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Arcturus Chase

Chapter 1: A MINE!

In a southern region of Equestria, a mysterious monster is threatening the surroundings because of the tremors it's causing from inside the mine it holed itself in. Arcturus, a mysterious unicorn mage, is running a downright military operation in order to take it down, but the many mercenaries and adventures he's recruited are no match to the creature, only managing to slightly weaken him on each encounter before being overwhelmed by its incredible power and tenacity.


However, four new adventures show up and volunteer to take down the beast: Dinomus Maximus (Played by Dinomax), a Dragonborn Earth Pony. Venom Frost (Played by Ouplas), a changeling with a mastery of ice magic. Gravity Field (Played by Jay), a space Unicorn with futuristic weapons. And a hobo (Played by Sombrax).

Together,they fight crime. Or at least, they go inside the mine and try their luck against the monster, with Arcturus himself to help them as he believes this assault might be the one which will finally finish off the beast.

On their way, they come across Blade Hunter, a warrior pony who wishes to fight Dinomus over his weapons, which the latter accepts despite the numerous cries of Continue Your Mission, Dammit! coming from Arcturus.

Dinomus eventually wins the duel and the team can finally go on and focus on their actual target, which happens to be a giant crab-like monster whose amazing power and endurance seems to come from the bizarre mask it's wearing, to the point that it's been relentlessly fighting back for weeks despite being crushed under boulders.


The team struggles against the monster, but after a number of lucky attacks aimed at the monster's mask, the artifact finally falls off... Only to be grabbed by Arcturus, who promptly puts it on and reveals that he only wanted the mask in order to become more powerful... and probably do something evil with it, since he immediately turns on the adventurers and uses the mask's power to control the monster on top of being powered-up himself.

The adventurers manage to survive the onslaught for some time, even summoning a spaceship and a small swarm of changelings to back them up, until the monster eventually rebels against its master, at which point everyone gangs up on Arcturus in an effort to neutralize him.

However, after an all-out, almost suicidal attack, everyone save Dinomus is knocked out while Arcturus is trying to limp away from the fight. Dinomus tries to take him down before he can escape, but the mage unfortunately manages to dodge and flee out of the mine to unknown destinations. While this takes place, the now de-powered and un-brainwashed monster turns back into a normal pony, his monstruous form having been caused by Arcturus himself who forced him to wear the mask.


The team of improbable heroes now has to chase Arcturus throughout the region in order to stop him from doing whatever he plans to do with his newfound evil powers, but not before Gravity Field and the Hobo hop into the former's spaceship and blast off into space for no particular reason.

  • Blackout Basement: The mine's inside is almost pitch-black, but fortunately, Gravity Field has lights built into his helmet to guide the team.
  • Chaos Architecture: Arcturus mentions that the mine's interior keeps changing shape everytime new people go inside, so he doesn't really know how to guide the adventurers other than use his magic to cast some light around.
  • Combination Attack: For a relative degree of "attack". Gravity Field and the Hobo tried attacking by combining items from the latter's shopping cart, and throwed them at Arcturus. The result was a sardine can inside a used condom. It didn't have much of an effect aside discouraging Arcturus from going anywhere near the place it landed on.
  • Dual Boss: Arcturus and the monster, at least until the latter escapes the former's control and rebels against him.
  • Duel Boss: Blade Hunter fights Dinomus Maximus one-on-one... Well, almost, since Venom Frost at one point decides to help Dinomus by using her poison breath on an unexpected Blade Hunter.
  • Doppelgänger Attack: Once in possession of the mask, Arcturus can summon a small army of shadow clones in order to overwhelw his opponents.
  • Evil All Along: Arcturus.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: The monster at the bottom of the mine.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: Arcturus
  • Robotic Reveal: Gravity Field's robotic nature is revealed after his face gets hit by an attack, which breaks his helmet and destroys part of his face, uncovering part of his Terminator-like skull.

Chapter 2: Arcturus's SPOOOOOKY mansion

Even without Gravity Field and the Hobo in their team, Dinomus and Venom try going after Arcturus, but aside from knowing he flew away towards the desert, they don't really know what to do.

However, Barrel Bottom, the pony who got turned into a monster by Arcturus, knows where he lives and decides to guide Dinomus and Venom to his mansion in order to find clues about him and his plans.

On their way to the forest in which Arcturus's mansion is located, the trio is joined by Sugar Throath (Played by Jay) and Deep Ocean (Played by Sombrax), two warrior monks from the Clergy of Hon, sent by High Cleric Hon XXVI himself to help against the evil threat Arcturus represents.

The team goes inside the forest and promptly gets lost in it because of the place's Chaos Architecture, with paths appearing and disappearing at random. They eventually come across a lone bandit who tries to ambush them, but who is quickly defeated and tied up. He grudgingly guides them to his camp, where the bandit chief accepts to leave the adventurers alone in exchange of his man. Who happens to be his man in more ways than that.

