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Season 2 Episode 2

Inclement Weather
"Ai laik Okteivia kom Skaikru, and you have something I want!"
"Your life can be more than just impossible decisions and a tragic end. You can choose to live."
Wells (to Jaha)

The episode starts with people at Camp Jaha trying to gather resources. Marcus Kane interrogates Bellamy about the Grounders. Murphy is also brought in and is chained up with Bellamy. However, several gunshots outside and Kane leaves them. An Ark Civilian had fired into the woods at some movement. Abby is upset because it might have been the delinquents. Kane orders that only Ark Guards will have guns under the Exodus Charter. He then has Major Byrne send Ark Guards into the woods to search for the shooter.

The delinquents within Mount Weather are shown to be having a good time and Jasper tells Clarke he likes it there. Miller returns from medical and joins the rest of the delinquents in their dorm. Jasper and Maya begin to flirt with each other when an alarm goes off and Maya tells Clarke it's for someone needing medical attention. Clarke and Jasper follow Maya to medical where people are donning protective gear. Clarke snatches a key card and runs out, saying it's not dangerous for her. She finds a man (Sgt. Shaw) lying dead from an apparent gunshot wound just as another person (Sgt. Langston) is brought in with radiation burns across his body.

Up in the Ark, Jaha runs towards the sound of a crying baby and finds him hidden away in a drawer.

Abby tells Raven the bullet is still in her spine. If they try to take it out, she might die from the surgery because they have no anesthesia, but if they leave the bullet in, she might never be able to walk again. Finn wants to leave the bullet in but Raven protests, saying in space she didn't need her legs but down here she does.


Clarke confronts the president of Mount Weather, Dante Wallace, about Sgt. Shaw's gunshot wound she saw because Grounders don't use guns. Dante takes her to Medical where Dr. Lorelei Tsing shows her Sgt. Shaw's body and explains it was caused by an arrow that was pushed out in the field. She brings an arrowhead out for Clarke to inspect.

Octavia awakens to see Lincoln nowhere around. There is another Grounder, Nyko, who is forcing her to drink something. She refuses and he roughly handles her and tells her to drink the antidote or die so she drinks it.

Abby is preparing Raven for surgery with Finn by her side. Abby is about to start the surgery but Raven screams to stop. Finn calms her down and Abby begins again as Raven screams in pain. Bellamy and Murphy hear Raven's screams from where they're locked up and Murphy mentions how he had been tortured for three days by the Grounders before he gave up information on the delinquents and he doubts Bellamy would have done much better.


More screams are heard coming from the forest and the Ark Guards find three of their people crucified onto a tree as a warning from the Grounders with one of them (Campbell) being left alive.

Jaha has taken the baby with him and is looking for a way to get to Earth so he can save the baby.

Kane discusses Raven's condition with Abby and Abby quickly realizes that Kane never sent out a search team for the kids like he said he would, which angers her.

Octavia wakes up and sees she's in the same place. Nyko tells her that he helped her because he was Lincoln's friend and now Lincoln is "paying for what he's done." Now that she is able to stand, she needs to run. Instead, Octavia hits him over the head and ties him up before making him lead her to their village and to Lincoln. When they arrive at Lincoln's village, Octavia demands of their leader, Indra, Lincoln in exchange for their only healer, Nyko. She tells Indra to come alone and meet her at the place Lincoln saw her last.

Abby tests the feeling in Raven's legs and Raven is unable to feel anything below the knee on her left leg. Abby tells her that she has nerve damage. Raven tells Finn it's time for him to leave and to go look for rest of the delinquents.

Clarke tells Jasper that she thinks the Mountain Men are lying and are trying to make the delinquents think that there are no Sky People outside the mountain. Jasper tells Clarke the only threat to their safety currently is Clarke.

Jaha gets dressed up in a spacesuit and tucks the baby inside with him. He has to make it across the Go Sci ring to get to a space-to-earth missile that he has launched to get them to Earth. As he's floating across, the glass on his helmet cracks open and he barely makes it across in time. He opens the suit to get the baby out; however, all that remains is the blue blanket. Wells appears and Jaha realizes the baby wasn't real; his oxygen deprivation was causing him to hallucinate to find a way to get to Earth. Wells encourages him to go through with it anyway because their people still need him.

Finn frees Bellamy and tells him they're going after the missing delinquents. Bellamy then goes to free Murphy because Murphy knows where the Grounder prison camp is and that's where their friends might be.

