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Recap / Supernanny UKS 2 EP 11

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Supernanny is called to deal with a food-phobic seven-year-old. But it's only when she witnesses a mealtime first-hand that she realises the extent of the family's problems.

Heather and Alex Bixley live with their sons Brandon (7) and Zak (4). Brandon developed a negative relationship with food after having gastric flu as a baby. What started as fussy eating has become an obsessive fear that dominates family life.


After six years of non-stop battles with Brandon, Heather is at breaking point, but Supernanny has some harsh words for her and Alex. She's horrified by the way they aggressively try and force Brandon to have food he doesn't want, and tells them they've got no chance of turning things around until they stop fighting between themselves.

Supernanny introduces a menu of innovative techniques to change the boys' relationship with food, including her renowned 'little chef' technique - but the biggest hurdle is the bickering Bixleys themselves.



  • Freudian Excuse: Brandon's reason for his negative relationship with food was due to having a stomach bug when he was younger.
  • Not Helping Your Case: Heather and Alex really didn't improve Brandon's food phobia by resorting to force feeding him and barking orders at him instead of trying to be constructive with their methods of getting him to eat.
  • Picky Eater: Brandon. Due to having gastric flu when he was younger, he developed a fear of food and would only eat chips while when served any other food, he would throw a screaming fit.

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