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Recap / Strong Bad Email E 147 Lady Fan

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Airdate: Monday, March 6, 2006

Sender: Buck Webb, Houston Tejas

Buck Webb ("You sound like one of those boring soap-opera comic strips from the quote-unquote 'funny' pages") writes in to ask if Strong Bad can do something "extra special cool" to impress his new "lady fan", who doesn't like Strong Bad that much. Despite Strong Bad being convinced that he might do too good a job at impressing Buck's lady fan (complete with a fantasy sequence in the style of aforesaid "boring soap-opera comic strips"), "when people send me stupid emails, I'm obligated by law to do what they say."


Strong Bad first heads to the gymnasium and attempts to do one-handed push-ups, but when that doesn't pan out he goes for fifty of the regular kind ("Real men play two-handed push ups!") Unfortunately, Strong Bad can't even manage one regular push-up, and Homestar shows up dressed like an aerobics instructor to help Strong Bad "twees it out".

Strong Bad: "Twees it out"?!
Homestar: Your buttweessimo! (shakes his butt at Strong Bad, who averts his gaze) We're gonna mold that twees into the Iron Shiek!

Strong Bad next tries to show off "a cute, fluffy The Cheat straight from the dryer". Unfortunately, Strong Bad gets shocked from the copious amount of static electricity, and going through the tumble dry has made the Cheat sea-sick.

Strong Bad: Uh-oh, this is not looking extra-special cool (slams the door on the Cheat, who vomits) Don't worry, little buddy. We'll just throw you back in the wash.
Homestar Runner: Back in the wash. Come on, come on! Twees it, twees it, zabaladoo!
Strong Bad: Get it out of here, Wretched Simmons! I'm trying to get some girl to like some guy I don't know!

Strong Bad decides that "lady fans" like "crappy arts and crafts projects", but he quickly gets bored with Marzipan's attempt to make a centerpiece out of kitty litter, pie tins, and junk mail. Instead, Strong Bad opts for some "pyrotechnics!" by setting the whole thing on fire with his BMW lighter, including Marizpan's hair and hot-glue gun ("Strong Bad, you're a horse's twees").

Strong Bad: There you have it, Buck. Oh, wait... (cut to a comic-strip style of Strong Bad talking to Buck Webb) There you have it, Buck! If that floozy's not all up ons after that, you gotta drop her like a trig class, see??!!??!
Buck Webb: Tight, Strong Bad, real tight.
Homestar Runner: That's right, keep that twees real tight. Flex it, flex it, shoulder stance!



  • Big Word Shout: "What the lady fans really want is some PYROTECHNICS!!!"
  • Brick Joke: Homestar starts using "twees" as a euphemism for Strong Bad's "buttweessimo". After Strong Bad sets fire to her arts and crafts projects, Marzipan calls him "a horse's twees".
  • Continuity Nod: In "sibbie" Strong Bad complained "I'm not here to fulfill your every freaking whim!" Here, Strong Bad remarks (in a somewhat ironic tone) that he's obligated by law to do whatever people ask of him in "stupid emails".
  • Epic Fail: Strong Bad is so out of shape he can't even do two-handed push-ups, let alone one-handed ones. The scoreboard in the background mocks him by going into negative numbers (first -1, then -51).
  • Get Out!: Strong Bad gets tired of Homestar's aerobics instructor impression, and tells him "Get it out of here, Wretched Simmons!"
  • Gone Horribly Right: Strong Bad imagines Buck's "lady fan" being impressed enough to leave him for Strong Bad.
    Strong Bad: We both know who she's gonna choose, Buck. Is that what you want? But hey, you asked for it.
  • Green Around the Gills: The Cheat turns green right before he pukes.
  • Incendiary Exponent: Strong Bad sets fire to Marzipan's arts and crafts display, because he thinks that's something the ladies really like. Marzipan is unamused.
    Marzipan: Strong Bad, you're a horse's twees.
  • Never Say That Again: Strong Bad tells Homestar "I'm gonna go ahead and need you to never say 'twees it out' ever again."
  • Running Gag: Homestar keeps barging in and acting like an aerobics instructor.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Unusual Euphemism: Homestar keeps referring to Strong Bad's "twees", which is short for "buttweessimo".
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: The Cheat pukes in the dryer after Strong Bad closes the door on him.

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