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Recap / The 100 S 03 E 011

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Season 3,Episode 11


Clarke and Jasper regroup with Bellamy, Octavia, Monty and Sinclair. They decide to carry out Raven's original plan to free herself from ALIE's control: by building an electromagnetic pulse device (EMP) from one of The 100's old wristbands and frying the chip inside her. Clarke leads the group to her ex-lover Niylah, who has one of the salvaged bracelets, but tensions arise when Jasper continues to blame Clarke for Maya's death, while Niylah is embittered by her father's death in Pike's massacre, and Raven/ALIE relentlessly goads Clarke, Bellamy and Jasper. Monty and Octavia return to the dropship to retrieve additional components for the EMP, but they are attacked by Hannah, now under ALIE's control. Monty fatally shoots his mother to save Octavia, and they return to Niylah's, where they are able to destroy the chip inside Raven using the EMP, after which Clarke cuts out its liquefied remains using Titus' Flamekeeper kit. Raven reveals to the group that the Flame is the only thing that can stop ALIE.



  • Breaking Speech: Raven/A.L.I.E. attempts to make the group emotional enough to reveal their location by dealing these out to the individual characters.
  • Call-Back: This episode is full of them, as Raven/A.L.I.E. tries to break the group's spirits.
    • When she's with Clarke, she asks if she "ever sees their faces...of all the people you've killed." In particular, she brings up the people on Mount Weather, Wells, Finn, Lexa, and her dad.
    • When she's with Bellamy, she brings up his sleeping with Raven in season 1, his role in the Culling, his blowing up Mountain Weather with Clarke, all his actions from season 3, and even how his decision to take Octavia to the dance on the Ark led to his mother's death.
    • When she's with Jasper, she asks why he hasn't moved on like everyone else and is, instead, still sulking over Maya.
  • Cartwright Curse: Raven/A.L.I.E. tells Clarke that she has one.
    Raven/A.L.I.E.: Everywhere you go, death follows. You always want to save everyone. What you don't realize is you're the one we need saving from. Wells is dead because you couldn't see Charlotte was a basket case. Finn is dead because you broke his heart and then put a knife into it. Hell, I bet you got Lexa killed, too.
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  • Literary Allusion Title: The episode is named for Edgar Allan Poe's poem, "The Raven," where a raven aggravates a mourning protagonist to madness.
    Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."
  • She Knows Too Much: The reason that A.L.I.E. tries to make Raven kill herself, not only does she know too much about the City of Light, she is also aware that The Flame has the power to destroy her.
  • Ship Tease: Raven/A.L.I.E. claims that Bellamy is far more devoted to Clarke than he ever was to Gina.
    Bellamy: You don't know what you're talking about.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Once A.L.I.E. realises that it is actually possible for the group to break her control over Raven she tries to have Raven kill herself because She Knows Too Much.

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