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Recap / Supernatural S 14 E 18 Absence

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Written by: Robert Berens

Directed by: Nina Lopez-Corrado

Air date: April 11, 2019

Dean, Sam, and Castiel learn from Rowena that Mary was accidentally killed by Jack, prompting Castiel to go to Heaven to find her soul and resurrect her. Meanwhile, Jack is guilt-stricken by what he has done and attempts to resurrect Mary himself. All the while, he is confronted by his subconscious manifesting as Lucifer, who persuade him to abandon Team Free Will.



  • An Aesop: Never run away from your responsibility.
  • Accidental Murder: Jack accidentally killed Mary when he couldn't control his powers, incinerating her completely. Since he couldn't heal her normally, he attempts to resurrect her with witch magic, but all it does is bring back an empty shell.
  • Came Back Wrong: The ritual from the Book of the Damned brings Mary's dead body back, and nothing else.
  • A Death in the Limelight: For Mary, although interestingly, she died before this episode happens.
  • Died Happily Ever After: Castiel is told by Dumah that Mary is at peace in her special Heaven, together with John.
  • Happy Flashback: Sam has a flashback of Mary training Jack while Dean was still possessed by Alternate Michael.
  • Imaginary Enemy: Jack's dark subconscious, manifesting in the form of Lucifer, goads him into accepting his role in Mary's death and the inevitable hostility he would receive by admitting it to the Winchesters.
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  • It's All My Fault: Castiel, Dean, and Sam all blame themselves for being blindsided by their concern for Jack that they refused to believe he has the potential to be dangerous.
  • Killed Off for Real: It is revealed that Jack killed Mary at the end of the previous episode. While Team Free Will try to resurrect her, all of them end in failure: Jack only succeeds materializing her body, while Castiel learns that Mary is at peace in Heaven.
  • Monochrome Past: Castiel, Jack, Sam, and Dean all have flashbacks of Mary when she was alive, depicted in black and white.
  • No Body Left Behind: One of the major beefs Rowena has with Jack attempting to use the Book of the Damned's resurrection spell on Mary is that it needs that person's body, whereas Jack killed Mary by disintegrating her.
  • Percussive Therapy: When Dean receives confirmation from Rowena that Mary is no longer on Earth, he vents his anger on a wooden chair.
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  • Rage Breaking Point: Dean starts to lose his composure when Castiel tells him that he could have acted sooner to prevent Jack's rampage. He completely loses it when Rowena tells him about Mary's death and ends up breaking a chair.
  • Together in Death: Mary and John are finally reunited in Heaven.
  • Villain Has a Point: Not!Lucifer points out that all Jack did is to run away from his responsibility and it would lead him nowhere.

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