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Recap / Skylanders Academy

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Here is the recap page for Skylanders Academy. Be warned, the pages will contain unmarked spoilers.

    Season 1 

  • Skylanders Unite!
    • The cadets come together for graduation day, but Spyro will need to overcome his bad attitude and big ego to join his friends as a Skylander.

  • My Way or the Sky Way
    • Jet-Vac uses a potential plumbing disaster to teach Spyro about the "Skylander way," but they clash over Jet-Vac's strict rules and planning.

  • Mising Links
    • When the Skylanders struggle to work as a team, sensei King Pen shows them how to build a new teammate that combines their talents.

  • Dream Girls
    • Stealth Elf is chosen to give a speech to the entire academy, but first she has to figure out why everyone is suddenly terrified of sheep.

  • The Hole Truth
    • The young Skylanders are assigned to spend a day as guards at Cloudcracker Prison, and the inmates try to trick the heroes into letting them escape.

  • Space Invaders
    • Stealth Elf finds trouble when she gets stuck inside Kaos's mind, and she has to convince the others that she's trapped so they can help her escape.

  • Anger Mismanagement
    • Eruptor goes to anger management when his temper puts missions at risk, but he'll need to tap back into his rage to get the Skylanders out of trouble.

  • Pop Rocks
    • The young Skylanders learn that Pop Fizz used to be in a rock band with Wolfgang, who plans to turn fans at a music festival into an army of drones.

  • Beard Science
    • Kaos thinks that the key to getting the Golden Queen to like him is to find some hair, so he steals Master Eon's treasured beard.

  • The Skylands Are Falling!
    • An invention called the "evil-scope" allows the Skylanders to stop evil before it happens, but all the evil energy collects in a ball and traps Spyro.

  • Crash Landing
    • After Crash Bandicoot is somehow transported into their world, the Skylanders have to help him get home by finding a dark relic.

  • Assault on Skylander Academy
    • When Eon falls seriously ill, the Skylanders must race to find a light energy source to heal him. Meanwhile, the Doom Raiders attack the academy.

    Season 2 

  • Spyromania
    • Spyro wants to prove that he has his own superpower like the other Skylanders, and he's going to need it when he gets into a dangerous situation.

  • I Dream of Ninjini
    • Master Eon tells Stealth Elf to seek training from an elusive ninja genie giant named Ninjini, a once-great warrior who doubts her current abilities.

  • Return to Cynder
    • A new cadet named Cynder becomes fast friends with Spyro at the Academy, but she questions whether she has what it takes to be a true hero.

  • Thankstaking for the Memories
    • Spyro and Stealth Elf get locked in the Grand Library while everyone else is gone for a long holiday weekend.

  • Elementary, My Dear Eruptor
    • Eruptor discovers he has the Sherlock Holmes-like ability to figure out who's guilty of committing evil deeds.

  • Split Decision
    • When Skull decides to break away from Hex, Hex turns evil and tries to transform the others at the Academy into zombie-like drones.

  • The People vs. Pop Fizz
    • Pop Fizz is arrested and put on trial for committing robberies all over the Skylands, and the other Skylanders have to help find the real culprit.

  • One Flu Over the Skylander's Nest
    • Eon comes to the team house to lead training, but the house is quarantined and everyone ends up getting sick.

  • Belly of the Beast
    • While fighting the evil Fire Viper, the gang ends up inside its belly and must put aside personal differences to find a way out.

  • Who's Your Daddy?
    • When one of Jet-Vac's eggs hatches, he must try to be a good father to the baby inside. Kaos and Glumshanks believe they might be father and son.

  • Sheep(ball) Dreams
    • Dreamcatcher gets amnesia, giving the Skylanders a chance to bring her back to the Academy and prevent her from returning to her evil ways.

  • It Techs Two
    • Jet-Vac feels insecure about his role with the Skylanders when Sprocket is brought in and starts taking care of tech-related problems.

  • Touch of Evil
    • As he tries to learn more about his ancestors, Spyro searches for a dragon king. Kaos attempts to free an evil being that can rule the Skylands.

     Season 3 

  • Power Struggle
    • Strykore orders Dark Spyro and Kaos to kidnap King Pen and learn where the Iron Fist of Arkus is.

  • The Truth is in Here
    • Dark Spyro returns to the academy, but the others don't know of his allegiance to Strykore.

  • Sky Hard
    • The Skylanders receive an award but let it go to their heads. Meanwhile a villain threatens to blow up various locations and the only way to stop them is to solve their riddles.

  • A Traitor Among Us
    • Master Eon senses a traitor at the academy and Eruptor accuses Kaossandra.

  • In Like Flynn
    • Eon brings in Captain Flynn to help the Skylanders with their lastest mission.

  • Weekend at Eon's
    • Eon is knocked out just before an inspector arrives at the academy. Dark Spyro and Jet Vac must use Sprocket's invention to control his body and pose as him.

  • Road Rage
    • Strykore orders Dark Spyro to place a bracelet on Stealth Elf that will turn her evil, but it ends up on someone else.

  • Three Sides to Every Story
    • Master Eon has been vaporized and Jet Vac thinks its either Dark Spyro, Stealth Elf, or Eruptor. They must each inform Jet Vac of their innocence.

  • Days of Future Crash
    • Dark Spyro and Eruptor travel back through time to ask Crash Bandicoot some questions, but accidentally bring him back to the present/future and by changing the past, the Skylands are ruled by an evil tyrant.

  • Off to the Races
    • The Skylanders compete in an airship race but Jet Vac and Captain Flynn's conflicting leadership styles makes things difficult.

  • Split
    • With Spyro discovered as Strykore's minion, the rest of the team must find a cure for him and the first step is to get some venom from a fire viper.

  • Raiders of the Lost Arkus, Part One
    • The Skylanders must reach Arkus before Strykore does, but need Cynder's help.

  • Raiders of the Lost Arkus, Part two
    • Kaos has the Iron Fist and tries to destroy the Core of Light while Eon and Kaossandra battle Strykore again.


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