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The Recap page for the many roleplays on Ten Thousand Rads, for those who would like to catch up without badgering Mycro. Spoilers will be extremely unmarked.

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Active Roleplays

     The Changed World/Civil War 
  • Mycro posts a music video and establishes that the public is demanding action from the government to prove that it can handle all these superpowered threats running around.
  • Daredevil (BG), Etrigan (Gaara) and Thor (Sagan) meet on the streets of New York, apparently unconcerned by things such as backstory or secrecy as Daredevil, not even wearing his costume, grapples up onto a building's roof. Iron Man (Naruto) then inexplicably arrives with a new suit, understandably concerned by the blind ninjas and demigods running around.
  • In Hong Kong, Loki (Luft) meets up with the Mandarin (Luft) to discuss business deals - Asgardian magitech in exchange for a shot at Thor.
  • After some initial confusion about whether Etrigan was going to commit suicide, the group on the roof exchanges names. In the meantime, Ghost (Mycro) proceeds to hack into Stark Tower and also force the Iron Man HUD to play "Welcome to Kitty City" on a loop.
  • Black Widow (Sirius) arrives for no apparent reason, Sirius not having bothered to read the RP up to that point. This is followed by the Joker (Draco) arriving in New York and robbing a bank and then Deadpool (Frenchie, also not bothering with introduction) arriving at the Roof.
  • Nano (Mycro) steals his suit from STAR Labs Manhattan while the Roof group heads to the bank to stop Joker. This is quickly followed by the Calculator (Mycro) beginning to distribute Asgardian and S.H.I.E.L.D. tech to potential "metahuman assets." Ghost proceeds to hijack the Iron Man HUD and have a conversation with Stark, loaded with references to Star Wars, Leverage, and internet memes.
  • Mycro takes control of Thor while Sagan is briefly absent. Thor promptly notices a demon (Etrigan) and decides to attack it.
  • Sagan returns and retakes Thor, while Mycro gives some backstory on Norman Osborn and Red Hulk. This is followed by the X-Man Chamber getting his introduction.
  • Spider-Man (Helsie) arrives and talks down Chamber, whom he believes to be the latest in the series of supervillain attacks on the city. He isn't, of course, his powers are just going haywire, but the Mandarin takes advantage of it to take over the New York Stock Exchange. Spidey and Chamber head to the Xavier Institute, where they are greeted by Magneto (Mycro).
  • Daredevil finally arrives at the NYSE to stop Mandarin as Professor X (Helsie) meets with Spidey and Chamber. Iceman, walking to his next class, interrupts the meeting, gets told off by Magneto and then heads off to the class itself, where Wolverine hands him a bear. Or a beer, nobody's quite sure.
  • Captain America arrives at the NYSE while Wolverine brings the few combat students to the Danger Room. Iceman is put in charge of the controls and creates a forest environment full of bears and falling trees. Shadowcat, Cyclops, Gambit, Banshee, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Phoenix begin their first combat trial. Spider-Man heads to the NYSE and kicks Mandarin off the roof.
  • Wolverine, finding out that the NYSE is being threatened, decided that would make a much better combat lesson and orders the students to the X-Jet. When they arrive, he jumps out of the plane, leaving it without a pilot (and drawing much WTF from his students).
  • The X-Men assemble with Captain America, Spidey, and Daredevil while Mandarin, Enchantress and Living Laser oppose them. The fight is relatively evenly matched - lack of coordination on the part of the heroes balances out their superior numbers. Meanwhile, the Thunderbolts initiative, brainchild of Norman Osborn, is approved by S.H.I.E.L.D, and SHARA (the Superhuman Administration and Registration Act) is beginning to gain momentum in Congress.
  • Thor arrives at the NYSE, prompting Nightcrawler and Spider-Man to ask for his autograph. This is then followed by Hulk joining the fray. A pair of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cloudeye drones hover over the battle while Enchantress sets the building up to explode.
  • The NYSE is destroyed by the blast, and while the heroes recover the Thunderbolts arrive to arrest them, much to the confusion of the heroes, who don't recognize the newcomers. Hearing "Thunderbolts," Spider-Man sings the appropriate line from Bohemian Rhapsody before Cyclops punches him.
  • The Thunderbolts send out Atlas to apprehend Iceman, who escapes with Shadowcat's help. The rest of the Thunderbolts are then deployed: Songbird, Citizen V (Norman Osborn), Havok, Joystick and Radioactive Man. The T-Bolts promptly attempt to subdue the heroes, a process that is frustrated additionally by the arrival of Meltdown, an OC belonging to BG.
  • As the Thunderbolts' arrest attempt bogs down, Iceman contacts Xavier and Magneto to tell them S.H.I.E.L.D. has it in for them. After a long battle with Cap, Daredevil, Spidey and Meltdown, Songbird is finally subdued by Spidey webbing her mouth and therefore shutting off her powers. Closer to the NYSE, however, the remaining Thunderbolts have managed to convince the X-Men to surrender. They then concentrate their efforts on the Hulk, taking him down fairly easily, much to everyone's surprise. The X-Men, Daredevil, Meltdown and Spider-Man are put under arrest by S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • In S.H.I.E.L.D. custody aboard a helicarrier, the heroes are tagged by facial recognition software (except Spidey and Daredevil, but they're made to remove their masks anyway). Xavier and Magneto begin to argue over how to handle their arrested students and staff. Xavier wants to peacefully negotiate their release, Magneto wants to break them out. Iron Man lands atop the helicarrier, plays AC/DC over its PA, and asks what's going on. Spidey asks him for his autograph.
  • Magneto, Xavier, and Beast arrive to negotiate on the status of their students and Wolverine. Since S.H.I.E.L.D. is, at this point, incapable of dealing with telepathy, Xavier is able to get pretty much the entire story from his incarcerated students' thoughts. Osborn tells the X-Men they will be forced to have a government supervisor, cease all vigilante activities, and turn Wolverine over to S.H.I.E.L.D. Magneto is not pleased. Bruce Banner wonders what S.H.I.E.L.D. is planning on doing to/with him.
  • The students return via the X-Jet and Meltdown, being a mutant, is admitted to the Institute. Iceman shows him around and he is drilled in the Danger Room with Spider-Man
  • The next day, S.H.I.E.L.D. sends Hawkeye and Black Widow to extract Logan from the Institute. Wolverine, however, has other ideas and attempts to escape via motorcycle before the Thunderbolts run him down and beat him to a pulp. In NYC, Scarecrow is conducting a chemical attack on the Empire State Building. This is essentially ignored while Xavier and Magneto keep talking about whether or not to declare war on S.H.I.E.L.D., culminating in Magneto resigning from the Institute, along with a large part of the staff and students.
  • Meltdown organizes a covert student operation to break Logan out of the Raft. Cyclops, Shadowcat, Iceman and Nightcrawler show up as well but ultimately they decide not to.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier happens, dumping S.H.I.E.L.D. info onto the Internet where the X-Men can use it. Immediately they look up the specs on the Raft so they can spring Wolverine from it. With S.H.I.E.L.D. effectively dissolved, Osborn reforms his mostly-loyal fragment of the organization into H.A.M.M.E.R., the Homeland Administration of Metahuman and Mutant Empowered Resources. He also forms a paramilitary branch to support the Thunderbolts, which he calls the Sentinels.
  • With Xavier's under-the-table blessing, the group takes the X-Jet out to the Raft, off the coast of Massachusetts. They break in (Nightcrawler teleported into the door control and then Shadowcat phased Logan out through his cell.
  • As they fly off, Logan berates them for getting the Institute in trouble with S.H.I.E.L.D., to which Nightcrawler responds that since S.H.I.E.L.D. turns out to have been HYDRA it's alright.
  • While this has been going on, Joystick betrayed the Thunderbolts and was apprehended (and thrown into the Raft). A while later, Osborn announces via the televisions in the Institute that the T-Bolts are shutting them down and placing them all in H.A.M.M.E.R. custody.
  • The X-Men, naturally, refuse to go down without a fight, though the Sentinels systematically destroy the autocannons the Institute employs for defense before blowing the gates in and hunting down mutants with ICER rounds, taking down Cyclops almost immediately.
  • Xavier uses Cerebro to launch a psychic assault on the Sentinels to keep them pinned down while the X-Men evacuated. Unfortunately, H.A.M.M.E.R. can handle psychics now, as evidenced by Citizen V and Songbird, completely undetected by Xavier's telepathy, smashing their way into the Cerebro room and disabling the machine before knocking Xavier out. The remaining Thunderbolts storm the Institute, with Joystick revealed to have been replaced by the earlier-introduced Nano and Red Hulk.
  • With the Thunderbolts and Sentinels neatly cleaning up the students and to a lesser extent the staff, Wolverine is about to be handcuffed when the handcuffs tear the throat out of the Sentinel carrying them, courtesy of the recently arrived Magneto, who proceeds to disarm the entirety of the Sentinels.
  • The Thunderbolts move to engage Magneto only to be pretty much entirely disabled by his powers. Spider-Man shows up (and disables Songbird completely) as Atlas and Radioactive Man fight Magneto. Citizen V fakes the T-Bolts' surrender only for them to escape, sans Songbird who Spidey and Magneto are keeping pinned down. Havok remains behind, having decided to leave the Thunderbolts.
  • Spider-Man takes advantage of the fact that they have Songbird prisoner to amuse himself snarking off to her.
  • Taking the captured Songbird with them, the X-Men evacuate to Alkali Lake, as Thread One ends.

