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Recap / Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Mission 06 "Honor Among Thieves"

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Back from the prologue, the Cooper Gang help save Sly's life and Sly goes into the Cooper Vault.


  • Arc Villain: Dr. M.
  • Amnesiac Villain Joins the Heroes: Downplayed. Sly claims to have amnesia at the end, and Carmelita tells him that he's her partner.
  • Death Course: The Cooper Vault. The entire place was create so that only a Cooper could navigate it, so thieves who know the various techniques of the Cooper lineage are able to navigate its many traps.
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  • The Reveal: Dr. M. was the brains of the previous Cooper Gang. Sly's father's gang, that is.
  • Signature Move: It is revealed that Sly's father perfected the ability rail-slide on lasers, having died before he could name it and admit it into the Thievius Raccoonus.
  • Title Drop: The game is called "Honor Among Thieves".


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Dr. M

Dr. M has a brief discussion with Sly near the end of his fight, and Sly manages to get M to acknowledge that Sly doesn't treat his Gang like Sly's father did when he and M were in the previous Cooper Gang. It almost looks for a moment that Dr. M might finally back down... but then Sly claims that he isn't like his ancestors, and that "touchy-feely rhetoric" enrages the ape past the boiling point.

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