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This is a list of episodes from Super Mario World, which ran on NBC from September 14, 1991 to December 7, 1991 for a total of 13 episodes.

  1. "Fire Sale": Kootie Pie steals Mama Fireplant for her ice palace. The Mario Bros., Princess Toadstool and Yoshi try to get her back before the palace melts.
  2. "The Wheel Thing": The Mario Bros. introduce the automobile to Dome City which creates problems for the cave people and later becomes threatened by Kooky's latest invention.
  3. "Send in the Clown": Big Mouth, Kootie Pie and King Koopa bring the cave people to Neon Castle for a circus, intending to feed them to dinosaurs.
  4. "Ghosts 'R' Us": Yoshi must face his fears and go inside a haunted house where Wizardheimer is holding his friends hostage.
  5. "The Night Before Cave Christmas": Mario and Luigi introduce Cave Christmas to Dome City, but the Koopas steal their presents.
  6. "King Scoopa Koopa": The cave people are hooked on King Koopa's new fast food stand, oblivious that he has slipped a secret ingredient that turns them into Chickadactyls.
  7. "Born to Ride": Yoshi runs away from home and joins a biker gang, unaware that they plan on kidnapping the Mario Bros for King Koopa.
  8. "Party Line": The Mario Bros. invent the telephone for the cave people but they start hogging the lines.
  9. "Gopher Bash": Luigi teaches the cave people how to farm only for their harvest to be stolen by Cheatsy and his Monty Moles.
  10. "Rock TV": King Koopa gets the cave people addicted to television, using his programming to hypnotize them into capturing the Mario Bros.
  11. "The Yoshi Shuffle": Luigi is turned into an egg which the Koopas won't give back to Mario and Yoshi unless they win a football game against them.
  12. "A Little Learning": Hip and Hop go to Dome City's school against King Koopa's wishes.
  13. "Mama Luigi": Luigi tells Yoshi the story of how they first met.

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