The chief even gives a piece of reflective tree bark from the forest itself, which he claims can repel the weird creatures looming in the treetops. Sure enough, soon after resuming their exploration, the team uses the reflective bark to scare away a wierd tentacle monster who flees away. Deep Ocean, whose psychic powers allow him to read minds, senses that the creature is fleeing towards what it calls a "big nest", which the team assumes to be the mansion they're looking for, which turns out to be true when they happen upon it after following the creature.

The mansion seems to be locked at first, but after messing with the door for a short time, half of the team gets randomly teleported on the other side of the door, and the other half gets "eaten" by one of the many strange pipes jutting out of the mansion.

After some confusion due to being split, the adventurers manage to regroup and explore the place, which seems to contain a lot of unspeakable horrors held in various types of containment. Which thankfully, they refrain from opening.

Eventually, they find Arcturus's bedroom and start looking for clues in it. Aside from Deep and Sugar getting temporarily trapped inside a magic mirror (and failing to notice it), the only meaningful discovery the team makes is a bunch of books hidden under Arcturus's bed.

After some more exploration, the team comes across Blade Hunter once again, who doesn't want to fight this time, but requires some help against a monster his weapons can't seem to hurt. The team goes with him inside the room containing said monster, who happens to be a Living Shadow guarding some kind of giant container. The team fights the creature, but the advantage of number doesn't seem to benefit them. Maybe Venom's ice powers would have been helpful, but she didn't get to try because she actually stayed in Arcturus's bedroom to sleep, and no-one noticed her absence until then.

The team eventually elects to run away, but not before Sugar Throath uses his ropes to catch the unknown item hidden inside the container, which immediately makes the monster go berserk, to the point that the mansion itself is slowly being filled with dark matter.

Sugar and Deep decide to remove their kiddie gloves and use their cult's sacred ritual of fusing together in order to become the living incarnation of Datcord, God of Chaotic Stupid and Crazy Awesome, which the rest of the team quickly climbs on so they can ride it to safety as the whole mansion is being engulfed by shadows.

Datcord rockets out of the mansion and the forest and zooms in the distance towards the Clergy of Hon with Arcturus's books stored in his trousers, while the rest of the team dismounts at the forest's limit, which quickly gets submerged by shadow as well while the bandits manage to get out of it unharmed.

Dinomus and Venom decide to stay with Blade Hunter a little longer, while Barrel goes back to his village, but not without the item Sugar Throath stole from the container; a mysterious belt which put itself on his waist during their escape...

  • Guest-Star Party Member: Blade Hunter during the boss fight.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: The team eventually decides to run away from the boss after seeing all their attacks fail or even backfire against it.
  • Living Shadow: The chapter's boss.
  • MacGuffin: The belt inside the container guarded by the boss.
  • MacGuffin Guardian: again, the chapter's boss.
  • No Name Given: The shadow monster, at least until later, where Arcturus reveals it's called Epsilon Bootis, and is actually his own shadow.

Chapter 2.5: Hobos... IN SPAAAACE!

While the rest of the team is investigating about Arcturus down on Equestria, Gravity Field and The Hobo are travelling in space for no reason, and decide to help N7 in their fight against Tayek, a dangerous Galactic Conqueror. Also for no reason.

Under Commander Alexender Sybel's command, they form a commando along with Green Cutter, a human-sized Transformer (Played by Dinomax) and Stell, an Energy Being (Played by Ouplas) in order to investigate a mysterious vessel left behind by Tayek's fleet after fleeing from a skirmish.

When they get on board, the ship seems to be completely empty, but its systems are still working somehow. After some exploration and a lot of trouble opening doors made of Astronite, one of the sturdiest materials known in the galaxy, they finally find a room containing a Super Prototype semi-organic robot contained inside a tube.

However, after messing with it for no sane reason, the prototype wakes up and tries to escape, and the team decides to scram. Unfortunately, Tayek comes back with most of his fleet to take back his vessel, and the team directly confronts him when he boards the ship personally.

The fight is short-lived, however, since the prototype joins the fray mere minutes later, and Tayek immediately retreats as the loose specimen enters a berserk state upon seeing him and starts fusing with the ship itself.

The team manages to warp back onto Commander Sybel's ship, except Gravity Field for some reason, but the prototype's increasing power is causing too much interferences, making all the ships around unable to move. Fortunately, the Commander has a trick up his sleeve, and gives the team access to a bunch of space battle robots in order to fight the prototype.

But the prototype itself, now fused with the components of his own prison-ship, seems to have some trouble. It's quickly revealed that Gravity Field, being a robot as well, stayed in the ship during the merging in order to fuse with the prototype as well, and is turning his own weaponry against both himself and Tayek's ships.

After a bit of chaotic space fighting, the prototype starts being too damaged, and Gravity Field manages to separate from him in order to go back to Sybel's ship and pilot a fourth space robot. Which he uses to highjack the Hobo's robot to fuse with it.

