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Recap / Supernatural S 13 E 02 The Rising Son

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Recap of Supernatural
Season 13, Episode 2:

The Rising Son

Written By: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming

Directed By: Thomas Wright

Airdate: October 19, 2017

Sam and Dean begin to explore what Jack is capable of doing with his powers. An unexpected visit from Donatello alerts the boys to the fact that Jack will need more protection than the Winchesters can provide. There is a new Prince of Hell in town, Asmodeus, and with Lucifer out of the picture, he sets his sights set on Jack.



  • Bait-and-Switch: Asmodeus calls out several demons to step forward, indicating they're going to be the first purged. As soon as they do, Asmodeus kills the rest of the demons instead.
  • Easily Impressed: Being only a few weeks old, every experience is new and fascinating for Jack. He thinks the rundown motel he, Sam, and Dean stop in for the night is really nice. He also really enjoys the fast food burger and fries they have for dinner and watching cartoons from the 80s on the old box set television.
  • Every Scar Has a Story: The facial scars on Asmodeus are from when Lucifer punished him for trying to release the Shedim. Although he claims to have learnt his lesson and is now a Lucifer loyalist, this doesn't stop him from trying the same thing again.
  • Evil Power Vacuum: With Crowley dead and Lucifer trapped in Apocalypse World, Hell is left in disarray, until Asmodeus steps in to take over.
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  • Healing Factor: Part of Jack's power set. He heals almost faster than wounds can be inflicted, including when he repeatedly stabs himself over and over with a large kitchen knife.
  • Irritation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: Jack imitates Dean's behavior in detail until Dean finally demands Jack stop. Sam finds the whole thing humorous.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Jack claims Castiel as his father. When he and the Winchesters reach their motel, Jack exhibits the same awestruck enjoyment of television and cartoons as Castiel.
  • Nature vs. Nurture: The main conflict of this episode boils down to this in regards to Jack the Nephilim. Lampshaded by Donatello.
  • Nephilim: Jack.
  • Not Actually the Ultimate Question: Donatello is prone to this, as a spacey academic.
    Dean: Why are you here?
    Donatello: That's the question we must all ask ourselves.
    Dean: I mean why are you in Wyoming?
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  • The Reveal: Michael was the victor of the Apocalypse in the Alternate World.
  • Scary Black Man: Alternate!Michael doesn't have John, Dean, or Adam available as vessels since John is dead and the latter two were never born, and thus uses the body of an unnamed black man.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The Shedim. God sealed them away in the deepest pit of Hell and even Lucifer was smart enough to keep them imprisoned. Asmodeus, on the other hand...
  • Southern Gentleman: Asmodeus speaks with a thick southern accent reminiscent of Colonel Sanders, wears an all white suit, and comes across as charming and suave. However, he also has a Hair-Trigger Temper.
  • Spot the Impostor: Asmodeus pretends to be Donatello, who Jack and the brothers trust. The brothers realize the impersonation when the real Donatello shows up and precedes to have the exact same conversation they just had. Cue the standoff where Jack is looking at two Donatellos, one telling him to open the pit of hell for the glory and the other standing with the Winchesters and insisting that's a terrible idea. Asmodeus is revealed when he's winged by a bullet.
  • The Soulless: Donatello. Unlike most soulless humans depicted in the series, however, he doesn't seem too different, is actually willing to help the Winchesters out and also has the motto of "What would Mr. Rogers do?" when faced with a moral decision. This makes him a case of Moral Sociopathy as well.
  • Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth: The Shedim. Even Lucifer was afraid of them, punishing and scarring Asmodeus for trying to release them millennia earlier.
  • "Uh-Oh" Eyes: Jack's eyes glow gold when Asmodeus is hurting Sam, Dean, and Donatello and Asmodeus is smart enough to hightail it out of danger.
  • Villainous Rescue: Lucifer rips the heart out of a rapey Apocalypse World hunter who's gotten the upper hand on Mary, not out of any desire to save her, but because he intends to trade her to Dean and Sam for Jack when they get back to their Earth, and therefore he needs to keep her safe.

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