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Recap / Sliders S 02 E 01 Into The Mystic

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Originally aired March 1, 1996

Written by Tracy Tormé

Directed by Richard Compton

On a world where witchcraft reigns supreme, Quinn gets a bounty on his head after the Sliders flee from an eccentric witch doctor who demands Quinn's brain as payment for treating his gunshot wound. Pursued by a bounty hunter, they seek help from the Sorcerer, who may be able to return them home.

Tropes present in the episode:


  • Brick Joke: At Xang's, Rembrandt shoots a snake, leading Arturo to guess that was likely somebody's pet. A moment later, as the group leaves, Rembrandt fends off an attack by Xang and punches him out.
    Arturo: Well done, Mr. Brown. That was the pet's somebody.
  • Cliffhanger Copout: Quinn having been shot in the previous episode is hastily dealt with in the teaser, and never addressed again. Still better than the original idea of the Fox executives, which was to not address it at all.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Averted. Quinn's double doesn't use sliding for exploration or to conquer; it's a business resource to obtain various supplies that he can sell to the locals.
  • The Grim Reaper: One delivers a subpoena to Quinn at one point in the episode.
  • Huddle Shot: When the Sliders discuss what to do after Dr. Xang gives them an overpriced bill.
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  • I Just Want to Be Special: The fortune teller reveals Arturo carries around a lot of anger of never feeling appreciated in his line of work.
    "You resent the boy because it comes so easily to him. You are Salieri to his Mozart, yes?"
  • I Knew There Was Something About You: When Quinn enters the room and sees his double is the Sorcerer, he remarks, "I knew it."
  • "I Know What We Can Do" Cut: After getting Dr. Xang's overpriced bill, Arturo gathers the others and suggests they do something that "harkens back to our childhoods." When Arturo is asked what, we cut to our heroes fleeing from Xang's office as Arturo yells "RUN! RUN LIKE HELL!"
  • The Man Behind the Curtain: The Sorcerer presents himself as a ghost-like figure claiming to have existed for centuries. He's really just Quinn's double, who admits the disguise was to play on the locals' love of the occult.
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  • Not-So-Phony Psychic: The group takes refuge in a psychic's shop. Arturo pegs her as this—saying everything she said was just generic cold readings meant to fit any situation. However, she knows Arturo has a son that he didn't tell the others about.
  • Put on a Bus: Ryan asked Wade to stay with him. She said no and the next morning, he was gone.
  • Richard Nixon, the Used Car Salesman: Ed Wood served as the President of the United in the witchcraft dominated world.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: The Sliders haul ass out of Dr. Xang's office after learning that the not-so-good doctor intends to charge quite a bit of money for minimal service.
  • Shadow Archetype: Quinn's double is a nice guy, but he feels lonely and like a prisoner of his own success, whereas our Quinn is out living his life.
  • Skeleton Motif: Rembrandt finds one in a hotel room closet. This is considered normal for this world.
  • Spanner in the Works: Had the rough slide not ripped open Quinn's wound, the Sliders would've avoided needing to go to Xang and then the Sorcerer.
  • Status Quo Is God: Neither Ryan nor Wade's dog from the previous episode remain on the team.
  • Took a Level in Badass:
    Rembrandt: [with a shotgun] I got one shell left. Who wants it?
    Bounty Hunter: I want my bounty.
    Rembrandt: I oughta kill you right now. Get out!
  • Walking Transplant: Because the Sliders skipped out on the bill, Xang invokes the Retribution Substitution clause in the contract Quinn signed. It allows him his choice of body part if Quinn defaults, and he wants Quinn's brain.
  • Wham Line: "And he reminds you of the son you neglected back home."
  • Whole Plot Reference: The latter half of the episode is a reference to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


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