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Recap / Star Wars Resistance S1E4 "The High Tower"

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This episode aired October 28, 2018.

It's nighttime on the Colossus, and the power goes out. This causes Kaz to fall off the Fireball, which he was working on, and land on Bucket. As he apologizes to the droid, an unsympathetic Tam rights Bucket. Neeku, meanwhile, is enthusiastic about Team Fireball's new comlinks, since it means he can talk to Kaz all the time. Kaz and Tam aren't impressed when Neeku causes earsplitting feedback by bringing the two active comlinks too close together. Captain Doza then makes an announcement over the PA system that fuel will be rationed for the next 100 hours, resulting in low power. Kaz, Tam and Neeku decide they might as well go to Aunt Z's.


At the tavern, Aunt Z fills Kaz in on her belief that Captain Doza is deliberately causing the power shortages because he's with the First Order, especially because of suspicious nighttime visitors. This arouses Kaz's suspicions. He asks Tam and Neeku what they know, which isn't much. Hype Fazon makes a surprise appearance at the tavern, much to Tam's irritation, and she reveals he used to be friends with her before he became an Ace. She says that being an Ace isn't all it's cracked up to be, and is dangerous, since they have to escort shipments and defend the station as well. Kaz goes over to talk to Hype, who remembers him from his race with Torra, and eventually discovers that Hype has come down because he never helps bring in shipments from the First Order. Making up an excuse that he needs to recharge BB-8, who obligingly pretends to be low on power, Kaz leaves.


Outside, Freya Fenris, Bo Keevil and Griff Halloran escort a freighter to the Colossus. Kaz, watching, notes the ship doesn't appear to be First Order, only to be suddenly joined by Tam and Neeku. Seeing the Aces fly by, Tam guesses that Kaz wanted to observe them in order to improve his racing standing. He quickly agrees with her. When the freighter's door opens, Major Vonreg and several stormtroopers exit, and Kaz wonders why the First Order is coming to the station. Tam points out that they're allowed there, the same as anyone else. Kaz expresses a wish to know what the First Order wants, and Neeku, thinking he has a good idea, wanders off to go ask them precisely that. When Kaz and Tam realize what he's doing, they chase after him. Neeku, when he approaches the stormtroopers, fortunately is only told that he doesn't have authorization and subsequently ignored. Kaz confiscates Neeku's comlink as he, Tam and BB-8 head off, irritated.


Kaz is still searching for a way up to Doza Tower, and asks Tam about her friendship with Hype. She recounts some details, bitterly, and begins to list off the things she doesn't like about him... as Kaz tries to warn her that Hype is approaching from behind. He tells Tam he saw her at Aunt Z's earlier, and invites her and Kaz up to the Aces Lounge, an offer that Kaz immediately accepts. In the lounge, Kaz sees Vonreg and the stormtroopers going through a door, and looks for a way to slip off. He finds one when Hype and Tam get into an argument about the sorry state of the Fireball, as Hype thinks that Tam will never get to be a proper racer with that kind of a ship. When Tam decides to leave, she does it alone, wondering where Kaz disappeared off to.

Kaz can't get into the room that the First Order entered, so he sticks one of the comlinks he's carrying onto the tray of a serving droid and eavesdrops. In the room, Captain Doza's office, Major Vonreg insists that Doza accept the First Order's assistance in fending off pirate attacks. He claims pirates are getting better-armed, and the Aces won't be able to hold them off forever. Doza notes the clear coercion, and says he could report it to the New Republic, but Vonreg points out that the First Order could in turn report Doza's illegal dealings with criminals. The meeting ends at a stalemate, and Kaz hides behind the doorframe as Vonreg and his troops leave. Unfortunately, his presence is given away by the feedback between the two active comlinks, and Kaz is forced to flee as Vonreg orders him captured.

As he's been separated from BB-8, Kaz doesn't know what to do. Eventually, he dodges through an open door that a droid is exiting, only to find himself in Torra Doza's bedroom. Torra assumes he's there because he has a crush on her, which hasn't even occurred to Kaz. She tells him her father will kill him if he finds Kaz there, and when the stormtroopers bang on the door, she ushers him out of the window and closes it. Torra is surprised when the intruders turn out to be stormtroopers, but they leave after not seeing Kaz, who's standing, petrified, on the narrow ledge beneath the window.

Kaz is forced to make his way carefully along the ledge. As he's doing this, he's spotted by Neeku, in Aunt Z's Tavern with Tam. As more of the tavern's patrons become aware of the sight outside, Aunt Z begins taking bets on whether or not Kaz will fall, while Tam is astounded at the situation her coworker has gotten himself into. After making one jump between ledges, Kaz comes to a larger gap, and is psyching himself up to do it when the stormtroopers find him and start shooting. Kaz makes the jump, and eventually makes it to a lower level with a door while the people in Aunt Z's watch in awe. He finally makes it to a door which opens, courtesy of BB-8, and gets inside, where, in private, he tells BB-8 about what he overheard Vonreg and Doza talking about. The two resolve to report this to Poe.

Doza, having overheard the commotion, asks Vonreg what was going on, and is incredulous when told of a spy. Torra arrives and says the intruder was just one of her friends, who got lost on his way out. Doza backs her up, and claims that he knows everything that goes on at the Colossus, irritated at slander against one of his citizens. Vonreg and his troopers leave. When Kaz meets up with Tam and Neeku back at the shop, he claims he simply ran into the First Order personnel in a restricted area, and that he's come to the conclusion the Aces Lounge isn't what it's cracked up to be. Tam smiles and tells him to get back to work, as the power comes back on and Kaz returns Neeku's comlink. In his office, Captain Doza pulls up a security camera image of Kaz, and wonders who he is.


