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Recap / Star Wars Resistance S2E6 "From Beneath"

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This episode aired November 10, 2019.

Kaz, Torra, CB-23, Flix and Orka take a shuttle from the Colossus down to the planet Drahgor III, where Flix's family runs a fuel refinery, since the Colossus is low on fuel and will be stranded if it can't get some more. Flix remarks that he can't even recognize his homeworld anymore thanks to the severe storms enveloping the planet, which damages the shuttle, resulting in Torra making a rough landing on the refinery's pad. Meanwhile, Flix tells Orka he's not happy about going back home, since he didn't leave on good terms and he doesn't think they'll welcome him with open arms. When Kaz asks Flix about his family giving them fuel for free, Flix notes that "free" isn't in the Gozzo vocabulary, but he's confident he can work something out.


Walking around, they note that the place is very quiet, and Kaz wonders if everyone is inside. On cue, an elevator ascends from below and discharges four Gozzo, whose discussion about drilling down to where "the money is" goes quiet when they see Flix, who says hi. The leader of the group is Flix's cousin Flanx, whose been in charge ever since Flix's uncle Floog retired, and who smugly notes that he's been waiting for this day, thinking that Flix has come back on his feathery belly to beg for work, having left long ago to become a cantina singer, something Orka tells Kaz they don't talk about anymore. Flix explains he's here for fuel, something he's entitled to as a member of the flock, which causes his cousins to laugh, assuming that he's here because he wants in on the family's big windfall. Flix has no idea what Flanx is on about. When Flanx explains that they've hit a huge pocket of fuel ready for refining by deep-core drilling, Flix is appalled, pointing out that there's a reason the family used to never be allowed to go down that far.


On cue, the ground shakes and there's a roar, which Flix points out is the probable result of drilling down so deep: they've woken the dragon. As Kaz attempts to ask what Flix mean, Flanx laughs the statement off, retorting that the dragons don't exist anymore on this barren planet, and it was probably the drill getting stuck. After Flanx discovers the drill is also offline, Kaz offers to help fix the drill in exchange for fuel and supplies. As Flix tries to tell Kaz that he doesn't know what he's getting into, Flanx insists that Flix and Kaz's other friends help too, or there's no deal.

As the elevator descends into the dark and fog, Flanx is glad to see him back on the job, but Flix is still incredulous that his family is disregarding the legends of the carnex dragon. Flanx retorts that there's no life left on Drahgor III except for Gozzo, so there's no need to believe in old legends. When Orka and Kaz ask for more information, Flix explains that the old Gozzo elders warned of a race of majestic dragons that lived in the depths, and that this is why they should never do deep-core drilling lest they be awakened. Then Kaz and Torra see something in the fog. As unsettling noises echo around them, Flix stops the elevator. A dark shape is seen moving, before Flix orders everyone to stay still. The elevator begins slowly sliding downwards, before rubble falling from above knocks it into freefall.


When the elevator eventually stops, the ramp opens and the toolbox they brought along falls into the depths. Torra quickly orders everyone to grab onto the track, and leads the way in climbing out of the car. As the car continues to slip, Kaz tries to hold the lever to keep it in place, but only Torra and Orka are able to grab onto the track before the lever fails and sends the car into freefall again. Seeing lights below, Kaz orders CB-23, Flix and Flanx to jump when he says, and slows the car by pushing at the lever again before ordering everyone to jump. As everyone lands safely, the runaway car smashes through the ground and continues on. Flanx isn't too happy about the situation, but Kaz gets a call from Torra, who tells him that she and Orka are "hanging in there"... literally, on the elevator track. As Torra begins the long climb back up to get the shuttle, Flanx and Flix begin arguing, since Flanx still refuses to believe in the existence of the dragons.

Kaz, forced to circle around to meet the others at the drill, encounters a dragon, which doesn't see him because he was frozen still in fear and leaves, to his considerable relief. When Flix and Flanx fix the drill, Kaz comes running up and tells them about the dragon. Flanx is still skeptical, only to be frozen in horror when the creature appears. As everyone runs, Flanx is captured by the dragon, which proves resistant to blaster fire when CB finds Kaz a weapon. The dragon hauls Flanx into the borehole, and Kaz, Flix and CB follow to rescue him.

Up top, when Torra and Orka finally reach the refinery, Flix's cousins are indecisive and unwilling to let them leave without Flanx's say-so. This prompts Orka to lay down the law on the three Gozzo, making it clear that he and Torra will be taking the shuttle down to rescue everyone, and they will get the fuel they need when they get back. The cousins are impressed as the shuttle flies down into the depths, with one remarking that he can see why Flix likes that guy.