Clarke is on Level 5 with the rest of the delinquents, studying the map of Mount Weather before scrunching it up and throwing it away. She sees Sgt. Langston, the man with the radiation burns appear, however, he's almost completely healed already. She overhears that he still needs another treatment and decides to get into Medical by re-opening her arm wound.

Jaha releases the missile to Earth.

Indra is late to the meeting with Octavia and Nyko jokes that Octavia is going to have to kill him now. Indra shows up with Lincoln and Octavia is upset to see that Lincoln has been hurt. Indra replies that he should be dead. They exchange Nyko and Lincoln and just as Octavia is getting Lincoln back, Reapers ambush them, capturing Lincoln and Nyko and taking them away.

Bellamy, Murphy, Finn, Monroe, and Sterling sneak out of Camp Jaha. Outside the camp, they run into Abby and David Miller, who give them weapons and tell them to find their children and bring them home.

After Clarke has been treated again for her wound, she gets up from her bed in Medical and begins to snoop around. She follows the tubing used for the radiation treatments used by the Mountain Men and discovers it leads into another room. She climbs through a vent in the wall and discovers Grounders hanging upside down with their blood being circulated through the Mountain Men. There are hundreds of cages in the room and locked away in one of them, she finds Anya.


  • Badass Beard: Miller grew one off-screen since the battle with the Grounders. He is still a bit of a dick though.
  • Body Horror: Clarke sees first hand that Mount Weather isn't lying about being vulnerable to the surface radiation, when she sees a horribly burned guard who took off his gloves to treat an injured colleague on the surface.
  • Both Sides Have a Point: Abby wants to scour the woods for the missing 48, as the barbarism she has witnessed the Grounders commit makes her justifiably terrified over what the kids are going through. Kane points out that, without a set plan on how to find them, and no idea of how to effectively fight the Grounders on their own turf, this would be a suicide mission. Abby doesn't refute this, but still sends Bellamy, Wells, and a few of the 100 on a secret rescue mission behind Kane's back.
  • Call-Back: Twice:
    • As in Earth Skills, the Grounders once more send a message to the Sky people by impaling one of their people and seeming to pull a Dead Guy on Display. Only this time, there are five people, not just one, and four of them are dead.
    • The baby Jaha finds is holing a black knight chess peace, the same one Wells was playing with in during a flashback to a game with Clarke in Earth Kills.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: Finn and Bellamy decide not to kill Murphy when they are given a chance to escape the camp, instead opting to take him with them, as he knows the way to the Grounder prisoner camp.
  • Chess Motifs: The first clue to the baby's identity, besides his race, is the Knight chess peace that Jaha finds him playing with.
  • Continuity Snarl: Miller was apparently so injured during the battle with the Grounders in Season 1 that he had to undergo three surgeries to survive, and only now is able to rejoin the 48. However, the last time we saw him, he had just exited the Drop Ship after knocking out Anya and the ship's engines having killed the army, before being gassed by the Mountain Men. If he had been that injured, it seems unlikely that the Mountain Men would have rescued him, as they left the wounded Raven behind. So it is either a case of this, the Mountain Men deliberately injuring him and then saving him to gain the trust of the 42, or Fridge Brilliance suggesting he had a Secret Stab Wound that never got mentioned. Either way, it's jarring if you are paying attention.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: A team of Guardsmen are captured and crucified by the Grounders.
  • Deliberate Injury Gambit: Clarke tears open her stitches in order to be sent to the Mount Weather Medical facility and investigate how a solider to possibly heal from horrible burns in less than two days.
  • Diabolus ex Machina: Reapers show up out of nowhere and kidnap Lincoln, just after Octavia has successfully traded Nyko for him, and promptly knock Octavia out.
  • Due to the Dead: After helping take down the bodies of the Guardsman killed by the Grounders, Kane takes the time to make sure they are all covered in blankets prior to the funeral.
  • Evolving Credits: We get an actual opening credits sequence, following the prologue. It helps to build out the hostile environment of Earth.
  • Foreshadowing: Jaha being quickly able to reconfigure the nuclear missile on the Ark into a makeshift shuttle foreshadows the reveal in Season 4 that he used to be an engineer.
  • Explosive Decompression: Nicely averts Space Is Cold, and played more realistically than most examples. Jaha's helmet shatters about 2/3's of the way through his space jump, but he survives long enough to make it to the airlock. Afterwards he's mostly just very winded, but otherwise seems no worse for wear.