  • Absentee Actor: Yeager is nowhere to be seen.
  • Accidental Pervert: As Kaz tries to evade Major Vonreg, he ends up in none other than Torra Doza's room, of all places, and Kaz knows how bad this looks. At least Torra didn't take him for some creep.
  • Blackmail: When Captain Doza remarks that he could report the First Order's attempts at coercion to the New Republic, Major Vonreg retorts that they could report Doza's dealings with the criminal underworld, which violate several trade embargoes.
  • Chekhov's Gun: At the beginning of the episode, Neeku gives a comlink to Kaz, and Kaz warns him not to get too close while their comlinks are on or else the frequency will get messed up and create a loud sound. Kaz later confiscates Neeku's, and uses it to bug a servant droid going to Major Vonreg and Captain Doza's meeting. Kaz's cover gets blown afterwards when the servant droid walks past him while both comlinks are on, producing a loud noise again.
  • Continuity Nod:
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?:
    • The people on the Colossus know that Captain Doza might be making shady dealings with the First Order, but they don't care because they don't see it as their problem. And as we know, this kind of apathy to address the First Order before they develop into a larger threat leads into exactly that.
    • The way Torra politely declines Kaz sounds like she is putting him in the friend zone. Except the thought of dating her hadn't even crossed Kaz's mind to begin with.
  • Downer Ending: The power comes back on quicker than expected, but Kaz knows that it's because the First Order is slowly taking over the Colossus. Worst of all, he's made an enemy in Captain Doza, which might force him to reconsider the deal.
  • Facepalm: Kaz, when Neeku's literal-mindedness strikes again and he approaches the First Order personnel to ask them what they're doing there. Fortunately it doesn't get him killed.
  • Easily Forgiven: Mistaking Kaz for being into her and sneaking around to visit her, Torra takes it rather well and instead says that it's her father he's got to worry about.
  • He Is Not My Boyfriend: It's quite subtle in this instance. Torra thinks Kaz having feelings for her is the reason why he went into her room, and Kaz can't tell her that's not the case. Then, Torra is forced to give the "just friends" excuse (without knowing what was really going on) to get Vonreg off their backs.
  • He Went That Way: Torra tries to do this when the stormtroopers come into her room to get them away from the window, but it doesn't work as there's no way Kaz could have gotten out of her room via the door without the troopers seeing.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: The stormtroopers' shooting accuracy (or lack thereof) is on fine display in this episode. While Kaz makes it difficult for them by remaining a moving target, the sheer amount of shots he avoids (most of which are near misses) is rather embarrassing for the troopers.
  • Metaphorically True: At the end, Kaz tells Tam and Neeku that he wound up on the outside of Doza Tower with stormtroopers chasing him because he entered a restricted area. Which is technically correct...
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Kaz has to go platform-jumping outside Doza Tower to escape from the First Order while they're shooting at him. Unlike many other characters that we've seen do this without any trouble, he's not Force-sensitive or particularly athletic, so he has trouble doing it, but it manages to work out. Everyone at Aunt Z's find his stunt amusing and impressive.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: When Torra lightly turns down Kaz when she mistakes him for sneaking in to make out with her, she caresses his face. Kaz is surprised by this.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Kaz, while running from Vonreg, ends up in Torra's quarters, making it almost look like he's a Stalker with a Crush. He is unable to convince her, but she's relaxed about it and lets him escape.
  • Poster-Gallery Bedroom: Torra's room is full of posters and toys.
  • The Precarious Ledge: Kaz is forced to traverse narrow ledges on the side of Doza Tower after going out of Torra's window while fleeing Major Vonreg and his troops.
  • The Reveal:
    • Tam and Hype were friends, until Hype ditched her for the Aces.
    • Captain Doza has made shady dealings with the criminal underworld, which the First Order threatens to reveal if he rats them out to the New Republic.
    • The First Order is offering Captain Doza their protection to the Colossus, as long as he gives them the station.
  • Right Behind Me: Tam is listing to Kaz all the ways she dislikes Hype Fazon when the man himself approaches from behind, as Kaz tries to silently warn her and fails.
  • Ship Sinking: When she finds Kaz in her room and mistakes it for something else, Torra makes it clear that she has no romantic feelings for him. Kaz's complete confusion at what she's implying, and him being weirded out by her touching him, makes it pretty clear the absence of feelings is mutual.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That:
    • When Tam and Neeku find Kaz on the observation platform watching the shipment arrive, Tam sees its Ace escort fly by and assumes that Kaz lied about where he was going because he wanted to get as much information on them as possible to improve his racing standings. Kaz goes along with it.
    • Kaz accidentally stumbles into Torra's room while running from Vonreg and his men. Torra assumes that he's here because he wanted to make out with her. Kaz just goes with it since it gives him a cover story, and he doesn't have time to say otherwise anyway. She at least changes it to Kaz being a friend and having gotten lost trying to visit her.
  • Title Drop: Aunt Z explains why she thinks Captain Doza is deliberately causing power shortages on the Colossus:
    "Because he's one of them, sittin' up there in his high tower. He has power. We don't."
  • Truce Zone: Tam says that members of all factions are allowed to come to the Colossus and do business.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Tam and Hype. They both dreamed of becoming ace pilots and living in Doza Tower, but only Hype managed to achieve it, and he left Tam in the cold instead of staying or helping her.
  • You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!: Tam speaks the phrase aloud when Neeku notices Kaz parkouring on the ledges of Doza Tower while stormtroopers shoot at him.


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