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Recap / Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go S 1 E 6

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A giant eyeball monster, surrounded with spikes, is attacking the Super Robot. It causes rampant destruction across Shuggazoom... and it turns to out to be a film session lead by Antauri. Looking at each monkey, the rest of them (save for Sprx-77) come up with reasons why they ended up in their situation. Antauri assigns each member to come up with a new move, but Chiro seeing how he destroyed the eyeball with a well-timed Lasitron-Fury is confident in his abilities to the point where he does not feel where he has to come up with a new move. So naturally, playing around his room, he comes across a secret compartment holding an orange monkey head, and a left monkey glove. So naturally, you can see where this is going.


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