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Recap / Strong Bad Email E 128 Rampage

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Airdate: Monday, April 11, 2005

Sender: Peter

Strong Bad: (rapping) Email, check it, come on, a-come on, y'all-a-email check it, come on, a-come on, y'all!

"Sincerely Peter Comma" thinks it's been entirely too long since "Ong-Stray Ad-Bay" went on a rampage. Strong Bad claims that on the contrary, he's been more selective about the types of rampages on which he goes, with such examples as:

  • A "reading rampage", where Strong Bad reads "Smart Investing for Jerks" while Strong Mad reads... a waffle with the word "Bug" written on it in syrup.
    Strong Bad: Man, this book really speaks to me. In like, (flips the book upside down) a couple different languages even.
    Strong Mad: THIS BOOK IS TOO LONG!
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  • A "regal rampage", which involves Strong Bad dressing as a king and talking vaguely like royalty while clubbing the King of Town.
    Strong Bad: I bequeath thee! (SMACK!)
    King of Town: Ow!
    Strong Bad: I bequeath thee! (SMACK!)
    King of Town: Ow!
    Strong Bad: I bequeath thee! (SMACK!)
    King of Town: One more!
    Strong Bad: Ye hath quivered me tuppence!
    King of Town: Oops, ya lost me! (Two rapid smacks)
  • A "legal rampage", which involves Strong Bad dresses in a suit and throws legal papers at Homestar's front door.
    Strong Bad: This is a sub-po-eena! I summons exhibit 4-B to my chambers!
    Homestar: Sustained! (hits himself in the head with a gavel)
  • Strong Bad also claims to have gone on (or "gone OOORF!") several "lyrical rampages" with Coach Z and DJ Teh Cheat, though poetry fan Strong Sad isn't impressed.
    Strong Sad: May I please ask how repeating the same four words constitutes a lyrical rampage?
    Strong Bad: May I please ask how a round mound of gray fatness constitutes a younger brother? I'm on a rampage!

After Strong Sad half-heartedly busts a rhyme in iambic pentameter, then leaves Strong Bad and Coach Z to continue their lyrical rampage, we cut back to Strong Bad.

Strong Bad: Ya see Comma, (comma) you can still hurt people and their feelings with all manner of different rampages.


  • Accidental Misnaming: Strong Bad interprets the reader's name as "Comma".
  • Continuity Nod:
    • An Easter egg features a poster for Litigation Jackson 2: Legal Rampage, a sequel to Litigation Jackson from "A Decemberween Pageant".
    • Another Easter egg features a Rampage parody where Strong Mad tries to get his "panties" back from The Cheat, in a nod to "morning routine".
  • Courtroom Antic: Strong Bad's "legal rampage" involves throwing papers for a "sub-po-ena" at Homestar's front door and spouting random legal jargon.
  • Cutaway Gag: When Strong Sad boasts that his own attempt at a "lyrical rampage" went over great at his last Poetry Slam, it cuts to Strong Sad performing for Marzipan and Homsar.
    Marzipan: Good style there, Strong Sad! Geoff Chaucer would be would be proud.
    Homsar: Aaaaaaaaah, caramel corn for president, please!
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  • Lame Comeback: Coach Z pulls off a few of these:
    Coach Z: Maybe we should start calling you S.S., for Strong Sad!
    Strong Bad: ...What is wrong with you?
  • Metaphorgotten: During his "reading rampage", Strong Bad says "This book really speaks to me. In like, a couple different languages even."
  • Piss Take Rap:
    • Coach Z and Strong Bad make one up for their "lyrical rampage".
      Coach Z: I got problems with my feet and my back!
      Strong Bad: I'm on a rampage!
      Coach Z: I'm about to have a dope rhyme attack!
      Strong Bad: I'm on a rampage!
      Coach Z: Coach Z, rock all types o' sports!
      Strong Bad: I'm on a rampage!
      Coach Z: And if you don't like it, you can get with the Chort!
    • Strong Sad calls them out on it, but his attempt at a rap in iambic pentameter isn't much better:
      Strong Sad: The quill, the page, ly-ric ram-page, word up?
  • Shout-Out: An Easter egg features The Cheat and Strong Mad in a parody of Rampage.
  • Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe: Strong Bad uses gratuitous Elizabethan English during his "regal rampage'. "I bequeath thee! I bequeath thee! I bequeath thee! Ye have quivered me tuppence!"
  • You Make Me Sic: Strong Bad rags on the sender for a misplaced comma and using the phrase "I thinks".
    Strong Bad: Well, Epressing-day Erd-nay, I thinks it's been entirely too long since you consulted your M.L.A. handbook.

Strong Bad: Until next time, bailiff, I'll be in my chambers. I mean, The Cheat, I'll be in my office... which is this room... so, I'll be right here.
(The Paper comes down.)

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