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Recap / Strong Bad Email E 68 Caper

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Airdate: Monday, March 31, 2003

Sender: James, Detroit MI

Strong Bad: (spelling out his email command) Strong Bad-underscore-email-dot e-x-e. Enter.

James from "Detroit Me" thinks there hasn't been much cooperation between Strong Bad and The Cheat and suggests the two pull off a caper. Strong Bad then reveals the cause of the tension between himself and The Cheat was that the latter screwed up their last caper, when he broke a lamp and interrupted a daring raid on... Homestar Runner's morning paper.


Homestar: (half-asleep) Hey, Strong Sad, Batman. What are you guys doing in my house?
Strong Bad: We've been ID'd! Every man for himself! (he and The Cheat run away)
Homestar: Thanks for stopping by, you guys. (beat) Thanks for breaking my cow lamp.

Thinking back on the good times he and The Cheat shared, Strong Bad is even inspired to break into song, with backing claps by Strong Sad and Strong Mad.

Strong Bad: I got mad at The Cheat
For screwing up the Jumble caper
I hope I don't see his name in the paper
In the obituaries
'Cause that would mean he's dead!
The Cheat is not dead!
I'm so glad The Cheat is not dead!
The Cheat is not dead!
Strong Mad: DEAD!
Strong Bad: I'm so glad The Cheat is not dead!
The Cheat is not dead!
Strong Sad: Dead!
Strong Bad: So glad The Cheat is not—
Just the claps! Just the claps... Strong Sad, I didn't know you had any rhythm.
Strong Sad: Oh, sure. I got tons of rhythm.

As his brothers "keep it rolling", Strong Bad runs off to the Field to find The Cheat and apologize.

Strong Bad: The Cheat, I... I just wanted to say that...
The Cheat: (The Cheat noises)
Strong Bad: Aw, I can't stay mad at you! (pats The Cheat's head)
The Cheat: (The Cheat noises)
Strong Bad: Aww, how about a little kick for old times' sake?
The Cheat: (annoyed The Cheat noises, stands with his arms akimbo)
Strong Bad: Nah, I'm just kidding, man. (makes several fake kicking motions) Oh, what, watch me now! Had you there.
(The Paper comes down.)



  • Accidental Misnaming: A half-asleep Homestar misidentifies Strong Bad and The Cheat as "Strong Sad" and "Batman" (since The Cheat has his hands up in a way that kind of makes him look like Batman's trademark cowl)
  • Comically Missing the Point: When a half-asleep Homestar misidentifies Strong Bad and The Cheat as Strong Sad and Batman, Strong Bad panics and yells "We've been IDed! Every man for himself!"
  • Hidden Depths: Strong Bad seems surprised at his younger brother's sense of rhythm.
    Strong Bad: Strong Sad, I didn't know you had any rhythm.
    Strong Sad: Oh, sure, I got tons of rhythm.
  • I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday: Parodied.
    Strong Bad: Seems like only yesterday, we were setting fire to Strong Sad's underwears.
    Strong Sad: That was yesterday!
  • Poke the Poodle: Strong Bad breaks into Homestar's house... just so he can steal the Jumble puzzle from Homestar's morning paper.
  • Something We Forgot: An Easter egg shows Strong Bad's brothers are still "keeping it rolling", clapping their hands to the beat of "The Cheat Is Not Dead".

(Homestar, still in his pajamas and five o'clock shadow, enters, holding a cup of coffee)
Homestar: (to Strong Bad and The Cheat) You guys are so cute. (beat) Man, I should probably get dressed or something. What is it, like three in the afternoon? (staring down at the miniature version of himself on his shirt) Looking good, Homestar.
Strong Bad: Yeah, what's the deal? I didn't know you had to shave.
Homestar: Oh, I don't. It's cinnamon.

(cut to the computer room. the music is still rolling as Strong Mad and Strong Sad continue clapping their hands to it)
Strong Sad: Um... do you think we can stop now?

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