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Recap / Sports Night S 02 E 22 Quo Vadimus

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In Isaac's office, after he gets off the phone, he tells Dana Quo Vadimus put in an offer for Continental Corp that morning. Dana is upset because she wants MDI to buy the company, since they'd want to keep the network and the show, but Isaac assures her they're still in it. He also warns her not to spread the news around, which she claims she won't...

...but out in the hallway, she tells Natalie about it. Natalie then tells Kim and Elliot about it. Dan walks out of his office into the news room, still obsessing over the fact Rebecca sent him flowers. Casey tries to get him to work on that night's show, but Dan says he can't concentrate. Dana joins them and tells them there's a new bidder, but she won't say who because she wants to prove to Isaac she can be trusted...


...and in Isaac's office:

Isaac: (looking at his watch) 3, 2, 1.
Jeremy: Isaac, I don't know if you heard, at 6:00 this morning there was a bid from an Italian airline called Platypus.
Isaac: Yeah. Keep it under your hat, would you?
Jeremy: You bet.

After the credits, while walking with Dana through the newsroom, Jeremy correctly names the company and explains to her Quo Vadimus is a holding company, as well as an umbrella the owner, Calvin Trager for a chemical company, tech company, and systems group. Dana guesses they're after the coaxial cable and the wider bandwidth (Jeremy is impressed she knows this), but Jeremy warns her the company has a habit of buying up companies and selling off their parts. Dana asks why Jeremy is carrying around a box, and he explains he's settling his affairs; to prove it, he gives Dana a package of gum to replace the one he swiped off her desk one time.


In Casey and Dan's office, Jeremy tells them Isaac is looking for their copy, and correctly names the company. Casey and Dan try to get to work, but can't.

At Anthony's, Dana sits down with her book and Jack, the bartender, brings her a drink. The stranger comes in and asks for a steak, beer, and some ice water. He sits down at Dana's table, and she acts surprised to see him. She asks him for his story. He tells her he was born in Minnesota and owns his own business. Dana remembers he owns places in Paris, Seattle, Chicago, Tokyo and St. Bart's; he tells her he might have sold the last place. He asks her what she's reading; Dana looks at the book and tells him it's the new biography of Lyndon Johnson. He asks Dana if she feels down. She claims she's just there because it's her lunch hour and she wanted to read, but he points out she had to look at the book before she could tell him what it was. She tells him about the new bidder, and says it'll be all over if they outbid MDI.


Stranger: Do you feel responsible for the show failing?
Dana: The show didn't fail. The man I work for - a guy named Isaac Jaffe - he took a chance on me and I didn't rise to meet his expectations. And there are people who work for me who needed me to be a better field captain. The show didn't fail, but I do feel responsible and that's gonna have to be all right with you.

The stranger then, over Dana's objections, tells the way he feels better after he's failed (which he's done more than he's succeeded); he gets his people together and asks them, "Where are we going?" Dana can't believe that was his strategy for making people feel better, and leaves. As she's walking out, the stranger says MDI could outbid the other company, but they both agree it's probably not likely.

Dan and Casey get food and walk back and forth between backstage and the editing room, still trying to focus on writing the show. Rebecca appears backstage and asks Dan if he got the flowers. Dan is so startled he's unable to get out of the way of a ladder and it hits him. A few minutes later, Dan's sitting down and holding an ice pack where he got hit. Casey tells Rebecca she looks good, and leaves them alone. As they walk to the editing room, Dan tells her about the company being sold; she says she knows. Rebecca also tells him she's gotten divorced from Steve Sisco, and it's for real this time. She invites him to dinner, but when he's unenthusiastic about it, she says she'll wait in the green room.

Jeremy goes to Isaac's office to return his tape dispenser, only to find Natalie there. She tells him it seems like he's taking everything well, and he admits he's not. They both console each other by saying they'll both get lots of offers, and Jeremy remembers how bad he wanted the job, and how Natalie got it for him. Natalie remembers how she liked Jeremy after he tripped over the threshold and said, "Excuse me" to it. She kisses him, and then closes the door to Isaac's office.

