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Season 2 Episode 9

Remember Me

Lexa: Tell me Clarke, when you plunged the knife into the heart of the boy you loved, did you not wish that it was mine?

Clarke is alone in Lexa's tent as she tries to scrub Finn's blood off her hands after having mercy-killed him. Abby enters and hugs Clarke as she cries. Kane enters with Gustus behind him. Gustus tells Clarke the Commander is ready to talk.

Lexa tells Clarke that Finn's body will be given to the people of Tondc since Clarke denied them their justice. Kane and Abby get into a disagreement with Indra over this but Clarke agrees to it. She says once it is done, they will then talk about getting all of their people, both Sky People and Grounders, out of Mount Weather. Clarke tells Abby that if the truce does not hold, then she killed Finn for nothing and walks away. Abby tells Kane that the Grounders are being led by a child and he tells her, "so are we."


Clarke approaches Raven, who is kneeling over Finn's body, and tells Raven she is leaving with the Grounders and Raven needs to work on the radio. Raven tells Clarke she is coming too and will bring the radio. Clarke then gestures to the Grounders to take Finn's body away. As they are doing so, Clarke sees Finn's eyes open and stare at her.

In Mount Weather, Jasper and Maya meet up with the other Delinquents in the dorms to discuss what might have happened to Harper. Monty tells them he thinks he found a way to get a signal out of Mount Weather from the design schematics he stole from Dante's office. They then create a plan to access the area Monty needs to get to in order to set up a radio signal.

On the walk from Camp Jaha to Tondc, Clarke sees Finn standing in the woods off the side of the road. Bellamy asks if she is doing all right and tells her she did the right thing. Bellamy then tells her he thinks they are wasting time and what they really need is an inside man in Mount Weather. Clarke tells him she does not want him to go because she cannot lose him, too. Behind them on horses, Lexa and Gustus are discussing the alliance in Trigedasleng. Gustus does not think it is a good idea, as the Sky People are too much like Mountain Men and he is worried for her safety. Lexa tells him to do his job and protect her.


Back at Mount Weather, Cage Wallace asks Carl Emerson to brief him on the Woods Clan-Sky People Conflict. Emerson tells Cage that the "outsiders" withdrew from Camp Jaha and he thinks there might be an alliance. They need to break the alliance so the Sky People and Grounders kill each other, leaving the Delinquents and other Grounders inside Mount Weather. Cage tells him that nothing is going to stop them from getting to the ground.

While camping for the night, Clarke places her bedroll on the side of the Grounders. Bellamy tells her it is safer on their side but Clarke says they need to trust the Grounders. Bellamy places his belongings down on the Grounder side as well. Behind them, Kane and Abby discuss Jaha and what they should do with him. Meanwhile, Indra walks by Lincoln and mutters natrona ("traitor"), much to his displeasure. He is then comforted by Octavia, who wants to help him recover emotionally from his Reaper experience; however, Lincoln wishes not to speak of it. She tells him he is not that monster and they kiss. Clarke has fallen asleep when she is startled awake by the feel of Finn's of eyes watching her. She starts to turn around, but does not.


They arrive at Tondc and everyone has to disarm before entering. Raven stubbornly forces Gustus to search her and disarm her. As they enter the village, Grounders shout at the Sky People, calling them murderers. One man stands in their way because he lost both his wife and child in the massacre. Gustus fights the man and is about to kill him when Clarke begs Lexa to stop him so the Sky People won't get blamed. Lexa calls it off and announces to everyone that if anyone tries to stop the alliance, they will pay with their life.

Back in Mount Weather, Maya has gotten Jasper, Monty, and Miller to a storage area in Mount Weather that, according to Monty's schematics, will allow them access to the radio tower. They have to hammer a hole into the wall and Maya has arranged a friend to set off an alarm so they can time the blows to the alarm blasts.

In Tondc, Lexa gives a eulogy for the dead in front of a funeral pyre. She then passes the torch to Clarke who steps up and as she lights the pyre guided by Finn's hand, she says, "yu gonplei ste odon" ("your fight is over"), much to Indra and Nyko's surprise.

In Mount Weather, Monty has set up a looping transmission to get a message to the Ark. He hears the jamming signal and realizes that Mount Weather has been jamming them since at least the Exodus ship crashed.

