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Recap / Tamagotchi Episode 114

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Japanese episode title: ギガキュン!謎の転校生ひめスペっち (Gigakyun! Nazo no tenkōsei Himesupetchi)
English translation: "Gigakyun! Mysterious Transfer Student Himespetchi"
Original airdate: January 30, 2012

An alien girl named Himespetchi arrives on Tamagotchi Planet and becomes a transfer student at Tamagotchi School, where she falls in love with Mametchi. Spacytchi recognizes Himespetchi from his home planet and tries to win her heart.


This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Accidental Hand Hold: An Imagine Spot has Himespetchi and Mametchi bumping into each other by accident, causing the former to drop the items she was carrying. They agree to pick up the objects together and accidentally touch hands when they do so, resulting in them fixing their blushing faces on each other.
  • Childhood Marriage Promise: A flashback shows that Spacytchi, as a kid, made a promise that he would become king of Tamagotchi Planet and make Himespetchi his wife. Cue Mametchi crossing Himespetchi's attention, shoving that idea by the wayside.
  • Color Failure: Spacytchi's reaction to Himespetchi not being impressed by his attempt to win her over.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The moment Mametchi comes into the classroom, Himespetchi falls in love with him and gains this crush as her defining character trait.
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  • Late for School: Mametchi arrives late for school after having overslept. It's conveniently timed so that Himespetchi sees him and falls in love with him, too.
  • Love at First Sight: Himespetchi goes head over heels for Mametchi once he arrives at the classroom.
  • New Transfer Student: How Himespetchi is introduced to the other students in the episode. Himespetchi is a transfer student from another planet.