  • As Thread Two (Civil War) begins, Mycro puts up another music video along with a Photoshopped banner showing HYDRA manipulating the Thunderbolts and X-Men logos. In the aftermath of the siege on the Institute, Havok has defected, Songbird has been captured, and Citizen V is on life support.
  • As the X-Men move into their safe house, Songbird makes an escape attempt after Spider-Man's webbing dissolves, the webhead having returned to NYC. Xavier allows her to go, but wipes the location of the safehouse from her memory.
  • In northern New York, Mandarin is having a floating fortress built to attack Stark Tower. While he works on this, the events of Amazing Spider-Man 2 take place.
  • After the completion of the fortress, Mandarin and Doctor Doom fly it out to attack New York, running afoul of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Thunderbolts, who have replaced Havok with Electro and Citizen V with Green Goblin (Norman Osborn, not Harry Osborn) and added Boomerang. Songbird is deployed to talk Spidey out of helping, in order to keep Electro from going berserk. She's successful, after a while.
  • Spider-Man briefly wonders if reality is broken once he sees Electro on the Thunderbolts team. Mandarin addresses Iron Man, who doesn't recognize him, before firing a laser at Stark Industries. This is stopped by Electro. He then sets the fortress on a crash course with the tower while disabling the engines.
  • The Thunderbolts get a Big Damn Heroes moment stopping the fortress from slamming into Stark Tower, to the delight of the surrounding civilians.
  • After the rubble is mostly cleared, the Enchantress shows up and a battle ensues.

