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Airdate: Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Sender: Jody (not a girl), TX

Strong Bad opens his big "sesquicentenn-email" with Strong Sad accompanying on guitar for the e-mail song, and brings up a message from Jody (not a girl), who has some "question marks" for Strong Bad: "What would you do with a hundred million dollars?" and "What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in an alternate universe somehow?"


Strong Bad: Ya know, you could probably ditch that (not a girl) thing if you just replaced it with something tough and cool and kool and tuff. Like Bulldozer. Jody Bulldozer. Nobody's gonna think that guy's a girl.

Strong Bad informs "Ms. Dozer" that he and the Cheat have invested a hundred million dollars in an alternate universe portal... which is actually an old Game Boy in a blender that cost them about fourteen bucks ("That's like a hundred million dollars in... dog years, right?") Strong Bad orders the Cheat to "mash go", and the device somehow conjures a massive swirly portal.

Strong Bad: Oh-ho-ho! Swirly Photoshop magic! I bet this thing could release some serious cacodemons. So, what? I—I just jump in?
The Cheat: (affirmative the Cheat noises)
Strong Bad: Ohbee kaybee! (leaps into the portal) Jump!

Strong Bad soon finds himself "in a bulding" in a comic-book style universe, where he runs into "Strong Badman and his well-drawn abs." Strong Bad is rather baffled, however, as to why Strong Badman would make his secret lair in a crappy apartment.

Strong Badman: Because, mere mortal... this apartment... is rent-controlled! And... water's included.

Strong Bad isn't impressed by Strong Badman's plot to "waste water, and not pay for it", and even less when he tries to skip ahead to a more exciting part of the comic only to find Strong Badman stealing "expanded basic cable" from the neighbors.

Strong Bad: Who's writing this issue? The "geniuses" behind She-Hulk?

With "a little frappe action" from the Cheat, Strong Bad is on to his next alternate universe, the Old-Timey world. Unfortunately, he appears at a bad time during Old-Timey Strong Bad's magic act (when he's trying to not make anything appear), and the two of them are pelted with "shades of gray tomatoes" before Strong Bad can teleport away.


Next, Strong Bad finds himself on a vector field with Vector Strong Bad, who's just hanging out doing what he does best ("I SPLO STUFF UP")... and who, as it turns out, doubles as Stinko Man's training simulator. Strong Bad and Stinko Man dodge flying squares for a bit, but Strong Bad is teleported away just as Vector Strong Bad decides to take it to the next level.

Strong Bad's next destination is a world based on the original kids' book The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man In the World Contest, where he's roped into a "Dig To China With Your Ears" contest against Tiny-Handed Strong Bad. Strong Bad prefers to just "max and relax" while THSB does all the digging... and ends up unearthing a giant mug of root beer. Suddenly, Old-Timey Strong Bad appears and dives into the "sarsaparilla swimming hole" as Strong Bad vanishes and Keyboard Strong Bad from "Sweet Cuppin' Cakes" appears to take his place.

Strong Bad soon finds himself rapidly jumping through a series of alternate universes: puppet-style, the enclosure for Da Huuuuuuuudge, and the abandoned pie factory from "The Homestar Runner Mysfit-steries".

Strong Bad: The Cheat! Cool off on the liquefy button!

It turns out Homestar has hijacked the blender to make a "real fruit smoothie", when Strong Bad and several of his alternate selves appear and Homestar accidentally banishes himself. Strong Bad is inspired by the sight of "all these Strong Bad-related faces" to form a super-group and record a number one jam, to which his alternate selves reluctantly agree.

Strong Bad: There's a crazy world of emails in this crazy world!
Checkin' em down, checkin' em down...
Stinko Man: I hope it's from a girrrrrrrl!
Chorus: Save the last e-mail for Strong Bad!
Senor Cardgage: Let the little children go...
Chorus: Save the last e-mail for Strong Bad!
Old-Timey Strong Bad: Save the last e-mail for Strong Bad!
Da Huuuuuuuudge: Save the last email for meeeee!
Strong Badman: Save the last email!
Strong Bad: All my Strong Bad doppelgängers represent! Sesquicentenn-email 2005! I mean, six.


