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Recap / Sword Art Online II Ep 5 Gun And Sword

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With five minutes to spare, Kirito and Sinon arrive at the "Bullet of Bullets" tournament registration. After registering, Kirito and Sinon get their assigned preliminary tournament blocks and numbers, with both of them in Block F, leaving them with a good probability of fighting each other. Thankfully, the block's winner and runner up would both move on to the final battle royale.

The to go on to discuss GGO: the in-game Japanese was surprisingly fluent. Sinon explains that it's a result of the Japanese server being staffed by Japanese. Legally, GGO exists in a legal grey zone: players can do almost anything they want within it, as the game was secluded from the real world. Sinon feels that because of this, the reality of this game was completely separate from the real world. Realizing she was getting close to IRL territory with her discussion, she changes the subject.


The two make their way to a changing room where they can equip their armor. Since this involves un-equipping their clothing and stripping down to their underwear, this leaves Kirito with no choice but to reveal to Sinon that he is not a girl. This revelation leaves Sinon furious and Kirito with a hand-shaped mark on his face.

Afterwards, while waiting for the preliminaries to begin, a still angry Sinon explains the rules; once the tournament began, all participants would be teleported to a randomly generated battlefield for one-on-one single-elimination duels. The winner would return to the waiting room while the loser would be returned to the lobby. Players who won five preliminary rounds would be guaranteed a spot in the finals. Sinon vows to take out all of the strongest players, including Kirito.


Another player, Spiegel, greets Sinon, the two knowing each other in real life. Spiegel didn't enter the tournament, but wanted to come to cheer on Sinon.

Shortly thereafter, the preliminaries begin. Kirito is teleported to a waiting area, where he equips his pistol and photon sword, before the match begins. He wonders if Sinon might be "Death Gun", and what personality he saw was the "real" her: the one who was fun to hang around with, or the one who wanted to kill all of the strongest players.

When the match begins, Kirito finds himself at a disadvantage against his assault rifle-wielding foe, since it fired more quickly than he could evade. It was then that Kirito realized a way he could use prediction lines to his advantage: he could use his photon sword to intercept the bullets and deflect them. Kirito charges at his opponent and manages to cleave him with his photon sword while he was reloading his rifle, thus winning his first round in the preliminaries.


Upon returning to the waiting room, Kirito is approached by a man in a mask and cloak, who asks him if he really is the "real deal". This person recognized Kirito's name, which could only mean one thing: he was a fellow survivor of Sword Art Online. Not only that, but the masked man flashes a familiar tattoo at Kirito, revealing himself as a member of SAO's most notorious player-killing guild, "Laughing Coffin".

Tropes in this episode:

  • Armor-Piercing Slap: After Sinon finds out that Kirito is male in the dressing room, she angrily slaps him in the face.

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