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Recap / Sword Art Online II Ep 8 Bullet Of Bullets

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While checking the list of players participating in the BoB finals, Kirito hypothesizes that "Death Gun" had been leveling his player since the last game. The player list avails nothing as to the identity of "Death Gun", as no player is playing under that name. Kirito is convinced, however, that he would be present in the finals, when all eyes in-game could be on him.

At an in-game bar, Kirito convinces a reluctant Sinon to explain the rules of the finals to him. The thirty players who had emerged on top in the preliminaries would participate in a battle royale in which the objective is to be the last player standing. The players would be taken to an island, ten kilometers in diameter with varying terrain and separated from each other by approximately 1000 meters. Every fifteen minutes, a satellite would reveal the locations of all players remaining in the tournament, except for those submerged in water or using optical camouflage (although they won't be able to find other players either).


Kirito also learns that three players who made it to the finals were finalists in the last tournament: Pale Rider, Musketeer X, and Sterben. Kirito deduces that "Death Gun" must be one of them.

Kirito finally confides in Sinon the reason for his unusual behavior as of recently: one of the players Sinon mentioned was someone he knew from another game, and someone who tried to kill him and that he tried to kill in turn, as they had done unforgivable things, and that he must resolve this matter with a sword. Sinon deduces that Kirito is actually a survivor of Sword Art Online. Before they leave to prepare for the final, Sinon reminds Kirito that they still had unfinished business, and that she expects him to survive until they can battle again in the final.

During the tournament, Sinon finds a few players near her position, amongst them Pale Rider. She moves to a new sniping perch and inadvertedly runs into Kirito.


At Kirito's insistence, Sinon tracks one of the players, Pale Rider. Pale Rider uses acrobatics and lightweight equipment to evade another players gunfire and defeats him quickly. Just after his victory, however, he is stunned by another player using a silenced weapon. Pale Rider is then approached by the masked and cloaked player Kirito encountered earlier. With "Death Gun" approaching Pale Rider, Kirito cries for Sinon to take him out.

  • Achievement In Ignorance: Kirito ends up discovering a loophole in the system, where it's revealed being underwater allowed players to evade detection from the Satellite Scan.
  • Cat Girl: The announcer for the Bullet of Bullets is one of these.
  • Continuity Cameo: The 'avatar buyer' who tried to buy Kirito's avatar a few episodes ago is seen in the hub organizing bets among players.
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  • Gun Fu: Pale Rider leaps and twirls all over the field as he takes Dyne out.
  • Ironic Echo: When Kirito confesses the real reason for him being so scared, revealing his past with Death Gun and how he's no longer allowed to run, Sinon repeats the line Kirito said to her earlier. "You can still pull the trigger anyway?"
  • Shirtless Scene: You don't really get to see anything, but Kirito unequipped his clothes while he was swimming in the river

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