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Recap / Star Trek Discovery Short Treks E08 "The Girl Who Made the Stars"

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When a lightning storm in space scares a young Michael Burnham, her father aims to ease her fears with a mythical story about a brave little girl who faced her own fears head on.


  • Art Shift: This, along with "Ephraim and Dot", is an animated rather than live action episode.
  • Continuity Nod: Michael had previously mentioned her father telling her the tale of "The Girl Who Made The Stars".
  • Kneel Before Frodo: When the little girl brings back the light that creates the first stars, all the villagers kneel to her.
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  • Out-of-Genre Experience Within the story itself, the young hunter-gatherer running for her life from a monstrous beast probably could be forgiven for not anticipating the new development of a UFO crash landing nearby.

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