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Recap / Stargate SG-1 S1 E2 "The Enemy Within"

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Series: Stargate SG-1
Episode: Season 1, Episode 2
Title: "The Enemy Within"
Previous: "Children of the Gods"
Next: "Emancipation"
Recapper: Night

We open to the SGC briefing for its first formal missions of the series, as General Hammond mentions two worlds and Jack and Kawalsky good-naturedly argue as who gets who. General Hammond's exasperation is interrupted by the stargate's activation.

Cut to Stargate Ops where the Iris is closed, the defense teams are placed in readiness, and the autodestruct is activated. The main characters watch as the Iris flexes under a series of increasingly vicious impacts and dialogue establishes that this has been a fairly regular occurrence since the return from Chulak. After the gate shuts down, Jack comments that "There must be worse ways to go," and Daniel, demonstrating his not-really-onboard-with-all-this, replies incredulously, leading Jack to coin the phrase that has forever been associated with hitting a barrier on exiting the gate in SG fandom: "Be like bugs on a windshield."


Kawalsky ends the scene rubbing the back of his neck, which Jack notices and tells him to get it checked out. As Kawalsky walks out, the stargate comes online again and there's a brief discussion of the Iris and its mechanisms.

We cut once more to General Hammond's office. Hammond tells Jack that he is refusing Jack's request to have Teal'c join SG-1, and that it's not his choice: a Colonel Kennedy is en route from the Pentagon to question Teal'c. Jack asks about after the questioning; Hammond states there may not be an after, as Teal'c is not fully human and is carrying a larval Goa'uld in his body. The Pentagon will probably want to conduct tests as well if they can. Jack expresses his disgust at the implications in the inimitably blunt Jack O'Neill fashion, making use of the With Due Respect trope in the process. Hammond signals a general agreement by promising Teal'c will be treated with dignity and respect as long as he remains within the reach of the SGC, but it is clearly out of his hands.


Jack goes to visit Teal'c, who asks about the people rescued from Chulak (sent home just before the Goa'uld started bashing their heads against the Iris) and if he is a prisoner (Jack reluctantly agrees he is). Teal'c claims understanding, but Jack tries to explain. Teal'c again professes understanding, and Jack says that honestly, his people are just afraid. Teal'c questions why O'Neill is not afraid, and Jack cites Teal'c's decision to stand against Apophis, saying that's everything Jack needed to know about Teal'c.

Kawalsky is getting checked out in the infirmary. The doctor notices something wrong with his neck...followed by his skin moving, the doctor leaping back, and Kawalsky's eyes flash and he grabs the Doctor and breaks his neck one-handed to demonstrate that Goa'uld are badass.

Daniel is briefing what is presumably Kawalsky's team about the Dial Home Device. He doesn't sound terribly interested, and as he moves about the room, he notes that Kawalsky is now standing in the embarkation room in front of the stargate, in a pose that looks remarkably like a standing bask. Carter tells someone off-screen to page Jack and General Hammond.


Kawalsky is confused and has no idea what he's doing where he is. We return to sickbay, and the Doctor is obviously missing. They have to bring in a new one: Doctor Warner, Chief Surgeon. (Who will be replaced by Janet Fraiser at some undetermined date.) Kawalsky complains of a headache; Jack adds that he's blacking out. The surgeon orders an MRI.

Colonel Kennedy arrives to the main SGC briefing room, now putting in its first appearance, and begins questioning Teal'c about the Goa'uld. Kennedy diligently establishes his credentials as the quintessential swarmy git from intelligence. Jack intrudes upon the debriefing, implying that Teal'c's rights may not be adhered to and that he wishes to assure all that occurs in this meeting is on the level. Colonel Kennedy does not argue the point, perhaps recognizing that he lacks the authority and rank to keep Jack out and that General Hammond will not intervene.

The debrief lays out the odds and the setup for what will be much of the series, emphasizing the power of the System Lords, with hundreds of worlds and powerful armies. Teal'c also rules out the possibility that the Goa'uld will seek peace, or that peace with any significant number of them could be negotiated. However, Teal'c also provides a ray of hope: unless using the stargate to travel, the Goa'uld are far from Earth and it's just not worth the travel and the effort for what is a minor nuisance so far. He also mentions "the Tau'ri," the first humans, lost for centuries. Teal'c is surprised by the reply that those of Earth are the Tau'ri, but notes that Earth is now the greatest hope for those held in slavery by the Goa'uld, both Jaffa and human.

