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Recap / Star Wars Rebels S4E01 "In the Name of the Rebellion"

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The Ghost crew embarks on a dangerous mission to covertly hijack an Imperial communication post, but Saw Gerrera has other ideas.

Tropes in this episode include:

  • Aerial Canyon Chase: Gelendi is covered in massive stone towers that rise above the clouds. The Ghost uses these to avoid and destroy a pair of TIE Defenders, flying below the cloud cover with Kanan guiding the ship.
  • At Least I Admit It: When Mothma calls Saw a criminal.
    Saw: The Empire considers both of us criminals. At least I act like one.
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  • Back for the Dead: Commander (formerly Admiral) Brom Titus is back, just in time to have his cruiser blown up when Saw takes out the communications relay.
  • Badass Boast: General Dodonna asks if the Ghost can sneak in and out of the mission target's world undetected, to which Hera says that there's a reason why her ship has that name.
    Hera: We don't call it the Ghost for nothing.
  • Being Personal Isn't Professional: Hera shuts down any debate Ezra and Sabine have for destroying the array rather than hacking it, firmly telling them they have their orders and that's that. When Kanan talks to her in private, however, she admits to not fully believing what she's saying at times. She feels very vengeful towards the Empire for what happened to her squadron and admits to having a hard time following orders herself.
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  • Both Sides Have a Point: Saw calls out the Rebel Alliance for not going all out against the Empire. In fairness, the Alliance has just lost many assets in the Battle of Atollon, so it does seem to be a better move to quiet down until their forces recover. However, Saw has a point in that they need to make more important moves faster. On the other hand, Saw is over-the-top as well as overly rash in some of his actions to the point that they lead to Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!, No Kill Like Overkill, Hero with Bad Publicity, and Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters.
    Saw: If you continue to have this war fought on the Empire's terms, you are going to lose!
  • The Bus Came Back:
    • Saw returns. His hair has also grown to match his present-day look in Rogue One.
    • Wedge returns after his last major appearance in "Double Agent Droid" and The Cameo in "Zero Hour", albeit just a brief appearance in this episode.
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    • Commander Brom Titus returns after being last seen in "Through Imperial Eyes". It's also a case of Back for the Dead since Saw blows him up.
  • Butt-Monkey: Once again, something really bad happens to Brom Titus. And, of course, the third time's the worst.
  • Call-Back:
    • Kanan and Ezra talk again about how they choose to fight being just as important as what they fight for, as Ezra told the cadets back in "Iron Squadron".
    • Kanan once again serves as a pilot's eyes under weather conditions that render vision poor.
    • Mothma tells Ezra that Lothal has to wait in line to be liberated. In the previous episode, Hera says that she had to persuade Mothma to let the Ghost crew help the Mandalorians.
    • Chopper reunites with Hera after she crash-lands in a Y-wing, from which her astromech didn't survive, just like Chopper's Y-wing pilot died when he crashed into the Syndulla home back during the Clone Wars.
  • Call-Forward:
    • Saw's hair has grown out to look more like he will in Rogue One. His voice has also weakened since his last appearance, although not as bad as it will be in that movie.
    • During their argument, Mon Mothma calls out Saw, saying that if they stoop to low levels, "What will we become?". This is a reference to a cut line in Rogue One (used in the first trailer) that Saw was going to say to Jyn.
    • Mothma's passive approach in the war against the Empire foreshadows how she would govern the New Republic after they win the war, making the once-solid Rebel Alliance into heavily demilitarized New Republic.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: The Partisan U-Wing is colored black, white, and grey.
  • Coming in Hot: Hera, Wedge, and another pilot try to safely crash-land their damaged Y-Wings on Base One. Rex even says it word for word.
  • Confronting Your Imposter: Ezra gets on the comm and tries to stall the light cruiser currently trying to get information from the dish. He's asked for his name and gives it as Brom Titus, and in the worst streak of luck possible, it turns out that the person he's talking to is Brom Titus, and couldn't come up with a good alibi.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Sabine grabs Ezra before he falls when the dish shifts, like how Ezra caught Sabine before she fell when her jetpack got shot back in "Imperial Supercommandos".
    • Commander Titus recognizes Ezra and immediately orders full reinforcements. He's clearly not forgotten Ezra humiliating him in both of their former encounters.