     Colonize & Conquer series 

     De Camino Et Virtus Bellorum 
  • Mycro puts up a nice Photoshopped banner featuring Elsa and steam-powered flying battleships, along with an unprecedented three music videos.
  • The intro wall o' text explains some of the background for this and the prequel STC - Europe is teetering at the brink of war thanks to a Greek rebellion against the Ottoman Empire, with Arendelle's support sought by the Greek-based Southern Isles. The main characters are Greek rebels and volunteers aboard a dusty old airship, heading across Europe to petition Queen-Regent Anna I for her support.
  • Unfortunately, Pirate Lord Barbossa (having found the Holy Grail and become immortal) attacks the convoy as they head across the ocean from Normandy to Arendelle, destroying the token South Islander force escorting the leaders and beginning to overpower the crew.
  • The Greek ship is saved by the prompt intervention of an RAF task force under the command of twins Rupert and Vincent De Vil. The two of them take the ship with them as they head onward towards Arendelle for an undisclosed purpose.
  • At this point they manage to run smack into a huge, supernatural ice storm created by Elsa after the events of STC. With the supernaturally quick cooling and the stress of the engines, the ships are forced to make emergency landings as some of them suffer from catastrophic engine failure and/or crash into the North Mountain where Elsa has built her castle, now expanded into an immense and heavily fortified citadel covering half of the whole mountain.
  • Upon "landing," the group are confronted by the Jotun - ice giants created by Elsa to keep others away. Phil, now acting captain of the Greek ship, attempts to negotiate with them but they're thoroughly uncooperative and seemingly at a loss to deal with people they can't just scare off.
  • Bjorn Baardsen, a local Robin Hood figure, joins in, drawn by the commotion of the crash. Eventually the group manages to engage the Jotun in combat. Phil shatters the leg of one of the giants with his bare fist, much to the surprise of the others. Something fishy about that one.
  • The group busts into the first courtyard of Elsa's new fortress - only to run into a Jotun that the leader (Hyle) refers to as the Beastmaster and an ice golem dragon. Bjorn, in an epic display (he rolled a twenty so Mycro wrote him up a little something), traps the dragon against the wall with his maneuver gear, allowing Phil to kick it in the belly and then split its skull with his hand...only for it to regenerate, being made of ice.