  • Helpful Hallucination: A vision of Wells helps give Jaha the will to survive and find an alternative route to Earth.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Kane reveals that he had a team scour the aid depot that Clarke and Bellamy previously raided. Turns out there were a lot more guns and bullets than Bellamy and Clarke thought, meaning the angsting over the lack of ammunition last season was All for Nothing.
  • Hollywood Healing: In universe, and not natural, although not a proper Healing Factor either. Clarke realizes something is amiss when a badly burned soldier is almost completely healed a day later. Turns out dialysis treatments from caged Grounders helps to heal the Mountain Men.
  • Genre Savvy: The camp residents seem to think Kane's tactics towards keeping order in the camp and securing the woods are overkill, but everything we have seen shows that they are completely justified. He still gets outfoxed by the Grounders having the advantage of familiar territory.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: We only get a glimpse of the surgery Abby subjects Raven too. Raven's screams tell enough of the story.
  • Meat Grinder Surgery: Definitely not played for laughs. Raven chooses to undergo this to remove the bullet from her spine so that she can walk again. Abby is very reluctant, as they haven't yet found the remains of Medical Station, meaning she has no equipment and no anesthetic. Essentially Raven has to be held down and her back cut open with a sterilized knife. It's just as horrifying as it sounds.
  • Moses In The Bul Rushes: Jaha discovers a newborn baby abandoned on the Ark with him. Or at least he thinks he does. It's actually a hallucination of Wells as an infant, though it takes him a while to realize this.
  • Obscured Special Effects: We only see brief shots of Jaha's space jump, with the camera cutting back to close-ups of his face as his helmet cracks from the pressure. The shots we do see are awesome though.
  • Oh, Crap!: Several:
    • The entire Ark camp when they hear Raven's agonized screams during her surgery, and then another set of screams pops up from the opposite direction.
    • Kane when he finds the crucified Guardsmen.
    • Nyko when he realizes Reapers are attacking.
    • Jaha when he can't find the baby in his suit, and later when he sees he landed in the middle of the dessert.
  • Reality Ensues: Even though Abby was able to get the bullet out of Raven's spine, the nerve damage it did going in isn't going away, and she is left with a partially paralyzed left leg.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Bellamy doesn't think so, but Kane is continually growing into this. Based on the information he has, Bellamy is a threat to the others, but a useful resource, so Kane has him held in jail and grills him on Grounder tactics. Then he makes sure only the guards have weapons, as undisciplined and trigger happy civilians are a real threat to the camp's safety. He also refuses to attempt to let anyone do an in depth search for the missing 48 until they actually have an idea of what they are up against.
  • Refuge in Audacity: Twice:
    • Octavia, upon waking up after Nyko gives her the antidote for her poison, immediately attacks him and takes him hostage to trade for Lincoln. He definitely didn't see it coming. Then she marches him straight into the Woods Clan village and tries to trade him for Lincoln.
    • Played for laughs when Finn is trying to cheer Raven up when she realizes that even after the horrifically painful surgery that she is still crippled.
    Finn: We always talk about you. Don't you want to hear about my day?
  • The Reveal: For all of Dante's posturing, Clarke's suspicion that Mount Weather really is a Town with a Dark Secret pays off. She discovers they are keeping Grounders in cages to use them as human dialysis machines to treat their own radiation sickness from the ground.
  • Second Episode Introduction: We get the Ark guard commander Major Byrne, Lincoln's friend the healer Nyko, Indra the chief of the Woods Clan, and Miller's father David.
  • Shout-Out: The Guardsman who was crucified with the others, yet left alive and impaled, is posed similar to several famous depictions of St. Sebastian.
  • Spotting the Thread: Played with. Clarke initially thinks President Wallace is Gas Lighting her when she perceives a dead soldier's wound to be caused by a bullet when Wallace and Dr. Singh claim it was an arrow, and have the evidence to back it up. Then she spots it for real when the other wounded soldier heals unnaturally fast from his radiation burns.
  • Tap on the Head: Octavia knocks out Nyko with a rock and takes him prisoner, attempting to pull a Prisoner Exchange with the Woods Clan in order to free Lincoln.
  • We Have to Get the Bullet Out: Justified. The bullet in Raven's back is pressing on her spine and needs to be removed, or else she will never walk again. It doesn't come out easily though.
  • Wham Shot: The Grounders in cages in Mount Weather, and Anya being in one of them.
  • Worst Aid: Abby freely admits that surgery is a terrible idea for Raven, as without proper equipment or anesthetic, a host of things could go wrong. However, if she doesn't do it, Raven will never walk again, and the bullet could do more damage, but she will live. Raven undergoes it anyway.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: The hallucination of Wells gives a brief one to Jaha in order to convince him to live.

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