Lexa and Clarke stand over the ashes of the funeral pyre. Lexa tells Clarke about Costia, who was captured by the Ice Queen because she belonged to Lexa. They tortured her and cut off her head because they thought she might know Lexa's secrets. Lexa got over the pain by recognizing that love is weakness. If Clarke does not do the same, she puts the people she cares about in danger and the pain will never go away, according to Lexa.

Later, at the alliance banquet, Kane brings forward some liquor to share. Clarke and Lexa both take a goblet but Gustus stops Lexa and takes a sip first before giving it back to her. As they toast and are about to take a sip, Gustus falls over, having been poisoned. Bellamy knocks the cup of alcohol out of Clarke's hand and steps in front of her but is pulled away by a Grounder. The Sky People are searched and they find the poison on Raven. She claims it is not hers and that Gustus put it there when he searched her. Lexa commands for all of the Sky People to be locked up. Octavia asks Lincoln to do something and Lincoln asks Indra to let him speak for the Sky People. Indra tells Lincoln he is one of them before locking them all up.

In Mount Weather, Monty can't figure out a way to unjam the signal without being at the source. He tells them all he needs is five minutes in the Command Center. Maya interrupts to warn them that there is a guard coming. Monty and Miller scatter while Maya and Jasper stay behind to cover the hole. As the guard approaches, Jasper kisses Maya and the guard kicks them out.

Clarke asks Raven if she really had tried to poison Lexa, in response, Raven punches Clarke in the face and calls her a murderer. Clarke sees Finn standing behind Raven and begins talking to him. Abby tells Clarke she knows how she feels and Clarke does not like the comparison between Finn's death and her dad's death, but then she realizes that she and her mother really are the same.

Jasper and Maya return to the dorm and ask Miller if he has seen Monty. Monty is at the Command Center in a hazmat suit for a "routine follow-up" and kicks the guard out.

Kane goes over to talk to Clarke and tells her that they need to figure out who would want Lexa dead. They come to the conclusion that the poisoner had to be someone who was trying to break the alliance. Nyko and Indra return and take Raven away. Indra tells them that Lexa is merciful and only wants Raven to die. The rest of them are free and they should run. Raven is then tied up outside to a pole, where Lexa and Indra begin the "Death by a Thousand Cuts". Nyko approaches and tells Lincoln they are no longer safe but he will help them get away. Nyko and Lincoln then hug. Clarke remains seated in the alliance hall and sees Finn appear. He looks at the goblet on the ground, causing Clarke to realize the poison was not in the bottle; it was in the cup. She runs outside and asks Nyko for the bottle and drinks from it, showing that it was not poisoned. Bellamy realizes that it was Gustus who poisoned the cup because he was trying to protect Lexa from the alliance. Lexa commands him to be tied up in Raven's place.

In the Command Center of Mount Weather, Monty is able to unjam the signal to get their SOS message out. Cage and Emerson approach the exterior of the Command Center and ask the guard why he is not at his post. Just then, Monty exits in his hazmat suit, giving the all-clear. As he is walking away, Emerson stops him to fill out the log book. Monty fills it out wrong and Emerson tackles him and chokes him out.

Gustus is suffering from the "Death by a Thousand Cuts" punishment and Raven realizes that would have been Finn. Lexa approaches and Gustus tells her to "be strong" in Trigedasleng. Though visibly shaken, Lexa says, "yu gonplei ste odon," as she delivers the final blow straight through his heart.

That night, Lincoln asks Bellamy how he knew that Gustus put the poison in the cup. Looking somewhere in the distance, Bellamy explains that Gustus would do anything to protect Lexa and "it just makes sense". Just after, Raven gets the radio signal from Mount Weather and hears Jasper's message. Clarke comes over and tells Bellamy he was right and that they need an inside man. She tells him she was being weak and it is worth the risk for him to go. Lincoln tells Bellamy he'll take him through the Reaper tunnels but Octavia needs to stay behind and make sure the alliance does not fail because she has knowledge of both worlds. Clarke sees Finn again and tells him, "love is weakness," and he turns and walks away. Abby approaches Clarke to gives her ashes from the fire to say goodbye and Clarke tells Abby that she already said goodbye.

Monty awakens to find himself locked in a cage in a room full of cages with Harper trapped above him.