     Left 4 Dead 4 
  • Mycro starts the thread off with a music video as always and a bit of background info - the green flu was keeping Mercy Hospital quite busy but other than that the real Zombie Apocalypse had yet to start up.
  • Jason (Sagan) is introduced practicing at an archery range nearby using a crossbow and arrows he apparently made himself.
  • Sam McGee (BG) heads into town from his farmhouse to purchase more shotgun ammo.
  • Gus (Luft) is in the area for a family reunion and hating it.
  • Jason heads to the gun store Sam is at and the two strike up a conversation about hunting.
  • Mathias (Gaara) heads to the gun store to purchase a hunting knife.
  • Zero Hour - the flu patients at Mercy Hospital rapidly undergo a shift to hyper-aggressive behaviour. The flu is quickly established to become airborne and the virus rapidly spreads throughout the building from zombie attacks and airborne transmission.
  • Jason's Spidey Sense goes off, much to BG and Mycro's annoyance. He and the others start purchasing tons of survival and camping equipment, which the clerk notes as slightly suspicious.
  • The zombie horde breaks loose onto the streets of Philadelphia. The group encounters their first zombie trying to break through the gun store windows.
  • Fighting off a small group of six zombies, the group takes as many supplies as they can and barricade themselves in the upper floor of the gun store, in an office building. They begin to speculate on what exactly is happening.
  • The party briefly fixates on an officer fighting off a horde of zombies, devising a plan to rescue him and/or signal their location to him. Gus approaches the zombie group outside the police car and, assuming they're rioting, tries to calm them down. Naturally this causes some of them to charge at him. Sam and Mathias comment on Jason's bizarre behavior and the group moves to help out the officer. Unfortunately they're too late.
  • Gus grabbed his chainsaw to frighten off the "rioters," not that it works. The zombies end up killing themselves on the chainsaw and Sagan kills off Jason, mistakenly believing that he was going to become a zombie anyway. After Mycro helpfully tells him he didn't have to, he introduces Max, Jason's brother, who promptly picks a fight with Sam over carrying a gun.
  • A scream from another room signals that their impromptu safe room has been compromised. Gus arrives at the building and he and Roma briefly argue over what to do to zombies. Mycro hints that the group should get moving by having Roma outline a plan to find the police and get behind their alleged containment perimeter.
  • The group assembles their various vehicles, two pickup trucks and a motorcycle, and head out to find the perimeter. When they do find it, it's been overrun. Mycro then waxes eloquent about how the city is completely and terrifyingly silent.
  • After another argument the group have their pickups bulldoze the police barricades out of the way, the noise attracting the attention of a zombie horde. Several zombies are also jumping out of buildings and falling to the pavement. The group wisely decides the area has become unsafe and relocates. Roma is bitten in the shoulder by a zombie. After a while Sam's truck runs out of gas and they find another one to leave the city, courtesy of James (Frenchie).
  • The group arrives as Mathias' uncle's house, which is booby-trapped. Gus threatens to leave but ends up staying. Turns out Mathias' uncle has already evacuated and taken most of the canned food and stuff with him - still plenty of ammo though. Roma has his bite treated and the group goes to sleep, only to be woken up by the ex-cop clerk vomiting into the sink.
  • While Roma rinses out the sink, the group finds an Xbox and starts playing games. While this happens, Roma turns into a Spitter and accidentally destroys the food supplies before Mathias shoots him in the head. The group speculates on why Roma is a special zombie.
  • Mycro takes over Mathias due to Gaara's absence and he is then killed by a swarm of zombies laying siege to the house, attracted by the lights. This is followed in quick succession by Sam dying as well and Gus falling on his own chainsaw. Max's fate is unknown.
  • The group restarts playing as actual Left 4 Dead characters: Ellis (BG), Nick (Helsie), and Louis (Luft), who decide the cabin swarming with Infected is not a wise place to be and move along down the road to the west.
  • After a long uneventful period the group encounters their first Smoker, who manages to stay hidden while attacking Louis. Nick's response sets off a car alarm and a small horde attacks, only to be liquefied by a scavenged grenade. The Smoker then attacks Nick twice in quick succession, both times not doing much.
  • The group now finds a crying woman locked in a car - a Witch. Not knowing what Witches do, they send Nick to investigate and help out what appears to be another Survivor - only for him to get attacked and nearly torn in half. Fortunately he survives relatively intact.
  • Following the Witch attack, the group decides to move to an isolated region of Pennsylvania, hoping to find survivors and settlements.
  • Along the way, Nick decides that a barn is a good place for shelter and the group agrees.

     Magic and War (HPRP) 
  • Helsie kicks off the roleplay by establishing that the wizard and Muggle worlds now know about each other and each respective magic government has been placed under its Muggle equivalent. He also adopts Mycro's practice of posting a music video at the start of the thread.
  • The focus abruptly shifts from Platform 9¾ to O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, the entry point for the Chicago Undertown Academy. Mycro and BG are hellbent on producing a Shout Out to The Dresden Files.
  • Eugene Corona (BG), a Muggle-born, arrives at O'Hare and promptly meets Lilianne Valier (Mycro) by way of the latter running into him accidentally.
  • Seeing Lil's pet snake Nachash, Eugene snidely references Indiana Jones, confusing Lil who has never seen Muggle films.
  • Ebenezar McCoy, headmaster of Undertown Academy, helps guide the two (amid more cultural confusion over Skyrim and Quidditch) to the Academy's entrance. BG somehow mistakes him for a pedophile.
  • The two new students receive their respective house, both in Lovecraft, chosen by a walking tree with the face of Nick Cage, and a talking painting of Orlando Blum.
  • After the new students get settled into their dorms, an assembly is held in the main chamber. the assembly, held by Ebeneezer Moccoy, opens the assembly by welcoming new students and having their favorite foods rain from the ceiling.