    • Kallus's ISB & espionage knowledge comes into play when describing a plan to eavesdrop on an Imperial satellite station. It's also implied he told the rebels who the Imperial officers they've faced throughout the show are, since Ezra didn't know Admiral Titus's name until sometime before the events of this episode.
  • Costume Evolution: Hera plays with this trope. Her outfit from Season 1 and 2 is her pilot uniform, while the one she gets in Season 3 is her officers' uniform. Since this is the first time she gets to pilot a starfighter since Season 2, Hera switches to her pilot uniform (and also brings back her pilot helmet she got from Quarrie).
  • Cutting the Knot: The Rebellion argues on whether to destroy the array and keep the Empire from moving information along, or to hack it so they get to be one step ahead. They attempt to hack it but after their cover is blown, Saw just destroys it.
  • Downer Beginning: The episode starts with Hera, Wedge, and another pilot crash-landing on Base One after failing their mission. Later that night, Saw uses this to show that the main Alliance has no idea what it's doing.
  • Fog of War: The Ghost takes out the TIE Defenders by heading into the mist and using Kanan to dodge the pillars, while the Defenders crash into them.
  • Good Costume Switch: Of course, Kallus switches into a rebel officer uniform.
  • Hates Baths: Chopper is quite disgruntled at the idea of getting an oil bath.
  • Hopeless War: At this point, the Alliance is not at open war with the Empire, but both sides are locked in a stalemate. Mon Mothma feels they'd be fighting a losing battle against the Empire, as Thrawn has all but broken their morale. From the way things look, progress cannot be made on liberating Lothal. At this point, Mon Mothma believes the best course of action is to play Good Samaritan within reason.
  • Huge Holographic Head: Saw addresses the Rebellion in this fashion.
  • Hypocrite: Saw accuses Mon Mothma of being one, as she denounces him as a criminal even though she is also one in the Empire's eyes.
  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: Saw's usage of this is suggested to be how he learned of the communication relay before the larger Rebel Alliance did. Mon Mothma rejects doing the same, as they are supposed to be better than that.
  • Kidnapped by an Ally: Saw rescues Ezra and Sabine, then flies off with them to parts unknown over Hera's objections that he return them.
  • Kubrick Stare: In a Freeze-Frame Bonus, Kallus makes one while explaining how they could gather intel after the group complains about how Saw has better intel than they do.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: When Ezra asks what will happen if they fire their jetpacks too late when landing on the dish, Sabine says that while she likes abstract art, she doesn't want to become it.
  • Mythology Gag: Wedge's helmet has the name "Mala" in Aurebesh on it, who was his girlfriend in the old Legends continuity.
  • The Needs of the Many: Mon Mothma uses this as an explanation for why they can't help Lothal. Ezra understands, but admits to Kanan that he's envious of Saw who just fights however and for whoever he deems necessary without letting politics get in the way.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: The normally calm and collected Mon Mothma snaps and yells at Saw for killing innocent civilians and surrendering Imperials.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Ezra asks Mon Mothma for more support for Lothal. She sympathizes, saying her own world of Chandrila is also suffering under Imperial reign, but so are thousands of worlds across the galaxy and they can't focus on just one without sacrificing others in greater need: even if they did promise his people they'd go back to help them.
    • The plan to hack the dish completely falls apart due to one major flaw: dishes need to tilt to receive signals, and the dish changing at the wrong moment exposes Ezra and Sabine.
  • Time for Plan B: When Ezra and Sabine are caught on the dish and no longer able to modify it, Sabine pulls out some thermal detonators to blow it up, so that some good would come of the otherwise failed mission. Then Saw shows up with even bigger bombs to do that for them.
  • Time Skip: Some time has passed since "Zero Hour" and "Heroes of Mandalore" to the point that the crew uniting again is seen as noteworthy. The implication is that Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper left to help Sabine and the Mandalorians right after "Zero Hour" and have spent some time there, as they hadn't been on Yavin 4 yet by the beginning of this episode.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Saw calls out Mon Mothma for still trying to negotiate with the Empire since it's clear that they will not bargain and they lost people because she ignored his warning. When she angrily denounces him for the extreme acts of war he himself has committed, he responds by asking why she's angrier at him than the Empire.


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