Down below, Kaz and CB use bright lights to stun the dragon and allow Flanx to escape from its mouth, as everyone runs back to the drill area pursued by the creature. Upon arriving, they discover there are three dragons loose, and as everyone stands frozen in fear, Kaz whispers to the cousins not to move because he thinks the dragons can't see people standing still. Flix eventually volunteers to distract the dragons while Kaz goes and switches on the lights, and the cousins run off. The lights help against the creatures momentarily, but they begin knocking them over with their tails. Fortunately, Torra and Orka arrive with the shuttle's running lights up, driving the three dragons back into the depths. Flanx decides to make things right by using the drill's lasers to collapse the mouth of the borehole, sealing the creatures away again.

Back at the refinery, Flanx announces to his cousins that the dragons are real, so all deep-core drilling will cease immediately. Flix and Flanx part on better terms, with the shuttle loaded with the fuel the Colossus needs.


  • Captain Obvious: Kaz feels the need to explain to Torra that the Colossus will be stranded in space if they can't get any more fuel when she wonders if the weather is too dangerous to continue heading for the refinery.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • Kaz accidentally discovers that the dragons can't see people if they stand still, which he and the others use later when they run into a whole kin of them.
    • During a scuffle with a dragon, CB flashes a light at the dragon, so they later use lights to distract the dragons while they escape from the pit.
  • Coming in Hot: At the beginning, the shuttle Torra is flying is damaged by severe weather while passing through Drahgor III's atmosphere, before making a rough landing on the pad at the refinery.
  • Continuity Nod: Torra and Orka arrive in the shuttle with the lights on, driving away light-sensitive creatures threatening people they're there to rescue.
  • A Day in the Limelight: For Flix.
  • Dug Too Deep: Flix's family accidentally awakens underground dragons while drilling for fuel in the deep core.
    Flix: What!? You've been deep-core drilling? You know we're never allowed to go down that far!
  • Eaten Alive: Nearly happens to Flanx, with him even being inside the dragon's mouth, before Kaz, Flix and CB-23 rescue him.
  • Elevator Failure: The elevator down to the mine is damaged by dragons while Kaz and company are riding down, and although Torra and Orka manage to escape to the track carrying it, the car is sent into freefall again while everyone else is still onboard.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: Flanx automatically assumes that Flix came back for fuel because he heard about the family's big windfall. Flix has no idea what he's talking about.
  • Greed: Flanx decided to do deep-core drilling, something old tales explicitly warned against due to the danger, in order to get more fuel and more money. He assumes that Flix's return is because he wants in on the windfall, too.
  • Immune to Bullets: The dragons are unaffected by blaster fire, even when Kaz manages to get one of them in the eye.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: Torra's reaction to landing a shuttle roughly at the refinery is to suggest that she and Kaz never tell Yeager, her father, or anyone about it.
  • Living Motion Detector: The dragons can't see living things if they stand still.
  • Meet The Inlaws: While it's kept to subtext, Flix's family meets Orka, his partner. They're not too impressed at first, but after he yells at them all to get moving and that he's gonna save Flix no matter what, the cousins approve greatly and say that they now know what Flix sees in him.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Flix is horrified when he learns that Flanx's new pocket of fuel was discovered via deep-core drilling, something that other members of the family had made clear was too dangerous. He's then proven right by the ground shaking and a loud roaring.
    • Flanx is utterly horrified when he sees one of the dragons and realizes that the old legends were true.
  • Old Shame: In-universe. Flix originally left his home in hopes of becoming a cantina singer. Obviously, those plans didn't pan out and he would rather not talk about it, although he's not afraid to boast that he has good pipes.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Karnex dragons are large, serpentine predators that dwell deep in the underground.
  • Pun: While hanging onto the elevator track with Orka, Torra calls up Kaz to tell him that they're "hanging in there".
  • Shout-Out: The dragons can't see you if you stand still.
  • Sycophantic Servant: Flix and Flanx's cousins are too inept to make decisions without Flanx's leadership.
  • Tempting Fate: Flix hopes that his uncle is around, because he'd help him out. Moments later, it's revealed that Floog, the uncle in question, retired and left Flix's smug, condescending cousin Flanx in charge, who is not inclined to help out a cousin he looks down upon.
  • We Need a Distraction: Flix offers to distract the dragons while Kaz goes and turns on the lights around the drilling area.