     Pokémon Alexandrite 

     Pokémon Lavender 

     Skyrim Point Five 
  • Sheo starts the RP, with Mycro adding a music video later. General Tullius has captured Ulfric Stormcloak as per the source game, along with a number of other suspicious characters (the PCs).
  • The first two characters to wake up are Valtir and Vaninir. The Altmer and Nord strike up an amiable conversation, wondering how much they'd drunk last night to end up in this cart hungover.
  • Rees-Haat, an Argonian healer played by Sagan, is next to wake up, citing that he's not a thief or a rebel. Ilyssa, a young Breton woman played by Mycro, wonders why the non-Stormcloaks got arrested. Bzothan, a delusional Dark Elf, refuses to speak to the others.
  • Rees starts cutting his hands free with his claws, earning the GM's ire, while Ilyssa snarks at Vaninir for being half-drunk.
  • The characters discuss what their situation is. Valtir and Vaninir believe they're going to their deaths, while Ilyssa and Rees are initially skeptical. Bzothan doesn't weigh in at all.
  • Arriving at the execution block, the group rapidly begins to try a variety of different plans, with first Rees and then Ilyssa attempting to negotiate with the Imperial captain. Rees then fakes his own death by suicide, using herbs.
  • After the first Stormcloak is executed, the Captain orders Ilyssa be killed next, apparently annoyed by her constant protests. Do'krin, a Khajiit, speaks up, claiming the prisoners were entitled to one last request. The Captain started to refuse but was cut off by Tullius. Rees then let slip to Tullius that none of them were to be executed, according to the list, causing him to round on the Captain. She begins explaining when Alduin attacks Helgen, interrupting the execution.
  • In the Helgen watchtower, Rees uses his claws to free the others from their bindings. Do'krin expresses his desire to fight the dragon. Bzothan and Hadvar lead the group most of the way out of Helgen to the keep, with Hadvar's name being misspelled many times and Mycro mercilessly ribbing the others for it.
  • The group splits up briefly at Helgen Keep - Bzothan, Do'krin and Valtir went with Ralof while Rees, Ilyssa and Vaninir went with Hadvar. The Imperial Captain finds the group with Ralof and attacks, apparently gone slightly mad. Hadvar's group goes to investigate and the Captain goes completely insane trying to kill Ilyssa, who manages to kill her instead while Rees distracts the Imperial.
  • Having defeated the soldiers, the group loots their bodies. Ilyssa grabs as much coin as she can and a bow and arrow, while Do'krin bullies Rees into giving him another sword.
  • The group encounters an Imperial torturer who attempts to kill them, very unsuccessfully. They also encounter another PC locked in a cage, whom Ilyssa frees by picking the lock.
  • Moving away from the anti-Imperial stance the escape has taken so far, the next group of enemies are Stormcloaks. Mycro and BG briefly take over G Ming while Sheo struggles with college.
  • The next chamber contains a small pack of frostbite spiders, as well as Thomuel trapped in their webs. The group frees Thom but loses Valtir to a spider, since Gaara is gone from the forum. Thom hits on every single member of the party within five minutes.
  • Escaping the caverns, they find the bear near the exit has already been killed. Turns out it's Ralof, who has already escaped and is crouching by the exit to the cave, watching the dragon fly off. Hadvar and Ralof, between spats of bickering, tell the group they should head for Riverwood.
  • The group debates whether or not they should go after the dragon. Thom and the unnamed Imperial nearly come to blows over the issue before a pack of wolves ambushes the group, only to be quickly slaughtered by the combined efforts of the characters...and a giant. The group runs from the giant, making it to a gate built near the Guardian Stones. Rees is killed by the giant.
  • After the giant is killed by a group of NPC archers, the group selects their guardian stones. The four Nord warriors take issue with Ilyssa picking the Thief Stone, to which she snarkily asks them if there's a Seamstress Stone somewhere.
  • Sheo finally returns, apparently having been ill, and the group makes it to actual Riverwood, which is...quite a bit more fortified than in the game. Alvor being closer they go to meet with him, over Ralof's protests.
  • Alvor takes the news of Helgen's destruction with a remarkable lack of incredulity. This is revealed to be because Whiterun was destroyed by the dragons before or during the Helgen attack, with the sacrifice of the Jarl's court (and possibly the Companions) ensuring the survival of the population.
  • While the group reacts to the news, Do'krin continues to insist that he will kill the dragon. Hadvar gets fed up with him and berates him - not that the bloodthirsty Khajiit pays any attention whatsoever.
  • Vaninir is particularly upset - he apparently grew up in Whiterun. For no discernible reason, he determines he's going to Whiterun to see what he can see and Ilyssa's coming with him. Since he's about a third again as tall as her and she has no measurable upper-body strength, this goes in his favor.
  • He's then interrupted by a dragon arriving in Riverwood. The party, along with Ralof, Hadvar and the full complement of Whiterun guards in the town, begin combat.
  • The dragon rolls a Critical Hit on Van, throwing him into the Riverwood Trader. Camilla Valerius pulls potions off the shelves to treat his wounds, stripping him of his armor to apply bandages. Mycro begins shipping them and Sheo protests that this is not Tumblr.

