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Recap / Star Trek Voyager S 2 E 2 Initiations

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Alone in a shuttlecraft to perform a Native American ritual in memory of his father, Chakotay is attacked by a Kazon ship manned by a teenager, Kar. Chakotay disables the Kazon ship's engines, then beams Kar off just before it explodes.

To Chakotay's surprise, Kar is unhappy to be rescued. Kazon youth earn their place in the clan by killing an enemy, and he was supposed to either kill Chakotay or die in battle. Because he did neither, he'll never earn his full name and will forever be an outcast among his people.


Chakotay's shuttle is captured by a larger Kazon vessel led by Razik, the leader of Kar's clan, the Ogla. Chakotay escapes, and invites Kar to come with him, an offer that he accepts. With Razik's ship in pursuit, the two of them beam down to a moon used by the Kazon as a training course. Voyager arrives to rescue them, but Chakotay is wondering how he can undo the harm he accidentally did and make it possible for Kar to rejoin his people.


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