In Casey and Dan's office, Dan once again tries to sell Casey on going to L.A., but Casey doesn't want to leave Charlie, and convinces Dan he would do alright alone. Dan says they should write, but changes his mind and goes to the greenroom, where Rebecca is still waiting. He says he can't have dinner because of what's going on, and she offers to make it the next night. Natalie comes into the room, but says it can wait. Rebecca gives him the phone number of where she's staying, says she'll be there all night, and kisses him on the cheek. She and Natalie greet each other, and she leaves. Natalie tells Dan the company's been sold and Dana's gathering everyone in the control room before the show. After she leaves, Dan rips up the paper with Rebecca's number.

In the control room, the entire staff has gathered.

Dana: Can I have everyone's attention, please? We just have, uh, minutes before air. I know most of you have heard by now, but we've been sold to a company called Quo Vadimus. I don't know what our future is anymore. I know there's things that I'm supposed to be saying to you right now, but...I don't know. I don't even know - I don't even know what the hell "quo vadimus" means. Does anybody know what "quo vadimus" means?
Jeremy: It means "Where are we going?"
Dana: Well, that's fine, but - What?
Jeremy: It's Latin. It means, "Where are we going?"

As Dana runs out of the control room, she tells Natalie she'll be right back and to take over. Everyone just looks at each other until Elliot tells Natalie the show starts in five minutes. She tells everyone to get ready, and after a pause, and she tells them again, they all start to leave.

At Anthony's, the show is playing on the TV behind the bar, and the stranger is sitting at the bar when Dana rushes in. She approaches the stranger and starts to ask if he's Calvin Trager, but she's hyperventilating and can't get the words out. She eventually calms down.

Dana: Is your name Calvin Trager?
Calvin: Yes.
Calvin: Yes.
Dana: You own Quo Vadimus?
Calvin: Yes.
Dana: You bought Continental Corp?
Calvin: Turns out I picked up a few more shares of stock, yeah.
Dana: Why didn't you tell me?
Isaac: I just wrote a check for $18 billion, Dana. My scouting says you don't keep a secret so good.
Dana: I could change.
Calvin: Yeah, well, we're gonna work on that.

Calvin confirms he's keeping the network and the show. Dana says she doesn't know what to say. Calving points to the TV and says her show is on. Dana walks out of Anthony's, repeating out loud, "My show is on!"

Back at the studio, Casey gives the results of a baseball game and tells the audience they'll be back after the commercial break. In the control room, after Chris reminds everyone they'll be back in 60 seconds, everything falls silent, despite Jeremy's best efforts to get people talking. Dana comes in. Natalie asks what's going on, but Dana asks for a headset. She says into it, "Dan, Casey..."

...and in the studio, we see the two of them reacting to the good news:

Dan: (smiling) Well, it looks like we're stuck with each other for a little while. Let's go to the American League.
Casey: (also smiling) Yes we are...(chuckles) going to the American League.

We see various shots of Casey and Dan telling the news and the staff in the control room doing their jobs with increased vigor, while Isaac rests his hand on Dana's shoulder.

Casey: They welcome the Tigers to the house that Ruth built this evening.
Casey: No, Dan, and thank you very much for correcting my every mistake, no matter how small, oh, these many years.
Dan: What are friends for?
Casey: Annoying the hell out of you?
Dan: Exactly! Elsewhere in the A.L. East, the Blue Jays visit the Orioles.

Fade to Black.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Call-Back: Isaac reminds Dana every single time he's asked her to keep something a secret, she's been unable to do so. Becomes an Ironic Echo later.
  • I Drank What?:
    Dana: I just need your water. (downs the glass)
    Calvin: That was a gin martini.
    Dana: Yes, I know that now.
  • Layman's Terms: When Jeremy starts to explain what Quo Vadimus does, she tells him to explain it to her so she understands it.
  • Shout-Out: When Calvin tells Dana about saying, "Where are we going?", Dana asks if she needs to click her heels when she says it.
  • Take That!: Sorkin's parting shot to ABC for cancelling the show:
    Calvin: It's a good show, Dana. Anybody who can't make money on Sports Night should get out of the moneymaking business.
  • Tap on the Head: Danny gets hit on the head by the ladder. Averted in that it doesn't knock him unconscious.

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