to convince Pike to stop this one last time, but Pike still refuses. He sentences Kane to death, Bellamy looks at Kane, shocked. The Guards bring Kane to the cell and Bellamy voices his doubts about this plan out. Pike doesn't understand and tries talking Bellamy back into his plan, Bellamy hesitantly agrees in the end. Bellamy then leaves Pike's office and talks to Monty, who had been waiting in front of the office the entire time. Monty asks him what they're going to do with Harper and Miller. Before Bellamy can answer, Hannah comes to them and explains how proud of them she is. Hannah asks if they could identify any accomplices. Bellamy and Monty say no. Hannah tells them that it isn't hard to decide what's best for their people. Bellamy tells her he does that every day.


  • Call-Back: Jasper in a conversation with Raven points out that the Pike situation is similar to when the Grounder wanted to punish Finn for massacring one of their villages and where willing to declare war if the sky people didn't give him up.
    Jasper: "Its all pretty crazy huh. Grounders at the gate. life to spare us all."
    Raven: "How is that different from any other day around here?"
    Jasper: "It's just...we've been here before. You know...with Finn. You remember that right? I mean, I was in Mount Weather but, you remember Finn dying? When Clarke killed..."
  • Heel Realization: Bellamy and Monty after Pike sentences Kane to death. They even decide not to tell Hannah about Harper and Miller helping Kane. Also Raven when she realizes she can't remember Finn.
  • Ironic Echo: Bellamy tells the Grounder Warrior "I do that everyday" after the grounder tells him to do what's best for his people. He later repeats this to Hannah after his Heel Realization.
    Warrior: "Choose the side that's best for your people."
    Bellamy: "I do that everyday. So far, nothing has changed my mind".

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