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Recap / Star Wars The Clone Wars Shadow Collective Arc

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Warning! This story arc recap page contains unmarked spoilers! Read at your own peril!

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Plot summary


Following Obi-Wan's escape, Savage and Maul are on the run, with the Jedi pursuing them. Despite this, the brothers leave carnage behind, wherever they show up. After killing two Jedi, they break into a space station, where after easily defeating the security droids, they find a smaller fortune, which Maul wants to use for his plans. However Maul also wants to put his relationship with Savage into new terms: instead of treating eachother as brothers (which for Savage means equality) he wants a Master-Apprentice relation with (obviously) Savage being the apprentice. The two fight, and Maul wins with ease, and explains that he will complete Savage's training, not as his brother, but as his Master.

Obi-Wan, teamed up his fellow Council member Adi Gallia, tracks down the brothers to the spacestation, but they found they've already left. From the pilot of the ship they've stolen, the Jedi learn that Maul headed for Florrum- a planet ruled by Hondo Ohnaka's pirate gang.


In the meantime, Maul and Savage lures some of Hondo's men to their ship, and after showing them just how powerful they are, they give them a choice: they can die, or serve them, in which case they'll be handsomely rewarded. The lieutenant leading the captured gang agreed to his terms, and calls more of Hondo's men aboard, who are offered the same choise. With the exception of one -who's quickly disposed off by Maul- all of them accept the offer. After Maul and Hondo are unable to make contract with eachother, Maul and his new gang head for Hondo's base to kill him and the crew loyal to him.

Seconds before the outbreak of the battle, Obi-Wan and Adi Gallia arrives to the system,and make contact with Hondo, forming an alliance against the Sith brothers and their crew. Hondo accepts to take care of the traitors, while the Jedi fight the Sith. Just after this, Maul's gang arrives and in the ensuing battle many of the pirates are killed on both sides. However before Maul and Savage could join the fight the Jedi catch up to them, and they are forced to duel one-on-one. As Hondo's men are forced to retreat into the ruins of their base, Savage kills Adi Gallia, by impaling her on his horns, and stabbing the injured Master with his lightsaber. Obi-Wan now outnumbered, takes Gallia's lightsaber with him, barely escapes the brothers, and follows Hondo into the pirates fortress.


Using the few minutes break in the fighting, Hondo and Obi-Wan formulate a plan: While Hondo's loyal men prepare an ambush, Obi-Wan draws the brothers away from the pirates; instructing them to collapse a section of the tunnel with explosives to separate himself and the Sith from them. Hondo readily agrees and Obi-Wan proceeds to face the pair with both his own lightsaber and Gallia's. After a fierce battle, Kenobi is able to injure Opress's knee with a kick before severing his arm. This prompts Maul to break off the fight and retreat outside. Once outside, they encounter their pirate allies and attempt to rally them for a renewed assault. Hondo, however, has reconciled with his men after ambushing them and demonstrating that the Sith have no loyalty to them. They now intend to plunder Maul and Opress's ship and open fire on the brothers; forcing them into full retreat. Maul loses one of his cybernetic legs in the escape and is then carried by Opress. Despite this, the brothers still manage to reach their ship and take off when Maul delays the pursuing pirates and Obi-Wan by toppling the Jedi's shuttle from a plateau to cut them off. One of the pirates manages to disable one of the fleeing ship's engines with a rocket launcher and, suffering from his injuries, Opress instructs Maul to leave him behind. Both brothers, however, manage to barely escape the doomed vessel aboard an escape craft before it plunges back to the planet's surface.


Kenobi and Ohnaka proceed to search the wreckage- Hondo for salvageable wealth and Kenobi for evidence of Maul and Opress's deaths. Ohnaka and his men recover the safe previously obtained by the Sith but no trace of the brothers is found. Ohnaka concludes that they must have been vaporised in the crash but Kenobi remains unconvinced, noting Maul's return despite the severity of his injuries on Naboo. Back on Coruscant, Kenobi and the Jedi convene a meeting with Palpatine in which the Chancellor dismisses Kenobi's fears about Maul; reasoning that the Separatists pose a far greater threat. Yoda agrees with the Chancellor; cautioning Kenobi that his fixation on Maul is a personal matter. He reassures him, however, that if the Sith brothers reappear, the Jedi will be ready to oppose them. As they leave the office, Palpatine is shown to smile whilst seated at his desk behind them.


The escape pod of the ALC-9 drifts through unknown space when another ship docks with it. Inside, the door to the pod is cut open and Death Watch soldiers with Pre Vizsla and Bo-Katan enter. Vizsla finds Maul's lightsaber on the ground and Katan asks if they should eliminate them. Vizsla tells her not to as he wants to know their story. Both brothers were loaded into the Gauntlet and taken to the Death Watch camp on Zanbar. There, Vizsla ordered for his men to help the brothers in any way they could, giving Maul new robotic legs and Savage a robotic arm. Vizsla came into the room as Maul was regaining consciousness and began questioning him, learning that Obi-Wan Kenobi was responsible for destroying the brothers' ship and leaving them stranded in space.After Maul has fully healed, he is brought to the command tent where Vizsla is waiting for him. Maul notices the symbol on Vizsla's helmet and Vizsla reveals he is Pre Vizsla of Clan Vizsla and that he is a member of Death Watch. Maul listens as Vizsla rants on about how the New Mandalore and Duchess Satine are responsible for the Death Watch being pariahs to their planet. Maul questions why the Death Watch waits if Mandalore is weak and Vizsla reveals that Kryze has powerful friends, including Kenobi, who Vizsla also blames for the Death Watch exile. Vizsla begins to believe fate brought the two together and Maul agrees that it was the Will of the Force. Maul says he can help Death Watch reclaim Mandalore and kill Kenobi. Katan speaks out that she does not trust the Sith and Maul begins to Force-choke her. Maul promises that all of their enemies will fall if Death Watch allies itself with the Nightbrothers before he lets Katan go. Vizsla tells Maul to go back to his brother while the Death Watch votes.

