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Recap / Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ahsoka the Fugitive Arc

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Warning! This story arc recap page contains unmarked spoilers! Read at your own peril!

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Plot summary

While Anakin and Ahsoka are leading the battle to free Cato Neimoidia from the Separatist forces, someone commits a terrorist bombing in the Jedi Temple' hangar. Because there is a chance that a Jedi was behind it, the Council feels they can trust only someone who wasn't present at the Jedi Temple' hangar when the bomb went off. For this reason Anakin and Ahsoka are called back to investigate, aided by Russo-ISC, a crime scene anylyzer droid. Their investigation leads them to Jackar Bomanni, who wasn't seen since the bombing. Shortly after Anakin questioned Jackar's wife, who claimed her husband would never commit something like this, Russo discovers explosive nano-droids in the debris left in the bombed hangar. Following this clue, they soon discover what's left of Bomanni: one his hands, torn off by the explosion, his blood still filled with the nano-droids. Anakin and Ahsoka go to his address, examining his flat, where they find some nano-droids in the food disposal, leaving only one question: whether he ate them willingly, or did someone feed them to him, without his knowledge. Seconds later, Jackar's widow Letta returns, and the Jedi ask her to go with them, claiming that Jackar was involved in the bombing. By using Exact Words and I Never Said It Was Poison in combination, they corner Letta, who admits the she did feed the droids to her husband.

Once Letta is taken into custody, the Jedi attempt to return the Jedi Temple to normalcy, but they first bury the victims of the bombing. After the funeral, Anakin and Ahsoka discuss Letta's case with Admiral Tarkin and Barriss Offee. Ahsoka becomes quite upset, however, when Tarkin reveals that the military took over the investigation, her views clashing with the admiral's. Before the argument could become too heated however, Anakin interferes, reminding his Padawan that revenge is not the Jedi way, before parting ways. He remains with Tarkin, while he sends Ahsoka after Barriss to comfort her, because she lost a close friend in the attack. After sending her away, Anakin sighs that Ahsoka is still a child in many ways, a sentiment Tarkin agrees with.

Soon afterwards, a war-meeting is called, in the middle of which, Tarkin calls Ahsoka to the GAR HQ, because Letta requested to see her. Ahsoka agrees to see the prisoner, who once they're left alone reveals that a Jedi was the one who came up with the plan of the bombing, and she didn't reveal this earlier because she was afraid of that Jedi. However, before she could tell Ahsoka the name of the Jedi, she's choked to death by someone using the Force. Since Ahsoka was the only one in there, plus the holocam in the cell making misunderstandable records of Ahsoka waving around while Letta's levitated in the air, visibly incapable of breathing, and the audio recorders having been being disabled, the young Padawan becomes the prime suspect for not only of the murder, but for being the mastermind behind the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar as well. After Admiral Tarkin tells her this, he gives strict orders to the clones to not let anyone in to talk to her, not even her Master Anakin. A while later, Ahsoka discovers an abandoned keycard in front of the ray-shielded entrance of her cell, and assuming it was Anakin who left it there, she uses it to get out of the cell. Trying to escape, she soon runs into beaten up clones, with her lightsabers, and communicator lying between them. She tries to contact her anonymous "helper", but is interrupted by Commander Fox. Realizing what a misunderstandable situation she's gotten once again, Ahsoka runs for it, evading clones all around the prison. On the way she runs across three murdered clones, visibly cut down by lightsabers. Knowing that there's no way she could ever explain this, she continues with her escape, even when Anakin asks her to stop. After a prolonged chase involving gunships and dozens of clones, Anakin corners Ahsoka, and begs her to come back with him and trust him to help clear her name. Ahsoka however, realizing that she's been set up, can't trust anyone else besides Anakin. Knowing that no one else will believe her, she leaps onto a ship descending to the lower levels of Coruscant, determined to find out who's framing her.

In the lower levels, the police have been alerted to Ahsoka's presence and she is forced to bargain for a cloak to disguise herself. It doesn't work, as the police end up recognizing her and she's forced to escape a speeding train. After escaping further down, she's ambushed by Asajj Ventress, who initially wanted to turn her in for her bounty, but Ahsoka convinced her to work with her.

