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Recap / Supermarioglitchy4s Super Mario 64 Bloopers Mario And The T Pose Virus

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SMG4 and his friends have been subject to a T-Pose Plague... can Mario survive in time to save his friends?
A mysterious virus spreads throughout the kingdom, turning people into zombies that hold their arms in a T-pose. As more and more get infected, will Mario, Luigi and everyone in the castle be spared? This is the second episode of the Waluigi Arc.

Upload Date: 4 Aug 2018

This blooper contains examples of:

  • Apologetic Attacker: Meggy apologizes to Zombie!Boopkins in advance before using him as a bowling ball against the other T-Pose Zombies.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Mario wastes no time in killing Bob for getting Luigi infected by selfishly blocking the roof door for him and Mario to enter.
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  • Dirty Coward: Bob does nothing to help the other survivors, willing to leave them for dead in order to save his own skin. His ways ultimately lead to Luigi getting infected, something that understandably doesn't sit well with Mario.
  • Hope Spot: Just as Mario and Luigi celebrate their safety after the former had broken through the barricaded roof door, Luigi, who is still standing by the door, is promptly pursued by the T-pose Zombies.
  • The Load: To say that Bob was unhelpful would be an understatement. He abandons Meggy when she needs his help fighting the zombies, and does the same to Mario and Luigi.
  • No-Sell: Meggy's punches and kicks knock down the T-Pose Zombies, but they get right back up again no worse for wear, ready to infect her.
  • Oh, Crap!: Luigi does this when he sees that SMG4 is T-Posing like Shroomy, indicating that they are up against a virus.
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  • The Reveal: When everyone glares at Shroomy for eating the T-mushroom, in turn making him patient-zero of the T-Pose apocalypse, he explains that Waluigi gave him the T-mushroom to eat, in the fulfilled hopes that he would start the apocalypse.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: When the T-pose zombies come upstairs and infect Fishy Boopkins, a horrified Meggy asks Bob to help her fight them off, only to see him running upstairs.
    • While upstairs, Mario, Luigi, and Bob witness the T-Pose zombies coming after them once more, Bob decides to run again and make it to the roof, with little regard to helping Mario and Luigi block the door.
    • Non-Bob example (as his dirty actions caused Luigi to get infected, leading Mario to kick him off the roof): when everyone has been cured at the end of the episode, Fishy Boopkins asks everyone if they want to check out his Yu-Gi-Oh collection. Everyone hops in the helicopter, which immediately takes off.
  • Take a Third Option: When the T-Pose apocalypse officially starts, Mario turns around to see a bat and a pile of guns on the floor. He then shifts his focus to Toad, who happens to be standing beside them, and throws him at the T-Pose zombies thinking that would fix everything. It doesn't.
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  • Zombie Apocalypse: How the T-pose virus and the episode play out.

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