     Star Wars: Knights of the New Republic 

     Trolls & Trinkets series 
  • Luft sets the RP in the city dungeons. David (luft) is introduced as the captain of the guard.
  • Octavian (Sirius) wakes up to find himself in the dungeon and Smoldar (Blidguy 42) shortly afterwards.
  • David makes sure that his prisoners know that they are to have a miserable life in the dungeons and that there is no escape.
  • David gets summoned to the courthouse to escort another prisoner to the dungeons. Anastasia (Sirius) is one of the prisoners that is put under David’s care.
  • While at the courthouse, the prisoners are fed. However, in his stupidity, the guard opens the door allowing the prisoners to give him a beating.
  • The prisoners then go on to overwhelming the guards guarding the dungeons. Easily. Jack (Gaara) comes about during the escape episode and follows his new companions.
  • David meanwhile forges his way through the city, dragging poor Anastasia behind him. She is brought down to the dungeon while David gets summoned to murder at a nearby temple.
  • The prisoners finally break out and on the way meet the cowardly Julios (Sirius) who is the brother to Octavian (one of the prisoners). As expected he runs for reinforcements. The reinforcements consist of David and the guards at the temple.
  • The guards and prisoners meet in the city and a chase ensues. The prisoners manage to make it out of the city, guards tailing behind. The prisoners are aided by a magic user by the name of Aaron (Helsing). The prisoners make their way to the ancient ruins where they run and discover a bowl of bile with magical properties.
  • The guards then catch up to the group. During the upteenth time that David tries to arrest the prisoners, the Dane train arrives accompanied by Lina (Oprah). They are then attacked by priests of the Truth temple. The ancient ruins are badly battered, but the heroes and David survive. Two of the attacking priests run back to the city to report their failure.
  • In the aftermath, David chases after Anastasia and Octavian who decide to make a run for it. David loses them in the city. At the same time, Mira (Mycro) is discovered at the ancient ruins. Her hair consists of tentacles and she seems a bit spacey. She is brought to the cities wizard tower, where she is greeted by the headmaster (Mycro). The Headmaster recognizes Mira and notices her change from human to...something peculiar.
  • He proposes to travel north to meet one of his Wizarding colleagues, Balthasar (Mycro). On their way out of the tower they are [to no ones surprise] followed by David, whom they manage to lose. David hires trackers to track his quarry down.
  • In another city then, the group arrives at the wizarding tower. Here they are met by the imposing figure of Balthasar. The meeting is interrupted by David who managed to track them down.
  • While David tries yet again to arrest the group, something attempts to absorb the magic of the region. David realizes it to be a greater threat at the moment than his prisoners runs to stop it. The guards whom David orders to arrest Balthasar and the prisoners flee from the prisoners.
  • David and the prisoners then arrive at the Truth Temple, the source of the disturbances. They find that all the power has been absorbed by a orb. Turns out that the orb is aggressive [evil] and fighting ensues.
  • When the orb is destroyed, the magic that is released turns out to have been drained from another dimension. Thus when the orb is finally destroyed (after Helsie rolls a crit), the main group is dragged along for the ride. The dimension where magicians get their magic from turns out to be the forbidden world that was created when the "evil" creatures lost the ancient wars and thus in their defeat where sent to that dimension.
  • The group meets the mathematician Mathew who created the orb according to a mathematical design. He explains that the orb was created as an energy source for the Truth temple, but the dimension was corrupted by evil magic and hence the orb was as well. The other thing that the group finds is that they are only temporarily in the dimension (16 hours). Of course they have to survive it and it doesn't look too good with goblins hunting the group down.
  • After attempting to hide in a cave, the group runs into what appears to be a cross between spider and gnome. It leads the group to a secret layer where they are served with (disgusting) goblin stew. They are then offered a bargain where when the group is brought to their home dimension, they open a portal up for the spider/gnome creatures. In exchange, the group will avoid the very likely trap that the Truth Temple will have set up using the power from a box of lost Sapphire spirits. The spirits will then open the portal later.

     The World of Swords 

     Zeppelins & Zodiacs 

Dead Roleplays

     Assault on Sandbox 

     The Basics 
  • Naples (Luft) establishes a spy network in Sicily, followed by a buildup of its navy, both the merchant marine and the military ships. It then attempts to improve relations with the Holy Roman Empire.

