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Recap / Sponge Bob Square Pants S 6 E 4 Not Normal Gone

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Hi, how are you?
Not Normal

SpongeBob becomes "normal", and it's boring.

Not Normal contains examples of:

  • An Aesop: Be Yourself.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Squidward wanted a "normal" SpongeBob. Well, he got it - and quickly became annoyed with "normal" SpongeBob's criticisms of him.
  • Brick Joke: At one point, SpongeBob points out that Squidward doesn't wear pants. The next time Squidward is seen, he is wearing pants in his "normal" form.
  • Broken Record: "Hi, how are ya?" "Wonderful weather we're having."
  • Creepy Monotone: SpongeBob speaks like this when he's normal.
  • Eye Scream: SpongeBob's first attempt to make himself abnormal again causes his eyeballs to pop out of his head.
  • "Flowers for Algernon" Syndrome: After SpongeBob is no longer a zany cartoon character, he winds up creating ink and paper Krabby Patties, causing Mr. Krabs to suspend him from work for the time being. SpongeBob then finds out he is incompatible with Patrick's ideas for fun. Squidward's reception for SpongeBob's change in character was positive at first, but gets annoyed at the latter's criticisms regarding his lifestyle and appearance. SpongeBob ultimately decides being normal is no fun for him, and tries to revert to his original personality with Patrick's help.
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  • Medium-Shift Gag: When Squidward compares SpongeBob to people that are normal, it cuts to a shot of live-action fish in a tank.
  • Pygmalion Snap Back: As per the show's Negative Continuity, SpongeBob returns to his former self by the end of the episode.
  • The Scream: SpongeBob screaming like a banshee, and when he sees Squidward turned normal which reverts him to his original self.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: Squidward when he sees his photorealistic reflection after SpongeBob tries to make him look "normal".
  • Sdrawkcab Speech: During the montage of making SpongeBob abnormal again, Patrick tells SpongeBob to talk backwards.
    SpongeBob: Tap, erus uoy era note 
  • Staggered Zoom: When SpongeBob sees Squidward having turned himself normal like he is, prompting him to freak out and change back to his original self.
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  • Title Drop: "I'm not normal?"
  • Visual Pun: Squidward informs Mr. Krabs that the customers are "leaving in boatloads". It then cuts to rowboats carrying the customers out of the Krusty Krab.


SpongeBob wakes up to find everyone in Bikini Bottom has disappeared.

Gone contains examples of:

  • 0% Approval Rating: There is an entire day dedicated to not having SpongeBob around to annoy them. Everyone loves not having SpongeBob around so much that they milk it so "National No SpongeBob Day" ends up being "National No SpongeBob Weeks".
  • A Dog Named "Dog": A Boat Named "Boaty"
  • Affectionate Nickname: "Boaty" is one for the boat.
  • An Aesop: If you're going away for a while, it's best to let someone know in order to keep them from worrying.
  • Apocalyptic Log: SpongeBob keeps one in this episode.
  • Bedmate Reveal: Happens when SpongeBob wakes up and assumes everything up to that point was All Just a Dream, only to see his new boatmobile next to him in his bed.
  • Call-Back: Spongebob also named his first boat "Boaty" in "No Free Rides"
  • Cope by Pretending: Upon realizing that Bikini Bottom is deserted, SpongeBob's immediate response is to imitate everyone in town, giving up only when he realizes the task is impossible.
  • The Dog Bites Back: After finding out Patrick also participated in No SpongeBob Day, SpongeBob shoves Patrick off the bus and goes to celebrate No Patrick Day.
  • Drives Like Crazy: Well, he didn't quite earn that license.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: SpongeBob did not take it well when Patrick celebrated "National No SpongeBob Day" with the others. Of course, he went with the others to celebrate "National No Patrick Day".
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: SpongeBob’s friends celebrate getting away from him for weeks.
  • The Ghost: Despite being mentioned, Gary doesn't make an appearance, nor is he seen with the residents when they return.
  • Ghost City: Bikini Bottom is this during No SpongeBob Day.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: SpongeBob eventually goes crazy from Bikini Bottom being deserted except for him.
  • Good-Times Montage: After SpongeBob realizes he's all alone with his boatmobile and it wasn't just a dream, we see a montage of SpongeBob doing various things with his boat next to him.
  • Hand Puppet: SpongeBob uses one made out of a pile of Krabby Patty meat that he shapes into Patrick.
  • Here We Go Again!: Everyone, including SpongeBob, leave to celebrate No Patrick Day, leaving said starfish out in the middle of nowhere, wondering where everybody is.
  • Kick the Dog: When everyone comes back, it turns out they were celebrating National No SpongeBob Day, which involves burning a large stake shaped like SpongeBob and dancing on its ashes.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: It turns out the reason everyone was gone is because it was National No SpongeBob Day, though it lasted for weeks.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: SpongeBob imitates everyone he knows, including Sandy and Mrs. Puff.
  • With Friends Like These...: Even Patrick can’t resist getting into National No SpongeBob Day, and SpongeBob happily joins in on National No Patrick Day.
  • Yandere: As a part of SpongeBob's growing madness, Boaty doesn't like SpongeBob talking to anyone else but it.

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