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Recap / Star Wars Resistance S1E5 "The Children from Tehar"

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This episode aired November 4, 2018.

Kaz enters the repair shop as Tam and Neeku are working on installing an acceleration compensator on the Fireball. Tam turns down Kaz's offer of assistance on the basis that it requires more finesse than he's shown himself capable of, but changes her mind when it comes time to tighten three bolts simultaneously. However, Kaz misinterprets her direction of which way to turn his wrench, accidentally breaking the part. He tries to apologize to a furious Tam, promising to get her a new compensator, as she throws tools at him as he flees the shop. At Aunt Z's, Kaz laments that his financial situation is so poor that he can't even afford a full cup of water, Neeku having to chip in, so he'll never be able to afford a new compensator, since it's a rare and expensive part. Just then, Kaz overhears a Gotal and a Rodian talking about a reward of 20,000 credits being offered for two missing children. He persuades Neeku to help him find the kids so he can get the reward and buy Tam a new compensator, since it's also the right thing to do.


At the marketplace, an Ugnaught vendor argues with a customer over the fact that he's not allowing her to have two bowls of soup. Hiding among the crates behind them, the two missing children, Kel and Eila, spot the bowls of food, and Kel steals one before he and his sister sneak off. When the blue alien leaves, the vendor turns to discover that a bowl is missing, and, furious, sets off in search of the thieves. The siblings sit behind crates and eat, only to be caught by the vendor, forcing them to flee. The soup vendor ends up crashing into Bolza Grool and getting a gorg on his face, as the children flee back the other way and run over Kaz, Neeku and BB-8. Kaz tells them he's trying to help, but they flee.

After Kaz mentions that they need more eyes looking for the kids, Neeku introduces Kaz to his friends, the Chelidae that serve as the Colossus' engineers. Kaz isn't too impressed, especially since they seem to be sleeping because of their ability to slow down their vital signs. Upon leaving, they're met by 4D-M1N, who tells Kaz Captain Doza wants to see him. Nervous, Kaz, Neeku and BB-8 are escorted up to Doza's office in the tower. Kaz explains that he wants to find the kids for the reward money, and doesn't get Doza's point when he insinuates about who would be offering that much reward money. After giving Doza the piece of wood with a symbol on it that fell off Kel's wristband, Kaz and Neeku are escorted out. Doza contacts Captain Phasma, and says that in the interests of keeping relations with the First Order civil, he'd like to give her some information. He asks who the children are, and Phasma claims they're members of a high-ranking non-military First Order family. After Doza says the children were seen on the Colossus, Phasma responds that she'll dispatch agents. Doza makes it clear that he wants those agents to respect his laws, and Phasma signs off.


Kel and Eila are hiding in a service duct, and Eila reveals she thinks her leg is broken. They both miss their home, and Eila hopes they can both stay away from him. Just then, a shadow looms up. At the repair shop, Tam isn't happy when Kaz returns empty-handed, as he insists he'll get her a compensator. Neeku interrupts when he gets a call on his comlink from the Chelidae, who have found the children. Before Kaz can leave, Tam hands him the heavy compensator with a demand that he match up the specs exactly for the new one he's promised her. Upon returning to engineering, the Chelidae show Kaz and Neeku the children. Kel isn't happy about the situation, and when Kaz explains he just wants to help them get home safe so they won't be missing anymore, Eila explains they're not missing, they're runaways. The siblings explain that their homeworld, Tehar, was attacked by a man in black named Kylo Ren and his army, and they survived by stowing away on starships until they came here. Kaz realizes they must be running from the First Order, and promises to make sure they're never found. However, Eila needs medicine for her broken leg and a fever.


A First Order shuttle arrives at the platform. In the marketplace, Kaz notes that they won't be able to bring Eila to a proper medcentre since that requires ID, but Kel leads them to a herb vendor, where, despite Kaz's skepticism, he picks out some supplies. Neeku pays for it, and at Kaz's surprise, says that money should be spent on the necessities of life. As they're walking away, they overhear Commander Pyre and some stormtroopers interrogating another vendor as to the whereabouts of the children. The three boys, and BB-8, flee through a chute to a lower level, but they are seen, and Pyre and his troopers follow through more conventional means.

They get to engineering with the troopers hot on their tail, and Kaz knows it's only a matter of time before the First Order gets through the doors. As the bag of herbs is used as a compress for Eila's leg, Kaz has an idea. He tries to open a grate leading to a drop to the ocean below, and Neeku wonders if Kaz expects them all to fall to their deaths. When Pyre and company enter, they see Kel and Eila standing by the hole, and Pyre orders them to come with him. Kel refuses the offer, before he and his sister jump backwards through the hole. Pyre and his troopers run forward to see them splash into the ocean, and a scan reveals two fading lifesigns in the water. Their mission complete, Pyre contacts Phasma and tells her the children are dead, which pleases her. She orders him and his troopers to return to base. In the engineering corridors below the floor, Kel and Eila are safe and sound, with Kaz, Neeku, BB-8 and some Chelidae. Kaz asks if the two shellfolk who fell into the ocean will be okay, and Neeku points out they simply slowed down their vital signs. The two Chelidae surface, perfectly unharmed. Neeku tells the siblings that the Chelidae have offered to let them stay with them for as long as they want. Best of all, Tam's compensator has been repaired, so Kaz doesn't have to buy a new one.