Kawalsky is having an MRI, and Daniel and Carter are walking the corridors and talking. Daniel can't remember the last time he slept, emphasizing he's not a soldier and hasn't yet picked up the skill of sleeping under stress, and his worries about his wife. Carter tells him to go sleep, so Daniel does, and finds the body of our first unfortunate doctor by metaphorically tripping over as the MRI reveals the Goa'uld inside Kawalsky. Doctor Warner informs Kawalsky he's off active duty, Kawalsky's eyes flash, and the doctor demonstrates he's not a fool by going straight for the general alarm. Kawalsky walks the halls with the camera tilting back and forth for Dutch Angle drama.

Kawalsky arrives at Stargate Ops and lays the smackdown upon anyone between him and the gate controls, including Samantha Carter. Carter closes the blast doors, denying access to the gate, and is taken hostage while Kawalsky speaks in his new Evil Sounds Deep Goa'uld-voice. The two end up with an elevator, and Carter tries to reason with Kawalsky, who doesn't appear to notice her. She goes for the elevator emergency stop and the phone, but is yanked away with such force as to knock her out against the back of the elevator.

When the elevator doors are prised open by Jack, Kawalsky appears to be himself again, berating them for being slow and stating Carter is hurt bad and needs to get to the infirmary. He appears to have no memory of his actions.

Doctor Warner has been rewarded for his sanity by still being alive, explaining the MRI image of a Goa'uld inside Kawalsky to Jack and General Hammond. Daniel and Jack break the news to Kawalsky, explaining that the Goa'uld is probably too young to seize complete control. Kawalsky is incredulous, but under questioning identifies the point at which it must have happened. Kawalsky wants it out, but Doctor Warner tells General Hammond that the operation may be possible, but without rendering Kawalsky a quadriplegic is unlikely. Hammond tells Warner that whoever or whatever he needs to improve Kawalsky's chances, Hammond will get in the next 24 hours.

Kawalsky asks if he's hurt anyone so far; Jack breaks the news about the dead doctor and Kawalsky is visibly distressed. We go to Colonel Kennedy, Hammond, and Jack visiting Teal'c to check up on his Goa'uld since they're not yet convinced about the infection vector. Junior, as Jack will dub him, is still at home.

Teal'c wants to know what the Goa'uld in Kawalsky demands. There is a brief discussion where Teal'c reveals the Goa'uld will kill the host if they attempt to remove it. Now back to Kawalsky, strapped down on a neat rocking operating table and spazzing a bit in pain. Hammond tries to reassure; Kawalsky demands they remove the Goa'uld at once, even when informed of the possible consequences. His continued demands that he wants the Goa'uld dead and his spiking vital signs suddenly level off, and...

It's the Evil Sounds Deep again! After dissing Teal'c, the Goa'uld talks to Hammond, demanding to be allowed to go back. Hammond says they'll let it, if it gives back Kawalsky. The Goa'uld refuses in the most melodramatic way possible, setting the tone for their behavior. Hammond weirdly calls in the guards to prepare to shoot a man who's still strapped down, and then we get Kawalsky back. He asks what he did, and Jack replies that he just got a little mouthy; Kawalsky appears on the verge of tears. Hammond orders Warner to make prepartions to remove the Goa'uld surgically.

Hammond arrives in the main briefing room, where the members of SG-1 (including the not-official-yet Teal'c), Warner, and Colonel Kennedy are. Hammond informs them that Colonel Kennedy has made certain recommendations to Hammond's superiors, setting the stage; Hammond is calling Kennedy on the carpet. Kennedy wants to keep Kawalsky alive with a Goa'uld stuck in him to get at what it knows; Warner expresses his belief that though the odds are bad his team can do it; Teal'c and Daniel state the Goa'uld will not willingly negotiate or share knowledge. As Kennedy digs his hole deeper, Hammond silences him sharply for straying too far into Cannon Fodder and lacking sufficient A Father to His Men. Kennedy threatens to tell his superiors; Hammond says he'll go to the President and orders the operation to save Kawalsky.

