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Recap / South Park S 7 E 2 Krazy Kripples

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Jimmy is furious when his comedy performance is attended by an audience of precisely one - Butters (who promised he'd come) - thanks to everyone else snubbing him for a speech by Christopher Reeve about the role of stem cell research in the progress he has made since the accident that left him paralysed. He fumes to Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny that unlike Reeve, he has been crippled since birth - prompting the quartet to leave with the observation that they'd rather stay out of this one. Their decision is re-affirmed when Jimmy and Timmy interrupt their play session to announce that they've formed a club that only people who have been crippled since birth can join (though Stan and Kyle have to talk Cartman down from his anger at being excluded).


Deciding their club needs T-shirts, Jimmy and Timmy visit T-shirt maker Mr. McGillicuddy, who is shocked when they reveal that their club name is "The Crips", as there's already a gang with that name. Assuming that the gang in question is for people like them rather than a dangerous criminal gang, Jimmy asks about joining them, prompting Mr. McGillicuddy to announce he's staying out of this one. Once in Denver, Jimmy and Timmy introduce themselves to the local Crips (though Jimmy is surprised that they're all African-American), and to prove themselves, they are told to "pop some punk ass Bloods". Neither Jimmy nor Timmy understand their instructions, and interpret them instead to mean that they are to buy food and drink from a convenience store in front of which a group of Bloods are loitering. As they approach, an out-of-control truck driver crashes into the store, killing the Bloods en masse, and Jimmy and Timmy are promptly accepted into the Crips and given the gang's signature blue clothing, but when the Bloods carry out drive-by shootings at both Jimmy and Timmy's houses in retaliation for killing thirteen of their members, Jimmy and Timmy - who believe the Bloods are a gang for people crippled in accidents rather than at birth - decide they have to bring the two gangs together, and they disguise themselves to invite the Crips and the Bloods to the South Park rec centre for an overnight lock-in until they make peace. Unsurprisingly, the gangs' first instinct is to draw their guns on each other, but Jimmy eventually prevails on them to spend the evening playing sports and games with each other, and it seems their bitter war is finally over.


Meanwhile, Christopher Reeve appears on Larry King Live to reveal the real method whereby stem cells have been helping him regain motor control: he drinks them directly from aborted foetuses. Over his next several appearances, he even stands up and walks again. However, he has effectively become addicted to stem cells, and he is confronted by his nemesis from the Superman films, Gene Hackman, over "playing God". Before long, Reeve develops Super Strength and organises a league of supervillains, including Professor Chaos (Butters) and General Disarray (Dougie), to wage war against "Hack Man". (Butters tells Dougie they should probably stay out of this one.) Hackman interrupts the league's meeting by brandishing a bill banning stem cell research that has just been signed into law, and he banishes Reeve to the Phantom Zone.


Cut to Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny looking up at the sky, musing that they're glad they stayed out of this one.

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