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Recap / Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Geonosis Arc

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Warning! This story arc recap page contains unmarked spoilers! Read at your own peril!

List of episodes in this story arc

  1. "Senate Spy"
  2. "Landing at Point Rain"
  3. "Weapons Factory"
  4. "Legacy of Terror"
  5. "Brain Invaders"

Plot summary

The Republic finds a conspiracy to construct a new war factory. The battle returns to Geonosis, where the war began. But to protect the Republic, the deepest secrets of the planet must be unearthed.

Tropes across the entire arc:

  • Anachronic Order: This story arc chronologically takes place after the Zillo Beast arc.
  • Episode of the Dead: The Geonosis Arc turns into one of these as the arc approaches its final hours.
  • Marathon Level: This is easily the longest arc in the entire series, especially when it first came out as most arcs before never went beyond 3 episodes, and the arc itself having a total run time of 2 hours, just long enough to considered a feature film like the other films of the franchise. The closest we got to another Five-parter are the Four-parters introduced in season 4 and onward.
  • War Is Hell: The Geonosis Arc is essentially the Umbara Arc, except with Attack Of The Clones aesthetics. Which naturally means that lots of clones, droids and Geonosians die, several of the main characters are badly injured or incapacitated, and the raging violence showcases the fury of the Clone Wars, and seeing as this is an early part of the conflict, it provides a benchmark for how it will only get worse as the series goes on.