At the repair shop, Tam is pleasantly surprised by the repaired compensator, and Kaz simply says he has some friends. She's surprised he actually has friends on the Colossus, and jokingly asks him what other secrets he's keeping from her. Kaz awkwardly claims he doesn't have any, as he's the most straightforward guy on the platform, before excusing himself as he has something to do. Reporting in to the Resistance, Kaz is surprised to see Ello Asty answer, and asks for Poe, only to be told Poe is off on another mission. Kaz is embarrassed, noting that of course he's not the only spy, and tells Ello about the children and the massacre on Tehar. Ello remarks the planet must be in the Unknown Regions, since he's never heard of it. Kaz adds that the kids told him the First Order army was led by Kylo Ren, and asks if that's in any way important. Ello says that General Organa will want to hear about this right away, and tells Kaz he did good work, before they sign off.


  • Beneath Notice: Neeku's friends, the Chelidae, act as maintenance workers and custodians for the station. They seem slow and unassuming, but they have eyes and ears everywhere.
  • Better to Die than Be Killed: Kel expresses this sentiment before he and his sister apparently jump to their deaths.
  • Blatant Lies:
    • When Captain Doza asks Phasma who the missing children are, she claims that they're from a high-ranking First Order family. Doza points out the symbol Kel was wearing doesn't look First Order, and Phasma specifies that they're from a non-military family. After Phasma signs off, Doza's skepticism is quite clear.
    • When Tam thanks Kaz after he gives her the repaired compensator, she notes that he's full of surprises and wonders what other secrets he's hiding. Kaz awkwardly claims that he's the most straightforward guy on the Colossus before swiftly excusing himself.
  • Brick Joke: When Neeku brings Kaz and BB-8 to the maintenance room for the first time, BB-8 takes the time to slowly roll down each step, being a ball and all. Later in the climax when they flee to the maintenance room, BB-8 rolls down the stairs too fast and it goes as well as you'd expect.
  • Call-Back: Just like in "The Triple Dark", Kaz, BB-8 and company escape from the marketplace area via a chute, only this time deliberately.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Neeku explains to Kaz that the Chelidae can enter a state of dormancy at will. In the climax, Kaz gets them to use this to fake Kel and Eila's deaths, as the Chelidae's vitals slow down and can be mistaken for death on the First Order's scanners.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Captain Phasma claiming that Kel and Eila are children from a high-ranking non-military First Order family is reminiscent of the background of Jo Jerjerrod from Join the Resistance.
    • When he meets Kaz for the first time, Doza recognizes him as the pilot who challenged his daughter Torra to a race in "The Recruit".
    • Ello and Kaz's conversation at the end mentions that Poe is on other missions and that there are other Resistance spies besides Kaz, referencing the plot of the Poe Dameron comic.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Kel and Eila just happen to be on the Colossus right when Kaz hears about the bounty on them. Neeku lampshades the unlikeliness by pointing out that the odds of Kaz finding the kids on the Colossus is equal to winning the platform lottery. Twice.
  • Ear Ache: Tam grabs Kaz by the ear again briefly.
  • Elite Mooks: This episode introduces Commander Pyre, a gold-armoured stormtrooper and subordinate to Captain Phasma.
  • Faking the Dead: Kaz gets the First Order off Kel and Eila's backs by doing this, with the assistance of Neeku and the Chelidae.
  • Internal Reveal: Kaz tells Ello about Kylo Ren leading the First Order's army.
  • Leave No Witnesses: Kel and Eila are the only witnesses to the genocide of their homeworld by Kylo Ren and the First Order. The Order wants them captured or killed because of it.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Kaz when he proves Tam's worries that he would break her accelerator correct.
    • Kaz reaching into his jacket pocket to show Captain Doza the piece of wood that Kel dropped causes one of Captain Doza's security droids to mistake him for pulling out a blaster, so it starts approaching him menacingly from behind. Kaz realizes how bad this looks and raises his hands above his heads out of innocence. Captain Doza has it stand down.
    • Kaz, Neeku, and Kel's reaction when they see that First Order agents are on the Colossus looking for them.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: After the events of the previous episode, Captain Doza is suspicious of Kaz. He suspects that Kaz's interest in the two missing kids has something to do with the First Order, but Kaz doesn't learn of the First Order's involvement until later and Captain Doza doesn't buy that Kaz is interested because he wants to help the kids and needs the money.
  • Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!: Since Captain Doza has reason to believe Kaz has an ulterior motive, he doesn't believe that Kaz is after the two kids just out of the goodness of his heart (and for the money).
  • Tantrum Throwing: Tam is furious when Kaz accidentally breaks the compensator, and throws tools at him until he flees the shop.
  • They Know Too Much: The children are the last survivors of Tehar, and are being hunted so they won't reveal the First Order's atrocities to anyone else.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Once Kaz is told Captain Doza wants to see him, he is understandably nervous, believing he's in huge trouble.
  • Unspoken Plan Guarantee: Kaz's plan to fake Kel and Eila's death to get the First Order off their backs isn't revealed until after it's been successfully enacted.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Commander Pyre is planning to kill Kel and Eila once he catches them, and has no problem when he thinks they're dead.
  • Your Other Left: Tam tells Kaz to tighten the bolt on the compensator to the left. However, Kaz misinterprets which left she means, breaking the part.


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