  • Alliance of Alternates: Upon gathering all his alternate-universe counterparts in his house, Strong Bad convinces them to form a supergroup and record a number one jam.
  • Alternate Self: Strong Bad meets several alternate versions of himself, even including Sterrance and the Huuuuuuuudge.
  • Alternate Universe: Strong Bad travels through a number of alternate universes from the website, such as the comic book world of Strong Badman and the 1936 dimension.
  • Brick Joke:
    • Way back in "2 emails", three years and seventy-nine episodes ago, Homestar tried, and failed, to make a time machine using a Game Boy and a blender. Here, The Cheat somehow successfully makes an interdimensional portal using a Game Boy and a blender.
    • In a teaser cartoon for this e-mail, Strong Sad suggested directing a scene where Coach Z holds a pear covered in googly eyes while black coffee drips down his face. This scene is actually included in an Easter egg.
  • Bring My Brown Pants: Implied with Coach Z in an Easter egg.
    Coach Z: I dunno what's goin' on, Homestar, but I'm not at liberty to discuss what I just did in my pants!
  • Canon Welding: It turns out Vector Strong Bad serves as a training simulator for Stinkoman.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Strong Bad's song opens with the line "There's a crazy world of emails in this crazy world..."
  • Digging to China: Strong Bad ends up in a "Dig to China With Your Ears" contest with Tiny-Handed Strong Bad.
  • Gender-Blender Name: The sender claims they're "not a girl", to which Strong Bad replies:
    "Ya know, you could probably ditch that (not a girl) thing, if you just replaced it with something tough and cool and kool and tuff. Like (Bulldozer). Jody (Bulldozer). Nobody's gonna think that guy's a girl."
  • Giant Food: Tiny-Handed Strong Bad digs up "a giant mug of frosty root beer", which Old-Timey Strong Bad uses as "a sarsaparilla swimming hole".
  • Home Made Inventions: The portal generator is an original Game Boy in a blender. It works, somehow.
  • Immediate Self-Contradiction: Strong Bad says Jody should call himself "Jody (Bulldozer)", because no one would mistake that for a girl's name. In his very next sentence, Strong Bad addresses Jody as "Ms. Bulldozer".
  • Mundane Made Awesome: When Strong Bad asks Strong Badman why his secret lair is in "a crappy apartment", Strong Badman boasts "Because, mere mortal... this apartment... IS RENT-CONTROLLED! And... water's included."
  • Old-Timey Bathing Suit: Old-Timey Strong Bad wears one when he jumps into the "sarsaparilla swimming hole".
  • Pet the Dog: Strong Sad accompanies Strong Bad on guitar for the opening e-mail song, and Strong Bad actually thanks Strong Sad for it afterwards.
  • Poke the Poodle: Strong Badman's evil plans include wasting water in his rent-controlled apartment and stealing cable from his neighbor.
    Strong Badman: STINY! Keep flushing those toilets!
  • Produce Pelting: Strong Bad interrupting Old-Timey Strong Bad's magic act leads to the both of them being pelted with "shades-of-gray tomatoes".
  • Shout-Out:
    • Strong Bad saying "Ohbee kaybee" before jumping into the portal is a reference to Mushmouth from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.
    • An Easter egg has Coach Z and Homestar in the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks.
    • When looking at the alternate universe portal, Strong Bad notes it "could release some serious Cacodemons."
  • Tempting Fate: Old-Timey Strong Bad boasts "For my next parlor trick, I shan't make anything appear!" Naturally, Strong Bad teleports in at just the wrong time.
    Old-Timey Strong Bad: You brightly-colored baboon! You've ruined my vaudeville!
  • Verbal Backspace: Strong Bad ends his song with "Sesquicentenn-email two-thousand five... I mean six!"
  • Vocal Dissonance: Da Huuuuuuuudge has a high-pitched, effeminate singing voice.
  • Who Writes This Crap?!: Strong Bad's reaction to Strong Badman's "evil" schemes.
    Strong Bad: Who's writing this issue? The "geniuses" behind She-Hulk?


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