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Recap / Stargate Universe S 2 E 3 Awakening

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The Destiny finds and docks with one of the seed ships. When exploring, they find the ship is not as uninhabited as they first supposed. Rush continues to keep the bridge a secret.


  • Aliens Speaking English — averted. The brown aliens don't even have the knowledge of English that the blue aliens gained from interogating Rush.
  • Cool Starship — the seed ship matches Destiny in design, though it is smaller and shorter. When docked, they combined into quite a cool starship.
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  • It Tastes Like Feet— pretty much everyone's opinion on the dried fruit, even the alien's. Volker insists it tastes like rambutan.
  • Starfish Aliens — the brown aliens are small bipedal arthropods. They are pretty far from human while still being bipeds.
  • Used Future — the seed ship is grungy, cramped, dark, and damp. To be fair, it was never intended to be manned.
  • Ugly Cute — the brown aliens.

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