     Dark Days of Albion 


     Left 4 Dead 3 

     Myrran Wars 

     Ring of Fire 
  • Mycro starts off explaining that this takes place post-Pacific Rim in an Alternate Universe - Gipsy Danger was never reactivated and the attempt on the Breach failed, combined with a lull in kaiju attacks. The remaining Jaegers are being sent to the Los Angeles Shatterdome in preparation for their scrapping.
  • The Fang twins (Sagan) are pitching a fit over the scrapping of their Jaeger: Titan Atlas. In the background, the radio comments on a Category 4 event taking place - speculation ensues over whether the Wall will work.
  • After forty-five minutes of beating on the wall, Mutavore smashes its way through. The Los Angeles city government, facing an emergency, reactivates Atlas alongside Phantom Intrepid (Luft), Iron Storm (BG), and Shadow Fang (Gaara). The Jaegers are deployed around the breach in the wall.
  • Mutavore rises from beneath the water, slamming into Iron Storm and knocking it over. It then charged at Intrepid and knocked it over as well. Intrepid is saved from a serious clawing by Storm firing three plasma blasts into the kaiju's back, drawing its attention away.
  • Atlas' pilots get it into their heads to stand guard in case Mutavore escapes from the other three. Storm and LOCCENT tell them off and get them to join the fight.
  • Shadow Fang attacked Mutavore and broke its sword off on the kaiju's armor. Mutavore takes advantage to knock Shadow prone in the water. Atlas managed to distract it with its spotlights, causing it to switch targets and tear some of the Jaeger's armor plating off brutally.
  • After a series of exchanged blows, Storm managed to smash one of Mutavore's eyes. Trying to take advantage of the attack, Atlas loses one of its swords. Shadow Fang fired two plasma blasts, managing to hit Atlas with one of them. Atlas then managed to stab Mutavore to death.
  • The Jaegers are pulled back to the Shatterdome for repairs, with the Rangers questioning whether they will be allowed to resume fighting kaiju.
  • Time passes. A week after the Mutavore event, a double event occurs, with Vancouver and Singapore being destroyed by a combination of two Category 4 kaiju and the multiple nuclear detonations that stopped them.
  • Two weeks after that, a triple event occurs. Three Category 5's. One of them, near Pearl City, Hawaii, unleashes an extremely powerful electromagnetic storm that knocks out long-range communications, leaving Los Angeles isolated from the rest of the United States. This is followed by a full-scale kaiju invasion.
  • The Jaegers who had fought off Mutavore are stationed, along with Striker Eureka, Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha, near the broken section of wall to head off Harbinger, the Category 5 heading for LA.
  • The forward Jaegers catch sight of Harbinger and Atlas moves to engage, leaving its support behind. Herc Hansen proceeds to berate the pilots, before Harbinger breaks through the surface and the entire party goes through a collective Oh, Crap!.
  • Harbinger grapples Atlas while Shadow Fang starts shooting. Herc tells Shadow to stop before they hit Atlas (again) and the remaining Jaegers charge the Cat 5. Harbinger tosses Atlas into the Wall, takes a beating from Cherno, Striker and Storm all at once before biting down on Striker's Conn-Pod, killing the most powerful Jaeger in the world effortlessly. Bricks are shat by the survivors.
  • Shadow is killed almost instantly on account of Gaara leaving the forum. The Shatterdome then proceeds to play Queen's "We Will Rock You" at earth-shattering volume. At the same time Helsie takes over Cherno Alpha.
  • Atlas, for whatever reason, tries to climb the wall to dive on top of Harbinger, only for the wall to collapse and send it flying into the ocean.
  • A coordinated assault from Atlas, Cherno and Typhoon destroys Harbinger's forelegs. Cherno then is knocked flat and Harbinger prepares to use the same killing blow on it as it did with Striker. Fortunately it didn't work and the kaiju had to settle for throwing Cherno into Typhoon.
  • Another attempt to use Harbinger's trademark finisher fails, but this time it at least tears off one of Atlas' arms, knocking the Jaeger out of the fight.
  • Cherno, Storm and Typhoon pull their act together and start beating the tar out of Harbinger, circling around and using flanking manuevers to make sure the beast can't kill one of them. Cherno eventually knocks the Category 5 over, narrowly missing trapping Typhoon beneath it. Finally, Storm double-taps Harbinger in the head and Cherno smashes what's left with a tesla-infused punch. Harbinger is down.
  • After a brief but massive party, the Rangers are effectively put in charge of the Shatterdome. Specifically the Kaidanovsky's, since they have the most experience. The decision is made to go after the wrecked Jaeger hulks in Oblivion Bay to repurpose and refit them into operational Jaegers.
  • The Jaegers are deployed to protect the ground crews while they hook the dead machines up to the helicopters. Numerous kaiju signatures are detected to the southeast.
  • This Roleplay has been shut down and moved to the thread graveyard due to lack o f posting and all around lack of life.

