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Recap / Sonic Boom S 1 E 17 Dont Judge Me

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It's been over twenty years, but justice will finally be served.

Eggman is at it again, terrorizing the town with his new Moth Bot, a moth-inspired vehicle. After dosing the machine with mothballs, Sonic manages to smash it into the ground using a giant fly-swatter / catapult contraption. Despite seeming to have a hurt neck, Eggman still manages to escape while maintaining that Sonic's victory is tainted. Either way, Sonic's still pleased with having won again.

Cut to the next day. Sonic and Tails are enjoying a comically-long sub sandwich, when Wild Cat delivers Sonic a court summons. It seems that Eggman is suing the hedgehog over injuries he claims have resulted from the previous night's battle. Although Sonic doesn't initially take this seriously, a nearby Soar the Eagle reports that the trial will ruin the life of whoever loses it.

Sonic's day in court arrives. Eggman (wearing a highly visible neck brace) is represented by T.W. Barker, who apparently got out of the circus ringleader business and has reinvented himself as a lawyer. Sonic, continuing to not take the trial seriously, has elected to appoint Knuckles as his legal counsel, in spite of his utter lack of legal experience or knowledge. The whole affair is presided over by the Honorable Judge Bot, which seems to be Eggman's Burn Bot with a wig, voice chip, and gavel.


The trial seems to go wrong for Sonic from the very beginning. Knuckles' opening statement is simply booing the plaintiffs, Sticks' usual behavior makes her an unreliable and threatening witness, and T.W. Barker twists Tails' testimony to portray Sonic as a chaotic threat to society. The cherry on top of Sonic's dour sundae, however, is when Knuckles questions himself as a witness and simultaneously writes Sonic off as too weak to hurt Eggman, culminating in the hedgehog blurting out loud that he is entirely capable of doing so. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman manages to woo the jury by depicting himself as a kind and innocent person (the evidence for which was completely fabricated).

Following a groovy hippie-themed dance party, the jury returns from its deliberations. Failing to extract the sentence due to Fastidious Beaver's overly narrow take on semantics, Judge Bot simply declares Sonic guilty. It is about to hammer its gavel and make the verdict official when Amy Rose bursts into the courtroom. Ignoring legal procedure, she pounds her hammer causing Judge Bot and T.W. Barker to fall to the floor. Craning over to look at his fallen legal counsel, Eggman inadvertently reveals that his neck is fine and his injuries were faked. A brief battle with Eggman's robots ensues before the doctor smashes his way through the courthouse's walls and escapes in the Eggmobile, with Sonic following and threatening to give him something that actually justifies legal action— namely, another defeat at the hedgehog's hands.


The live broadcast of the court proceedings ends, giving way to Comedy Chimp's New Year's Eve Rockin' Bananaganza, which is less exciting than the name implies. Cut to black and credits.

Tropes featured in the episode:

  • Amoral Attorney: T.W. Barker is this when he becomes Eggman's Lawyer.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: When Sticks is questioned by T.W. Barker about Eggman's robots, she claims that they destroy mountains, level cities, and put songs in your head that you can't get out.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Amy is completely absent from the episode up until the deciding moment, for good reasons.
    "I was only gone for the weekend on a beekeeping seminar... and look what happened."
  • Call-Back: When Knuckles acts as Sonic's lawyer, he is wearing his reading glasses from "My Fair Sticksy."
  • Courtroom Episode
  • Idea Bulb: At the beginning of this episode, Knuckles distracts Eggman's moth-bot with one and pretends it's this.
  • Kangaroo Court: Sonic ends up in one when Eggman sues him for an obviously fake injury. The whole thing is clearly a sham, right down to Burn Bot being the judge, and Sonic is still very nearly convicted.
  • Obfuscating Disability: Eggman spends most of the episode in a neck brace, claiming Sonic injured his neck, and attempting to sue him over it. He very nearly gets away with it, too, until Sonic notices him move his neck just fine and points it out near the end of the episode.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise:
    • With a simple judge wig on top of his head, Burn Bot becomes "the Right-Honorable Judge Bot".
    • Orbot and Cubot are also shown in unconvincing disguises of them as children in a sepiatone film Eggman shows to the court. Cubot even asks him if they should return the costumes to the shop after the film is shown.
  • Shout-Out: Courtesy of Amy.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Burn Bot was The Voiceless in "The Sidekick", the episode that introduces his character. Here, he (under the alias Judge Bot) speaks throughout the episode.
  • Visual Pun: At one point in the episode, Knuckles tries to eat a sandwich, but all the inner contents fall out of it, and he sticks his arm through it. Just in case the audience didn't get the joke the first time, there's also this line from him later in the episode:
    Knuckles: "I would rest my case, but I'm hoping there's another fist sandwich in it."

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