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Recap / Strong Bad Email E 138 Space Program

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Airdate: Monday, November 14, 2005

Sender: Ryan, Raleigh NC

Ryan from North Carolina wants to know if Strong Badia has a space program. Strong Bad boasts that since even the Italians have a space program these days, of course Strong Badia has one: SBASAF, the Strong Badian Aministration of Some Aluminum Foil.

Strong Bad: The only problem is, we blew our whole budget on this kick-awesome logo and on our orientation film-strip.

We are then treated to the cheesy retro-style film-strip for the Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil, "a definitely-for-profit organization, dedicated to the manned taping of aluminum foil to cardboard." Their latest mission involves sending fifteen "Earth dollars" into space, where "according to our vague understanding of the theory of relativity", it will age into a million dollars. Only one man is good enough at video games for a mission of this caliber: "First Lieuteneral Space Captainface" (AKA Strong Bad). With the help of onboard mechanic Harold "Strap" Coopmore (AKA The Cheat) and Flight Engineer Ted Averill (AKA The Tire), Space Captainface will pilot the Proud Anselmo, flagship of SBASAF's 30-vessel fleet, and impress lots of Sixties-looking hot girls.

In reality, this works out to Strong Bad and the Cheat riding around in a bunch of cardboard boxes taped together, with "escape velocity" effects provided by Strong Mad and a CD of goofy sound effects (that cost them the fifteen bucks intended for the mission). At least the CD provides a humorous "body falling down the stairs" sound, and some appropriate laser sound effects when fighting off a "space myoo-tant from Satriani 5" (AKA Homestar Runner with a sweater stuck over his head).


Strong Bad: Nice work, the Strap! Another successful mission for (starts singing) Space Captainface, pretender of the galaxies! He's all-the-ways having space cocktails with hot Sixties-looking girls! (beat) Where are all the hot Sixties-looking girls?!
King of Town: I'm in my sixties...


  • Artistic License – Physics: Played for Laughs; according to SBASAF's "vague understanding of the theory of relativity", taking fifteen bucks into space will cause it to "age" into a million dollars in gold bullion.
  • Bragging Theme Tune: "Space Captainface! Pretender of the Galaxies! He's all-the-ways having space cocktails with hot Sixties-looking girls!"
  • Brick Joke:
    • Strong Bad remarks that even "the Italians" have a space program near the beginning of the cartoon. At the end, after Homestar is attacked by Strong Bad and The Cheat, he runs off shouting "I knew I should have asked the Italian space program [for help]!"
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    • An Easter egg has Space Captainface writing his Captain's Log, when his Fauxlosophic Narration is interrupted by the grilled cheese sandwich from the filmstrip.
  • Captain Space, Defender of Earth!: First Lieuteneral Space Captainface, "beef-boullion-aire joyboy" and hero of SBASAF.
  • Cool Spaceship: Allegedly the Proud Anselmo. In reality, it's some cardboard boxes stuck together with aluminum foil and other junk taped to it.
  • Fun with Acronyms: SBASAF (Pronounced "sbase-aff"), the Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil.
  • Literal Metaphor: Space Captainface orders Strap to hit "space myoo-tant" Homestar with everything they've got; after playing a variety of sci-fi ray gun sounds, Strap literally throws the jewel case for their sound effects CD at Homestar.
  • Manchild: Strong Badia's "space program" boils down to Strong Bad and the Cheat playing in a cardboard box space-ship like little kids.
  • Overly Long Gag: The slightly-too-long shot of a grilled cheese sandwich during the filmstrip.
  • Overused Running Gag: Strong Bad once again makes fun of senders using variants of "crapfully yours" by reading Ryan's signature "Doodoo crap" as "Good jokes".
  • Retraux: The cheesy orientation filmstrip, complete with "hot Sixties-looking girls" and Deliberate Values Dissonance in Ted Averill being ordered to smoke "a smooth relaxing cigarette".
  • Take That, Audience!: Strong Bad reads the sender's name as "Ryan Raleigh, Not Cool".
  • Toilet Humor: An Easter egg shows that space cadet Coach Z was looking forward to the part where "I was gonna get to pee in a cup."
    Strong Bad: In due time, Cadet Z, in due time.
    Coach Z: Oh, doo time! Even better!

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