     Storm the Castle 
  • At the opening (surprisingly lacking a music video), the four main characters Rudolf (bounty hunter), Felix (PewDiePie Expy and fisherman), Lydia (shaman) and Leofsig (fur trader) are huddled around a campfire to shelter from the cold weather, discussing Elsa's ice palace. Felix immediately asks if anyone wants to build a snowman, which Lydia is not amused by.
  • The next morning Felix finds Elsa's crown half-buried in the nearby snow. He bites it, loses a tooth in the process, and promptly wears it. Lydia decides Felix is an idiot.
  • Elsa's cloak then lands on Lydia's head, causing Felix to proclaim the existence of the Cloak Goddess, further supporting Lydia's theory about him. Felix then wears the cloak as well.
  • The group attach a rope to the balcony of the palace and start climbing. Elsa promptly dumps a huge amount of snow on their heads, knocking Felix off the rope and keeping the fall from killing him. The railing they attached the rope to then falls, dumping them all in the fresh snow, before reforming.
  • Only now does it occur to the group to try the front door, causing Elsa to summon a gale wind to try and dissuade them. Felix tries to beat the door down with the shaft of his spear, which doesn't work but notifies Elsa of their continued presence. She turns the staircase into an ice slide, trying to get them to back off.
  • Rudolf finally just tries pulling the door open...which works for a moment before Elsa freezes it in place, leaving only a small gap for them to squeeze through.
  • Elsa barricades herself in an upper room as the group tries to persuade her to let them in. Felix makes repeated offers of quesadillas.
  • After a while, the group heads back downstairs and Felix starts a food fight with Lydia over his made up Goddess.
  • Elsa makes another attempt to convince them to leave, this time by coating the main chamber in a layer of opaque frost, leaving them in utter darkness and extreme cold. At this point Lydia is given the ability to make herbal explosive potions, which she uses to enter the door room and keep them from freezing to death.
  • Elsa manages to block off the staircase to her bedchamber, the last room she can escape to. She creates a series of statues intended to intimidate them off - they don't work, as Lydia blows up this barricade as well. A piece of the barricade hits Elsa and knocks her temporarily unconscious.
  • Mycro takes over Felix while BG is busy in meatspace. Lydia, worried that she killed Elsa (who has no body heat), assesses the Snow Queen's injuries and begins mixing a healing potion.
  • Elsa wakes up and predictably freaks out, insisting that the group leave. She then notices Felix's cloak and crown and becomes confused, though she still insists that they leave. Lydia obeys and Felix heads after her to stop her.
  • Felix is somehow successful and Lydia heads back upstairs to convince Elsa to let her treat her wound, which naturally doesn't work since she's not terribly hurt. Sagan takes over Leofsig and attempts to negotiate with Elsa.
  • The negotiations hit a little speed bump when Rudolf attempts to place Elsa under arrest. Felix then recognizes Elsa as the Queen of Arendelle. As Elsa struggles to come up with a way to get the four out of her palace and out of harm's way, Felix and Lydia go at it again over the Cloak Goddess' existence.
  • With Leofsig's negotiations no longer working (not helped by his insistence on becoming a guard for Elsa), the Snow Queen begins building an icy bridge, planning to create another, this time impenetrable ice castle.
  • Leofsig and Felix charge the doors in and continue trying to talk to an increasingly agitated Elsa, who unconsciously summons a powerful wind that nearly knocks the four off the ice bridge. When she realizes this, the ice palace glows red as her powers begin to escape her control.
  • Rudolf decided enough was enough and threatened Elsa with his musket, drawing a What the Hell, Hero? from Lydia. As the two of them argue, Elsa creates more bridge on which to escape and attempts to do so.
  • Felix, for no apparent reason, jumps off the bridge and attempts to fly with his cloak. Elsa promptly saved him with a curving slide that slowed his fall. Lydia hauls him back up to the bridge after making sure he's alright...only for him to declare himself the Cloak Goddess.
  • Fed up with Felix's stupidity, Rudolf points the gun at him. Elsa then freezes it, but with her emotions in such a state she accidentally freezes his hand as well. Seeing the effects on his hand (frostbite is not pretty), Elsa goes into a Heroic BSoD and demands (again) that they all leave. As usual, only Lydia obliges her.
  • Rudolph chooses not to oblige Elsa's command and instead moves towards her again, in retaliation, Elsa sends a large wave of solid ice at Rudolph, and consequently Felix, Rudolph tries to dodge but fails, sending him sliding off of the bridge. Only to be caught by a frozen chain of ice Elsa makes.
  • Lydia sees Rudolph dangling from the bridge and she and Elsa haul Rudolph back onto the bridge.
  • While he is being lifted back onto the bridge, Rudolph decides to say "screw it" to both of them and releases his grip on the chain, sending him plummeting towards the earth. Felix decides to "fly" off of the bridge to save Rudolph, only to realize that he is not a goddess, cannot fly, and plunges to the ground.
  • This chain of events sends Elsa into that much more of a tizzy. She decides that the 2 died because of her and this sets her emotions and by extension her powers off to devastating effect, Elsa tells Lydia and Rudolph to get out one last time as a howling wind stirs up around the castle.
  • as the wind picks up, the temperature drops, and shrouds the castle in a layer of thick, cold fog. Leofsig runs back to the window the ice bridge came from and Lydia and Rudolph sprint for the stairs.
  • As the two Norwegians sprinted for their lives down the stairs, a wave of electric blue light hits both of them in the back, and 2 frozen statues of them fall to the bottom of the stairs, shattering to pieces.


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