Preliminary tests on are conducted on Junior to see what gets the Goa'uld anesthetized. Kawalsky is feeling his mortality, and passes on some last requests to Jack, lamenting the lost chances of his first independent command and how It Has Been an Honor. The operation goes on while Daniel and Carter watch: Daniel has a personal interest as his wife is also stuck with a parasite. After a moment of drama when Kawalsky starts moving, of which nothing appears to come, the Goa'uld is apparently extracted successfully and Kawalsky is unharmed.

Kennedy and Hammond have a showdown about ruthlessness and lack thereof, centered around trying to take Teal'c. Kawalsky wants to meet Teal'c, who helped save his life, before he's taken away. Shake hands, dismiss the guards, eyeflash, Neck Lift, and choke Teal'c out before the Major begins the unholy smackdown routine again, making his way to Stargate Ops and Evil Sounds Deep-ing everyone out except for The Chevron Guy, who just gets his wrist broken.

Jack, having an argument with Hammond, rushes to check on this and he and Hammond discover the Goa'uld has set the autodestruct. Teal'c, demonstrating he's badass, didn't stay down and pursues Kawalsky to the gateroom, blocking the path to the stargate. The two struggle on the gate ramp while Jack and Hammond override the selfdestruct.

Jack directs Teal'c to hold Kawalsky's head in the gate while the gate is shut down, employing Portal Cut. We are also given a partial Gory Discretion Shot while what's left of the Goa'uld falls out of the dead Kawalsky's head. Teal'c expresses his sympathies for what just happened to Jack. Jack replies that Kawalsky died in the OR.

Carter tells Daniel that this means there's hope for those from Abydos who are infested, because only Kawalsky could have set the base to blow, so that means something of the host must remain. Hammond is on the phone with the President, ruining Kennedy's day by ensuring Teal'c remains with the SGC. Teal'c arrives in the gateroom to accompany SG-1 on their next mission.

Roll the credits.

"The Enemy Within" provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Dying as Yourself: Kawalsky explicitly states he would rather die as himself than emerge from the surgery as a Goa'uld host. Unfortunately for him, the Goa'uld tricks everybody else and tries to escape through the stargate before being stopped.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: There is no reference to Teal'c being able to detect the symbiotic within Kawalsky. His ability to detect a Goa'uld, which he has apparently had all along, wouldn't be introduced until season two.
  • Famous Last Words: Kawalsky's probable last words as himself:
    "I want to wake up as me, or not at all."
  • A Father to His Men: General Hammond begins to display this trope, refusing to give up on Kawalsky while there is still a chance that he could be saved.
  • First-Name Basis/You Called Me "X"; It Must Be Serious: O'Neill spends the entire episode calling Kawalsky by his given name 'Charlie', a sure sign that he must be doomed.
  • Genetic Memory: The first time the Goa'uld genetic memory is mentioned; Daniel refers to the trope by name.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: The aftermath of Kawalsky getting the top of his head sliced off is blurred and out of focus.
  • Hope Spot: Carter tells Daniel that the fact Kawalsky was able to remember the command passwords means that there is hope for Sha're and Skaara, as it indicates that something of the host survives.
  • If You Die, I Call Your Stuff: O'Neill pulls this in an attempt to lighten the mood as Kawalsky is about to undergo surgery.
    O'Neill: Listen, uh... there's something I have to ask you. It isn't easy for me.
    Kawalsky: We're friends.
    O'Neill: If you don't make it... can I have your stereo?
  • Inhumanable Alien Rights: O'Neill and the others are disgusted by the implication that Kennedy and his superiors want to experiment on Teal'c to gain information about the Goa'uld.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: Colonel Kennedy is the first in a long, long line.
  • Portal Cut: Teal'c holds the top half of Kawalsky's head in the event horizon of the open wormhole, so that when the stargate is shut down he is scalped, killing both him and the Goa'uld possessing him.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Kawalsky is the first major death of the series, done primarily to establish the Goa'uld as a credible threat.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: Hammond shuts down Kennedy by going over his head and phoning the President.
  • Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: After surviving the original movie and seemingly being set up as a major character in the series' pilot, Kawalsky is killed off in the second episode.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: Said almost word-for-word by Teal'c to possessed!Kawalsky.

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