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Recap / Stargate SG-1 S1 E9 "Thor's Hammer"

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Series: Stargate SG-1
Episode: Season 1, Episode 9
Title: "Thor's Hammer"
Previous: "Brief Candle"
Next: "The Torment of Tantalus"
Recapper: Shadow Penguin

Daniel is doing some research on ancient myths, and believes that there are other aliens who may be friendly. Whereas the Goa'uld were evil and enslaving of humans, the Norse gods were friendly and beneficial towards humanity, potentially a good race of aliens. Teal'c mentions that he has seen mention of Thor's hammer previously, and even knows the address of a forbidden planet, where no Goa'uld is ever to go because of some unmentioned terrible event. The team decides to go there.


As they emerge from the stargate, they find themselves looking at a large pillar with a hammer on top. They also startled some locals, who begin laughing at them and start chanting "Thor, Thor, Thor" as an ominous buzz rises in intensity. Before they can decide what to do, a beam of light shoots out and scans each one of them, before coming to rest on Teal'c. He screams in pain and Jack rushes over to push him out of the way and they both vanish.

Daniel and Carter meet with a local woman who congratulates them on being so smart to get rid of their Goa'uld oppressors by tricking them to come there. They insist that Teal'c was friendly, and want to know what happened to them. The woman thinks this strange, but knows that Thor would not accidentally harm a human to kill a Goa'uld, so they know that Jack and Teal'c are alive.


Jack and Teal'c find themselves in some sort of cave, and as they begin to look around they are greeted by a holographic image of Thor telling them why they have been transported there, Goa'uld technology will not work, and the only way out is through Thor's Hammer, which will only allow the host to leave. They begin exploring the cave and looking for the way out.

Daniel and Carter are brought by the woman to another woman outside of town, who one day was found wandering the mountainside. It turns out she was once a Goa'uld host, but Thor's Hammer freed her from the parasite, and she lives to help the villagers since she can still use the Goa'uld hand device to heal. They convince her (along with the help of ominous thunder, which she attributes to Thor) to lead them to the cave she escaped from so they can go and find their friends.


Inside the cavern, Jack and Teal'c have a run in with the Unas, the first Goa'uld host, who has apparently been living in the cave for centuries. Jack's gun still works, so they blast him and continue on. Teal'c recounts the tale of the Unas and their healing power...but that is only a myth. Turns out, it's not a myth. Jack and Teal'c find the exit, shaped like a hammer. Jack can walk through freely, but Teal'c gets zapped by a red energy until Jack pushes him back out. He cannot escape due to the larva Goa'uld in his stomach. The Unas finds them there, and they figure out that they need to get it into the hammer. Fight ensues, and Teal'c ends up shoving the Unas in.

Meanwhile Daniel and Carter arrive on the other side and hear the gunshots, they get through in time to see the Unas fall dead. Jack decides that they need to destroy the hammer to get Teal'c out, even though it would be useful to free Sha're and Skarra once they find them. Daniel reluctantly shoots the hammer, and a fizzling energy shows that it's deactivated. Teal'c walks out unharmed. But at least they know technology exists that can help them free others from the Goa'uld parasites.

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