Meanwhile, Anakin returns to the Jedi Council, who dispatch him and Plo Koon with squads of clone troopers to search for Ahsoka in the lower levels. His gunship spots her and Ventress on one of the loading docks, and they're forced to flee. The clones catch up to them just as Ahsoka finished talking to Barriss, who told her about a munitions warehouse three floors away. Ahsoka and Ventress take down the clones without beating them up, before heading to the warehouse, where she and Ventress part ways. While Ahsoka explores the warehouse, Ventress heads back home, but is attacked along the way by a mysterious assailant, who takes her mask and lightsabers. The assailant makes their way to the warehouse and attacks Ahsoka, who believes the assailant to be Ventress. The assailant gets the better of Ahsoka and kicks her down into a warehouse full of nano-droid explosives. The Jedi and the clones find her there and stun her before she can explain herself, and her presence in the warehouse only further convinces others of her guilt.

Ahsoka is arrested and brought back to the Temple, where the Council intends to try her in accordance to Jedi tradition. However, Tarkin demands that she be tried in a Republic military court because clones were killed and because of the perception of bias if she was to be tried by the Jedi. The council reluctantly agrees, with only Obi-Wan raising an objection, and Ahsoka is expelled from the Jedi Order and turned over to the Republic military, much to Anakin's disbelief and anger.

Back inside the military prison, Ahsoka is visited in her cell by Anakin and Padmé, with the latter agreeing to defend her in court. She loudly proclaims to them her belief that she was set up by Ventress, prompting Anakin to head to the lower levels to search for her, while Padmé helps her work on her defense in the meantime.

Anakin catches up to Ventress in the lower levels and begins attacking her for setting up Ahsoka. Ventress claims that she is innocent, and that she and Ahsoka are not so different, having both been abandoned by those they saw as mentors. Meanwhile, Ahsoka's trial begins, with Chancellor Palpatine presiding over the trial and Tarkin prosecuting her and demanding the death penalty.

Down in the lower levels, Ventress explains herself to Anakin, stating that she was attacked after leaving Ahsoka at the warehouse, and that only a Jedi could have snuck up on her like that. She tells Anakin to look for her attacker by seeing if they possess her lightsabers. Anakin believes he's hit a dead end, as Ventress was the only person Ahsoka spoke to and she didn't provide anything useful. However, Ventress then mentions Ahsoka's conversation with Barriss, who directed them to the warehouse. Anakin returns to the Temple, but not before threatening to kill Ventress if she's lying.

At the trial, Padmé finishes up her defense of Ahsoka, by claiming that Letta's death by Force Choke would have too obviously given Ahsoka away if she was the real killer, so she couldn't have done it. However, Tarkin retorts by mentioning her meetings with Asajj Ventress, to which Ahsoka can only protest by saying they were looking for the real killer.

After heading back to the temple, Anakin goes to confront Barriss in her quarters. Quietly grabbing her lightsaber as he enters the room, he asks her what she said to Ahsoka and what she knows about the case. When Anakin mentions that he heard about the conversation with Ahsoka from Ventress, and that he believed Ventress to be innocent as well, Barriss quietly begins backing up towards a pot in the corner of the room. When Anakin suddenly ignites her lightsaber and swings it at her, she grabs Ventress's lightsabers out of the pot and ignites them to block the attack, revealing her to be the one who attacked Ventress. As Barriss and Anakin duelled through the temple, she justified her betrayal of the Jedi and Ahsoka by condemning the Jedi Council for their warmongering ways. Surrounded by the Jedi Temple Guards and Anakin, she jumps out the window, and they take their duel out to the courtyard, where the younglings were practicing with their training lightsabers. Anakin eventually subdues Barriss by disarming her, slamming her against a tree, and Force-choking her. Just as Palpatine is about to announce the verdict at the trial, Anakin bursts in with Barriss under guard, and she confesses to all the charges Ahsoka is accused of while justifying her attack by railing against the Jedi for losing their way over the course of the war.

Ahsoka is cleared of all charges and brought back to the Temple, where the council apologizes to her for how they treated her during the whole ordeal. Yoda offers to restore her to the Jedi Order, and Mace Windu states that the hardships she endured throughout to prove her innocence would qualify as her Great Trial, which would make her a full Jedi Knight. However, Ahsoka's trust in the Council has been destroyed, and she refuses their offer and decides to leave the Jedi Order. Anakin runs after her, trying to convince her to stay, and revealing to her his own struggles with whether or not to leave the Jedi. Ahsoka still declines, stating that she needed to deal with the issue on her own and revealing that she knows about Anakin's difficulties regarding his relationship with Padmé and the Jedi. With that, she leaves the Jedi Temple for the last time, walking down the steps into the sunset and an uncertain future.


