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Recap / Strong Bad Email E 115 Time Capsule

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Airdate: Monday, October 4, 2004

Sender: Sam Concord California

Sam from California thinks Strong Bad should make a time capsule of himself to be opened in "exty years", because "how are you going to be soooo awesome if you'rre dead?"

Strong Bad: Rest assured, Shim-Sham Sam, my time capsule would reign supreme. Like your hot single Mom is gonna wanna date my time capsule.

The first step is to make the time capsule from an actual capsule, rather than an old shoe box or tennis ball can.


Strong Bad: Those are different and lame and differently lame. And they always get dug up in about 4 days. And they're filled with uncool stuff like those leaf rubbin's, and current newspaper clippin's, and... toenail snippin's?

The first item to go in the capsule would be a tape of Strong Bad's latest number one jam, in the hopes that it would become popular in the future and they'd sent all the royalties and groupies back in time to him "right... NOW!" Unfortunately, the sound of the doorbell isn't time-travelling groupies with money, but Homestar with a "gross old wig" that he wants to put in Strong Bad's "time machine".

Strong Bad: It's not a trash capsule. Look, this is for cool stuff so people of the future know how cool I am.
Homestar: Well then, I'll just make my own time box with a gross old wig in it. So all the future peoples will know I had a gross old wig!
Strong Bad: Good. Now leave.

Strong Bad also decides to include a saliva sample "just in case they ever figure out how to make people... from spit", and some dry ice for a cool smoke effect when they finally open the capsule, so "There'll be no doubt about my coolty".

Cut to the year 20X6, where Stinkoman is eating dirt for some reason. He unearths Strong Bad's time capsule, and proceeds to mistake his cassette tape for a "power crunch" and eat it. It does power him up, at least, while 1-Up walks in to show off the gross old wig he found in a "time box".

Back in the present day, Strong Bad continues to wait (in vain) for royalties and groupies from the future.



  • Achievements in Ignorance: Stinkoman mistakes Strong Bad's cassette tape for a "power crunch", and somehow still gets powered up by it.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: Strong Bad says that "time boxes" and "time tennis ball cans" are "different, and lame, and differently lame" compared to time capsules.
  • Continuity Nod: Strong Bad's number one jam is about "Grumblecakes".
  • Disco Dan: Strong Bad puts his number one jam on a cassette tape becase "What could ever replace the durability of magnetic tape? Duct tape, maybe."
  • Dodgy Toupee: Homestar wants to put a "gross old wig" in Strong Bad's time capsule.
  • Hulking Out: Stinko Man inexplicably hulks out after he eats Strong Bad's number-one jam.
  • Idiot Hero: As a parody of anime protagonists, Stinkoman is shown to be rather dim here. He is seen eating dirt in the hope that he'll eventually find a bite of it that tastes good.
  • Our Slogan Is Terrible: Seen in Easter eggs advertising Coach Z Ale ("Differently lame!") and Jobar's Big Ol' Headache Medicine ("Eat 'em like candy!")
  • Shout-Out: Stinkoman hulks out like Brolly's "Legendary Super Saiyan" form.
  • Start My Own: Homestar decides to make his own "time box" after Strong Bad refuses his "gross old wig".
  • Time Capsule: This email is about Strong Bad making a time capsule of his own.
  • You Make Me Sic: Strong Bad pokes fun at Sam for his badly-spelled e-mail.

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