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Recap / Skip Beat Volume 32

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As Kyoko and Setsuka — she'll do her best!

Ren is beginning to lose his cool under the strain of having to juggle his various personae as Ren Tsuruga, Cain Heel, and even his past as Kuon. When Kyoko gets further attention from Kijima and from a newly-determined Shou Fuwa, it only gets worse.

Kyoko herself needs to deal with Shou's determination to remind him why she entered showbiz and insisting she tell him to his face that she has no feelings for Ren. This guy, and her worry of being the good luck charm for Ren, don't help and she heads back into her role as Setsuka Heel with unease.

Can her job as a charm work out or will the chained beast within destroy everything?


This volume contains the chapters

  • Act 189: Dark Breath note 
  • Act 190: Dark Breath note 
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  • Act 191: Dark Breath note 
  • Act 192: Dark Breath note 
  • Act 193: Dark Breath note 
  • Act 194: Dark Breath note 

Chapters in this volume provide examples of:

  • Attempted Rape: Nothing comes of it, but Ren's behavior for the last few pages of Chapter 194 look like he was going to force himself on Kyoko or somehow assault her. Her turning the tables stopped him in time.
  • Bandaged Babe: The cover for Chapter 190 shows Kyoko covered in nothing but tattered bandages.
  • Call-Back: Chapter 194 has Ren mention that his and the agency no longer appear as Withheld Numbers on her phone, referring to the side-story in the previous volume, so the one to have called her must be Shou.
  • Death Glare: Ren gives one to Shou as he tells him to 'get lost'.
  • Flashback: Chapter 193 has a flashback to Kyoko and Shou's heated discussion at TBM, including her making her promise. And includes a flashback to Shou confronting Ren about this.
  • Flower Motifs: It's a shoujo manga after all.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business
    • Shou heading off to school in the early morning? Shouko demands to know why, and he just mumbles and waits until after school is over to catch Kyoko.
    • One of the employees mentions how odd it was that Ren had an expression that could kill people, but feels relieved that he got better by the next day.
  • The Promise: If Kyoko fails as an actress and falls for Ren, she promises to serve as a waitress in the Ryokan Shou's parents run for life. Just like he hoped he'd get her to say.
  • Stepford Smiler: Yashiro says that Ren was one when they first met, though his eyes revealed all the despair he was trying to hide behind a smile. He says that Ren is reverting back to that lately, much to Ren's horror.
  • Talking in Your Sleep: Shou recalls that Kyoko does this at times, like cooing over how cute a pumpkin carriage she was dreaming about was.
  • Tranquil Fury: Ren shows signs of this as he indirectly tells Kijima his place, revealing to him that he and Kyoko have had multiple phone calls, which trump any messaging between her and Kijima.

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