  • Broken Record: Clarke starts sobbing hysterically to Abby about how she "had to (kill Finn)", but only briefly.
  • The Caper: The Mount Weather-set portion of the episode becomes this, as Monty, Jasper, Maya, and Miller attempt to break into a store room, so that they can hack into Mount Weather's communications and contact the Ark survivors.
  • Call-Back: Several:
    • Kane and Abby discuss what to do about Jaha, and Abby sarcastically suggests that they shock lash him.
    • Monty independently discovers that Mount Weather is jamming all outside communications, just as Raven previously did.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Lexa makes a reference to the Queen of the Ice Nation, who will have much great importance to the series come Season 3.
  • A Child Shall Lead Them: Lampshaded by Abby, who finds the notion of Lexa leading the Grounders absurd, due to her age. Kane shuts her down when he points out that, as the have both effectively ceded authority to Clarke when it comes to negotiating with Lexa, they are both being led by a child as well.
  • Cassandra Truth: Carl Emerson, a Genre Savvy Mount Weather Lieutenant, discovers that the Grounders and Ark survivors have formed an alliance, and immediately advises Cage Wallace to begin trying to disrupt it and make them kill each other. Cage disagrees at first, believing their defenses are impregnable.
  • Cruel Mercy: Lexa decides to let Finn's death be enough restitution for his crimes against the Grounders, and not seek further justice against the Sky People. She admits that her people won't see it as enough, but that she privately knows Clarke will suffer for the rest of her life from guilt, and that will be enough.
  • Due to the Dead: Raven insists on making the journey to Tondc, so that she can say goodbye to Finn and ensure his body is taken care of.
  • Easily Forgiven: Averted. Indra makes it clear to Lincoln that the Grounders have not forgiven him for betraying them to the Sky People. The fact that he is a former Reaper only intensifies their antagonism towards him.
  • Hollywood Healing: Lincoln. Again. He's walking normally again, despite Bellamy putting a high powered rifle round in his leg less than a week previously.
  • It Only Works Once: Maya points out that they cannot try the decontamination trick on the Control Room again, as it would be highly suspicious for it to be cleaned twice in a week.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Bellamy is against the truce with the Grounders, believing it to be a waste of time. When Clarke points out that they need the Grounder Army to breach Mount Weather, Bellamy points out that, historically speaking, the Grounders have never been able to do so, which Clarke doesn't have a response to.
  • Love Is a Weakness: Invoked word-for-word by Lexa, who tries to impart this mentality onto Clarke. She's unsuccessful at first, but Clarke comes to believe it by the end of the episode.
  • The Mole: Bellamy volunteers to become this to Mount Weather, hoping to be able to infiltrate it to assist in the rescue of the 47. Clarke initially thinks it's suicide and refuses to let him, but comes around by the end of the episode.
  • Not So Different: Lexa attempts to bond with Clarke by revealing part of her Dark and Troubled Past, also involving the loss of a loved one. Her lover Costia was captured by the Ice Nation and tortured and murdered by their Queen. She claims to have gotten over the pain by realizing that Love Is a Weakness.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Gustus makes a passing reference to the fact that, prior to the arrival of the Sky People, Lexa united the twelve Grounder clans into the Coalition under her command.
  • Oh, Crap!: Clarke, when she witnesses Finn's corpse opening its eyes.
  • Sanity Slippage: Clarke's sanity starts to fray in this episode, as the trauma of killing Finn, combined with the pressure to keep the alliance together, start to get to her. She starts hallucinating an apparition of Finn talking to her as a result, although she is at least aware this time that it's not real.
  • Shout-Out: Miller times his breaking through the wall with his "Big-Ass Hammer" with the blasting of an alarm, in order to muffle the sound, a la The Shawshank Redemption.
  • The Reveal: Monty discovers the jamming signal from Mount Weather, but unlike Raven, realizes it's responsible for crashing the Exodus ship.
  • Talk to the Fist: A non-humorous example. When a resident of Tondc refuses to allow Lexa to enter with the Sky People, Lexa has Gustus nearly beat him to death on the spot. She then makes it clear to all residents that they will accept the Sky People as marching with them, or die.
  • These Hands Have Killed: The episodes opens with Clarke privately staring at her hands, which are coated in Finn's blood. She then proceeds with an Out, Damned Spot! moment, quietly sobbing until Abby and Kane interrupt her.
  • Viking Funeral: Finn is given the funeral pyre version. Lexa breaks with tradition and allows Clarke to ignite Finn's pyre, as a sign of respect. The apparition of Finn actually helps guide her hand.

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