Savage regains consciousness and destroys the droids that were working on him. Maul reenters the room and tells Savage they are in the care of Death Watch and that they will learn too late of their real plan. Vizsla and Katan come in and inform the two that Death Watch has agreed to form an alliance.

Vizsla takes Maul through the camp, observing the Death Watch soldiers. Maul says they are strong but will need an army. Maul decides that the army will begin by obtaining the loyalties of the Black Sun.

The Death Watch and brothers arrive on Mustafar to be met by Ziton Moj. He brings Maul, Savage, and Vizsla into the council chambers. Maul invites the Black Sun to join them but Xomit Grunseit refuses and tells his men to kill the brothers and Death Watch members and to take their weapons and ships. As Moj and the guards move in, Vizsla points his blaster at them while Maul makes it clear they have only one more chance. Grunseit still refuses so Savage hurls his lightsaber at the council and beheads all of them. With the choice now up to Moj, he agrees to join.

As the supplies are loaded onto the Death Watch ships, Vizsla finds Maul and attempts to give him a plan on how to take Mandalore. Maul states the army is not finished and that if Vizsla wants to hold the planet, he should listen to Maul. Vizsla reluctantly agrees.

Back on Zanbar, the new army spots several ships belonging to the Pyke Syndicate landing. Lom Pyke and his men exit their ships and tell Maul they know of the army he is building and does not want to oppose it. He joins and Vizsla declares that they are going to Nal Hutta.

The Shadow Collective lands at the Hutt Palace on Nal Hutta to speak with the Hutt Grand Council. In the council chamber, Maul, Savage, and Vizsla ask for the Hutt families to join them, promising to spare their lives in exchange for the Hutt territories and everything in them. The Hutts just laugh and Jabba calls for his bounty hunters. Sugi hurls a knife at Maul but it is stopped mid-throw by Opress. The knife is thrown back and the bounty hunters open fire. Maul and Opress cut through several guards while Vizsla sets fire to the council table with his flamethrower so they can have a head start. The bounty hunters chase after them.

Maul, Opress, and Vizsla arrive on the landing platform where a firefight starts. With assistance from Katan and her Night Owls, they are able to kill several of the guards and get the bounty hunters to retreat inside. This time, Maul and his followers chase them back in.

As more guards come to defend the palace, the brothers and Death Watch quickly cut though them. Sugi drops down from above and knocks Vizsla over before getting into a fight with Maul. Maul knocks her to the floor and begins swiping at her with his lightsaber, but she rolls out of the way with each strike. Embo gets into a fight with Savage while Marrok attacks Maul, knocking the lightsaber from his hands and saving Sugi. Savage continuously punches at Embo who uses his hat to block the punches but is still knocked to the ground. Vizsla pulls out his Darksaber and cuts down several guards. Maul manages to throw Marrok off when several smoke grenades are thrown. Latts Razzi and Dengar are at the end of the hall and yell for their companions to get out. Embo, Sugi, and Marrok follow them and Maul lets them go.

Maul goes to the Hutt Council Hall to find all the council members gone except for Oruba. Maul can not get any information out so he orders Savage to kill him and Oruba breaks, telling them to go to Tatooine. Maul is displeased that all he can give is the location of Jabba's Palace and Savage kills the frightened Hutt anyways.

The Shadow Collective travels to Tatooine and go to Jabba's Palace. They attack and kill most of Jabba's guards in the courtyard and proceed to the throne room where Jabba and Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo are. Jabba decides to join Maul's army.

Vizsla is happy that they now have enough forces to take Mandalore and Maul reveals that Mandalore will by Vizsla's but he will command a new underworld. Vizsla feels that he has been betrayed and finds Katan in the courtyard. He tells her that once they have Mandalore, they will kill Maul and Savage before walking off.

Conquest and Betrayal


  • Arc Welding: "Eminence" ties part of the Nightsisters and Brothers arc together with the Mandalore arc, forming an entirely new story arc.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Darth Maul and Vizsla form one in "Eminence", although Maul was plotting to use Vizsla from the start, and by the end of the episode, Vizsla is demoted to being The Starscream, plotting to betray Maul as soon as they've got back Mandalore.
  • Chess Master: In this story arc, Maul proves that he was a worthy apprentice of Sidious. Especially the Batman Gambit with which he gave a chess-mate to Vizsla was impressive.
  • Diabolical Master Mind: Maul becomes this after forcing the Hutts, the Black Sun, and the Pykes Syndicate under his rule. He's planning to build a new galactic underworld under the protection of Vizsla's Mandalore.
  • Downer Ending: The conclusion of this story arc throws one giant gut punch. All of Satine's work to keep Mandalore peaceful goes down the drain as it becomes engulfed in a civil war and is killed by Maul, Bo-Katan is left to free the planet from Maul's forces, and Sidious defeats Savage and Maul, killing the former and leaving the other to a fate worse than death.
  • Evil vs. Evil: This story arc presents numerous odds of Sith/Death Watch vs. criminals, Sith and Death Watch vs. each other, Death Watch vs. Death Watch, and ultimately Sith vs. Sith. Obi-Wan eventually gets involved in "The Lawless", but he ultimately cannot do anything to solve the situation.
  • Villain Protagonist: Maul, Savage, Vizsla, and Bo-Katan are the main characters of this story arc.
  • Villain Team-Up: Maul forms an allience with Death Watch and then proceeds to force several criminal organizations into joining them, forming the eponymous Shadow Collective.


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