Finally, Stell manages to finish off the prototype with a well-aimed Rocket Punch and Sybel's ship can finally retreat before the whole thing explodes. However, the blast is so powerful that the ship is hit even in the middle of Hyperspace travel, which very conveniently knocks Gravity Field and the Hobo out of it and back to Equestria, just in time to get back in the original team to assit them in their next adventures.

  • BFS: Tayek's sword. Which he didn't get to use as Gravity Field immediately disarmed him with an antigrav grenade.
  • Carry a Big Stick: Sigma, one of Tayek's bodyguards, wields a big taser stick.
  • Co-Dragons: Beta and Sigma, Tayek's robotic bodyguards, who don't get to do much since their boss wanted to fight the heroes alone. Gravity Field tried to attack them anyway even though they were staying away from the fight.
  • Combat Tentacles: The prototype has a bunch of Dr.Octopus-like mechanical tentacles instead of legs.
  • Excuse Plot: The purpose of this chapter is simply to exploit the fact that Gravity Field and The Hobo went off to space, give them a small quest to complete while there, then force them back into the main storyline at the end of it.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Mecha!: The second part of the fight against the prototype, where all the players are offered space robots in order to fight it.

Chapter 3: Holy Clusterfuck

Gravity Field, or rather Omega Tassimo since he fused and retained parts of both Omega and a coffe machine; and the Hobo crash back on Equestria just in time to regroup with the rest of the original team, so they can investigate the clergy of Hon, where the monks from two chapters earlier went back. The town also happens to be where Barrel Bottom lives, and things haven't been easy for him since he came back...

Because of the books brought back by the monks to Hon (the priest, not the town), something has gone very wrong in the town's Cathedral. The whole place became dark and twisted, and an unknown entity has been shooting at everything surrounding the building from the belltower, including Barrel's house, which killed his wife and kids... Thankfully for him and the city, the belt he kept from Arcturus's mansion gave him the ability to transform into a superhero to protect what's left of the town, and he decides to help the heroes once more to stop whatever's going on in the Cathedral.

Since the main entrance is sealed by dark matter, the team has to enter through a secret passage located in the sewers, where the same bandits from two chapters earlier set up camp in since their forest has been engulfed in shadow. They don't cause much trouble and peacefully let the heroes go through.

The team arrives in the catacombs, and after a couple short-lived fights against creepy but relatively weak monsters, courtesy of Omega's new Pacifista Beam attack, and the latter even finding a familiar in the form of a skull he nicknames "Kakaka"; they get inside the cathedral proper, where they find the crucified remains of the two monks... Who apparently died by being force-fed cashews.

Only, it turns out they're not quite dead and attack the team as zombies, but they eventually get dispatched in a cashew-splosion, while the real threat seemed to come less from them and more from mysterious shadow tendrils that showed up during the fight and managed to abduct the Hobo, who was too busy staying as far as possible from the fight once again; into another dimension. Which doesn't elicit much reaction from the rest of the team, as they quickly move on and decide to investigate Hon's office, where they don't find much clues about what's going on aside from a chaotic, infinite porn book that Omega decides to keep.

They finally climb the belltower itself and come face-to-face with Hon himself, who's been corrupted by whatever he happened to find in Arcturus's books and attacks the team as the mindless zombie he's become. After some struggle, Barrel Bottom manages to unleash a Finishing Move which annihilates him, but it turns out he wasn't the entity causing chaos in the town, as an Evil Counterpart of Princess Twilight Sparkle herself shows up, confused but furious. However, before the team can cause he any harm, Arcturus comes to her rescue and teleports back to his current hideout along with her while taunting the heroes with illusions to make them believe they're still in front of them for a short while.

With not a lot of clues about what to do next, the heroes hear about a powerful artifact located in a volcano somewhere in the region, which is said to stabilize the volcano itself and prevents it from erupting. However, they also hear that Blade Hunter is going to retrieve that artifact for himself, probably without knowing of its true nature. In order to prevent an additional catastrophe on top of what's already happening, the team decides to head for the volcano.

  • Corrupt Church: Hon is the Great Priest of Datcord's cult, which is supposed to be all about random-but-harmless fun. Hon himself, however, is an old and fanatical zealot who uses his position of power to do basically every dick-move you could imagine coming from people misusing their own faith.
  • Henshin Hero: Barrel Bottom can become one by using his belt.
  • The Load: The Hobo, once again. His tendency to stay away from fights instead of using his so-called "supportive abilities" caused him to be attacked by Xeno Twilight herself, who noticed he was an easy target.

Chapter 4: Convection Schmonvection

Chapter 5: Lost in the Lost Pyramid

Final Chapter: Face ALL the consequences

Extra Chapter 1: Quest for the Not-so-Holy Grail

Extra Chapter 2: A lot of space, not so much time

Extra Chapter 3: Fruits, fruits everywhere

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Chapter 1: New World Disorder

Chapter 2: First Order

Chapter 3: Between a door and a hard place


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