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Recap / Stargate Universe S2 E10 "Resurgence - Part 1"

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We not alone out here
Just another day in space. The Destiny's crew is spending time on a bridge, going through routine tests. Park encountered annoying alarm, Volker accidentally turns of lights, you know, like always. But that's more interesting — Destiny picked up a remote energy signature. After brief argument crew decides to investigate. Rush is somewhat enthusiastic about encountering new intelligent life form, but Volker isn't.

Destiny finally arrived. People gathered on a observation deck and saw impressive field, filled with debris and remnant of destroyed spaceships. Once it was ships of the same model they encountered couple weeks ago (In the episode The Greater Good), not willing to leave empty-handed they decided to explore one of them. Scott meanwhile visits Chloe, while she is pretty pessimistic about her future. Her decease gone worse an transformation is spreading faster.


Scott, Greer and Brody go on the shuttle to a nearby ships and start exploring it. But something else is active among the debris - some sort of space fighter! Ship is mostly intact but Brody and Greer didn't find anything noteworthy. T.J. visits Varro in his room and have nice conversation with him. T.J. spots some movement in a window, while the Destiny computer finishes the simulation. Oh crap! Guys who destroyed alien fleet are still here. More fighters wakes up and without any warning start attack Destiny who have to wait for shuttle before being able to flee.

And epic battle starts. Shuttle finally docks, but now FTL drive is off-line. Suddenly seed ship from Awakening with Telford aboard shows up and lead Destiny toward the star where they recharge and hide behind it. Destiny and seed ship dock and Telford reunites with the crew. He tells his story: Aliens captured him wasn't evil and they eventually befriended. Aliens call themselves Ursini. They are in desperate war against drones expedition just fled from. Now this guys need expedition's help.


So new-formed alliance forms a plan - they will jump toward drones' command ship in attempt to cripple the entire enemy fleet. I mean they intended to just jumped away, but Ursini feared a double-cross, so they dragged Destiny directly toward command ship. And so the epic battle continue. Chloe offered her help on a bridge, but suddenly she knocked out her guard and ran through the corridors toward control interface room. Scott with a team chases her, but reaches her only to see her standing in front of the console, saying "It's too late".

To be continued…




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