  • Arc Villain: Barriss is the main antagonist of this story arc, being behind both the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar and framing of Ahsoka.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Barriss pretended to be Ahsoka's friend while framing her for terrorism and murder she herself committed.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Ahsoka gets her name cleared, but she still leaves the Jedi Order.
  • Black-and-Gray Morality: Letta and Barriss planned the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar, because they were digusted by how the Jedi have become warmongers, instead of keeping the peace.
  • Break the Cutie: Throughout this story arc, Ahsoka has been framed for multiple murders, terrorism, and sedition. The Jedi Council abandoned her, didn't even try to investigate her case, while the Republic Court was ready to sentence her to death. When she finds out who put her through all this, she understandably refuses Yoda's offer to return to the Order, even though the Council dubbed her a Knight, viewing the predicament she went through as her Jedi Trial.
  • Call-Back:
    • In the war-meeting scene, Obi-Wan mentions Saleucami, which is where "Grievous Intrigue" and "The Deserter" took place.
    • "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much":
      • Ahsoka and Barriss recall when they were stuck inside a tank under the rubble in "Weapons Factory".
      • Also, the fact that Rex seriously considered it possible for Ahsoka to have killed three clones might sound strange at first, but when you remember what General Krell put him through back in the Umbara arc, it's understandable that he wasn't willing to take risks.
    • The ending of "The Wrong Jedi" gives a nice contrast to "Wookiee Hunt": During both story arcs, Ahsoka had been separated from Anakin, and then they got reunited thanks to the aid of unexpected allies. "Wookiee Hunt" ends with Anakin and Ahsoka walking back to the Temple side-by-side, with Yoda smiling proudly. "The Wrong Jedi" ends with Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Temple and Anakin, with Yoda casting his eyes down in shame. Both scenes took place during sunset.
  • Call-Forward:
  • The Chessmaster: Barriss Offee. She was the mastermind behind the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar. First, she convinced Letta to feed explosive nanodroids to her husband, who worked in the Temple, using him as the bomb. When evidence led back to Letta (purely by chance), she had arranged for Letta to ask Ahsoka for help, at which point Barriss Force-choked her while Ahsoka was in the room to pin suspicion on her. Then she arranged for Ahsoka's escape, knowing that she was looking for proof of her innocence. Barriss pretended to provide that proof in order to frame Ahsoka for the bombing as well, in the process stealing Ventress' lightsabers and Cool Helmet to deflect the suspicions of anyone who might believe Ahsoka's story. Were it not for the fact that Anakin decided to hear Ventress out, her plan would have worked perfectly.
  • Clear My Name: Ahsoka's reason for escaping the prison, is that she knows no one would believe her, and she has to proove her innocence on her own. It backfires rather badly.
  • Doomed by Canon: It was clear from the beginning that something would remove Ahsoka from the picture by Revenge of the Sith and this story arc is ultimately what happened.
  • Easily Condemned: Almost everyone is quick to believe that Ahsoka is a terrorist.
  • Frame-Up: Ahsoka is framed for terrorism, murder and sedition, none of which she committed.
  • Hypocrite: Barriss was disgusted by how the Jedi have become warmongers and, as she put it, "an army fighting for the Dark Side". How did she fight against this? With terrorism, deception and betrayal, the exact methods the Dark Side favors. She also claimed every Jedi should be tried, yet she framed Ahsoka specifically to avoid being caught. She at least seems to acknowledge it when she says that she kept Ventress' lightsabers because she felt that they suited her. Red lightsabers are usually seen as the signs of a darksider.
  • Inspector Javert: Tarkin took on this role, with him trying everything to make sure Ahsoka is the one convicted, not even bothering to investigate the possibility of a Frame-Up.
  • Mythology Gag: "To Catch a Jedi" takes place almost entirely in the Coruscant underworld. The levels visited are 1312 and 1315. Most locations on 1312 look suspicously similar to locations on Level 1313.
  • Not Helping Your Case: Ahsoka in her quest to prove her innocence, digs herself deeper and deeper into the poodoo. In addition to apparently murdering Letta, and bombing the Temple, following her escape from the prison, Ahsoka is also accused of murdering six clone officers. Then she's seen working with Asajj Ventress, a known ex-Separatist war-criminal, and they even attacked the clone troopers attempting to arrest them. Finally, she's found in the company of the exact same type of nano-droids, which were used to bomb the Temple.
  • Not-So-Omniscient Council of Bickering: The Jedi Council has descended into this during this arc.
  • Shout-Out: Quite a few of them:
  • Theme Naming: The episode titles of this story arc are Shout Outs to four of Alfred Hitchcock's movies: "Sabotage", "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much", "To Catch a Jedi" and "The Wrong Jedi".