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Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn and their classmates visit a museum where several genetically enhanced super spiders are found. While Peter was taking pictures of MJ, a spider bit him. Peter Parker stays at his Uncle Ben and Aunt May's house. At his room, he felt woozy from the spider bite. Norman Osborn, the CEO of Oscorp is testing a green formula and wants to see if humanity truly evolved.


Peter Parker woke up from his sleep and can see perfectly without his glasses. He also had some buff muscles. During lunch, Peter shot spider webs from his hands and accidentally threw a tray at the school bully, Flash Thompson. With his Spider-Sense, Peter was able to dodge Flash's attacks and defeated the bully in the school hallway. Regretting this decision, Peter ran to an alleyway and climbed on the side of the building to his joy. Peter wanted to have his webs pop up by saying phrases. It didn't work. Once he successfully shot a web, he crashed into the front of a building.

Peter saw that Mary Jane had a friend thanks to their car. Peter saw an advertisement for a wrestling match with $1000 in reward money. That way, he can spend it for the car that Mary Jane would like. As he was coming up with ideas for his costume, he decided to get ready. Uncle Ben told Peter about what happened yesterday and that with great power comes responsibility. As Peter gets ready for the match, he gets to face-off against Bonesaw, the champion. He told the ringmaster his codename, "The Human Spider", which the ringmaster disliked for being generic. The ringmaster renamed it "The Amazing Spider-Man" as the cage match begins. With Peter's reflexes, he quickly won against Bonesaw. The fighting promoter cheated him by giving him $300 for the match. Suddenly, a criminal snatched the money from the promoter and left the building. Peter ran and saw his wounded uncle, who was wounded by a carjacker. In tears and anger, Peter tracked down the carjacker and asked him if he gave Uncle Ben a chance to live. The carjacker was thrown out the window.


Peter gained recognition as Spider-Man for stopping several crimes throughout New York. Peter eventually applied for a job at the Daily Bugle as a photographer. Norman Osborn became the Green Goblin as he took the gilder and attacked the Oscorp festival. Spider-Man saved Mary Jane and made her safe from the Goblin. At a burning building, Spider-Man encountered the Green Goblin again and got a scrape. During Thanksgiving, Norman Osborn realized that Peter Parker is Spider-Man due to Peter's scrape. The Green Goblin spotted Spider-Man at the Daily Bugle and sedated him with sleeping gas.

As Spider-Man woke up, the Green Goblin convinced him to join him and destroy New York. Spider-Man decided not to join the Goblin as the Goblin flies away. The Green Goblin scared Peter's Aunt May by nearly destroying the house. The Green Goblin encountered Spider-Man on the Brooklyn Bridge with him holding Mary Jane and a group of children. Spider-Man chose to save both. Spider-Man and the Green Goblin landed at an old building and Norman revealed himself to Peter. He wanted to seek forgiveness as he set up the glider. The glider landed on and killed Norman.


Now that Norman is dead, Harry believes that Spider-Man is his father's killer. Peter accepted his powers as Spider-Man as he swung all over the city.


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