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Recap / Tamagotchi Episode 143

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Japanese episode title: きずなのちから ("Kizuna no Chikara")
English translation: "The Power of the Bond"
Original airdate: September 3rd, 2012

Mametchi and his Tama-Friends all try to have faith in Kizunatchi as she uses the power of the Tama Hearts to stop the eggification curse once and for all.

This was the final episode to be aired before the New Season, New Name trend kicked in with Yume Kira Dream.


This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Break the Cutie: The amount of drama surrounding the egg curse that Moriritchi goes through reaches a climax when she thinks of Anemoriritchi and becomes depressed at the fact that she's been turned into an egg with no personality or sense of fashion. This proves too much for Moriritchi, who becomes an egg herself after thinking of this.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Moriritchi crosses it when she learns the last Tama Heart mural is missing and realizes that the Tama-Friends might die on Ha Island from the eggification curse. She winds up falling victim to the curse herself (though she is the only one out of Mametchi's gang who does, thankfully).
  • Disney Death: Kizunatchi becomes overwhelmed when she tries to fend off the curse and starts to fall from the sky unconcious, with Mametchi and his friends worried she's about to die. The power of the Tama Hearts revives her in an evolved form before she hits the ground.
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  • Interrupted Declaration of Love: Himespetchi uses the opportunity to confess to Mametchi that she has a crush on him. She gazes at him affectionately, starts to say her piece... but then Kuchipatchi cuts in and yells that Kizunatchi is falling. Nobody asks Himespetchi what she wanted to say afterwards.
  • Red Sky, Take Warning: The purple design that spreads across the sky as the egg curse starts to engulf the planet.
  • Story Arc: Part 4 of the four-part "eggification curse" story arc.
  • Would Rather Suffer: Played for Drama. As he and his buddies run towards a falling Kizunatchi, Mametchi shouts that he would rather fall victim to the eggification curse than to see her die. His friends add on to this, agreeing that they too would rather sacrifice their passions to the curse.