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Recap / Sword Art Online II Ep 20 The Sleeping Knights

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Yuuki introduces Asuna to her guild, the Sleeping Knights, consisting of herself, Jun (a Salamander), Nori (Spriggan), Siune (Undine), Talken (Leprechaun), and Tecchi (Gnome). Yuuki wants to defeat a floor boss on Aincrad with a party consisting only of her guildmates: during multi-party boss raids, the names of the party leaders are inscribed on the Monument of Swordsmen in the Town of Beginnings, but if only one party manages to defeat the boss, the names of every member of the party are inscribed. Since the guild will likely disband after the winter when the members go their separate ways and be too busy to continue playing, they hope to have their names inscribed on the monument, making a memory that will never be forgotten.


Asuna agrees to help the Sleeping Knights in their quest.

Before departing, Asuna asks Yuuki about Kirito, and why she didn't ask for his help. Even though Kirito had the skills to help them, he had discovered her secret, hence her decision to enlist Asuna instead.

After arranging to meet the next day, Asuna is suddenly disconnected from ALO. Her mother, Kyoko, pulled the plug on her Amusphere because she was late for dinner once again, warning her that she would confiscate her Amusphere if it happens again. Distressed, Asuna leaves to go on a walk.

The next day, the Sleeping Knights and Asuna make their way to the 27th floor boss. On their way, they come across a suspicious group of players. After chasing them off, they go to fight the boss, but are soundly defeated.

After the battle, Asuna relays to the Sleeping Knights some unsettling news: while they were fighting the boss, they were being spied on by players using a "Peeping" spell. They were likely being spied on by a notorious floor boss-slaying guild who had thwarted their previous attempts to defeat a floor boss on their own. Now with knowledge of how the boss is fought, they would organize a raiding party to defeat the boss. They must hurry back to the boss before they can commence their raid.


Upon returning to the entrance to the boss's lair, they find it blocked by a large group of players belonging to the guild that had subverted the Sleeping Knights before. Refusing to budge, Yuuki challenges them to battle, telling Asuna that sometimes, the only way to make your point known is to fight for it.

As the Sleeping Knights prepare to fight their way through the rival guild, more rivals appear to back them up. Unbeknownst to them, Kirito was in close pursuit, cutting them off in order to give Asuna and the Sleeping Knights the chance they need to get to the boss...


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