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Recap / Skip Beat Volume 21

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Things aren't all sunshine and roses for Kyoko...

Kyoko is basking in the glow of working a Christmas miracle and getting some birthday swag of her own. But she's so unused to this kind of joy that she ends up late to the script reading for her new drama Box "R". This messes up her whole day, to the point that she can't even get into character for Mio when she gets to the Dark Moon set later. Ren scolds her for bringing her personal problems to work on the Dark Moon set, and it turns out that's just what Kyoko needed.

After filming Ren, Kyoko, and Yashiro go out to buy a vase for Kyoko's birthday present. Ren tells Kyoko an elaborate legend about the history of the "Queen Rosa" rose, and when she returns home later that evening Kyoko finds a beautiful pink crystal has emerged from Queen Rosa's petals. Kyoko feels like a little bit of Ren's legend has come true, and she's ready for anything that comes her way!


But things aren't all sunshine and roses on the set of Box "R". Kyoko's tardiness on the first day has riled her coworkers feathers, and they're even more upset when she can't get into character as Natsu. The director only wants to see "Mio" when Kyoko performs, but Kyoko wants to create a Natsu that shines on her own. How can Kyoko go against the director's vision when she hasn't got a grip on that Natsu that she wants to play?


This volume contains the chapters:

  • Act 121. "Happiness Warning" note 
  • Act 122. "Invincible Rose" note 
  • Act 123. "Wake Me Up!" note 
  • Act 124. "The Unseen After Image" note 
  • Act 125. "Black and White" note 
  • Act 126. "Dash to Natsu" note 

Chapters in this volume provide examples of:

  • Embarrassing Animal Suit: Kyoko reappears as Bo the Chicken on Yappa Kimagure Rock. She even thanks the one of the producers for keeping her on in the role, though he's confused as to why she would want to continue playing an oversized chicken when she's already getting big roles like Mio on Dark Moon.
  • Fairy Tale Motif: Ren spins an elaborate legend for Kyoko about the history of the "Queen Rosa" rose involving a beautiful queen, a doomed princes, and a magical flower. Kyoko absolutely adores anything that has to do with fairy tales and she eats it up.
  • Fashion Model: Honoka Ootomo, the beautiful fashion model and actress, is the celebrity guest on Yappa Kimagure Rock that Bo the Chicken must take on a fancy date. Later Kyoko tries to think back on Honoka's comportment when creating the character of Natsu. When she has trouble remembering the details of Honoka's model-like mannerisms, she can think of only one other fashion model she can turn to for help: Ren Tsuruga.
  • Flower Motifs: It's a shoujo managa after all:
    • Much attention is paid to Ren's birthday gift of a large red rose - he even makes up a legend about the rose's history for Kyoko.
    • Most chapters have a few instances of panel backgrounds filling with unexplained flowers.
  • Hollywood Voodoo: Kyoko doesn't have a Sho voodoo doll handy when she feels particularly vicious towards him, so she makes one in about five minutes flat and begins to pound it with a hammer.
  • Noodle People: Most characters are drawn with long, thin limbs. Just look at the arms on that cover.
  • Show Within a Show: Box "R", Yappa Kimagure Rock, and Dark Moon are type 1 examples, where "characters are involved in the production of the show."
  • Stock Shoujo Bullying Tactics: Kyoko's costars resort to the type of bullying Kyoko experienced in grade school to show their displeasure with her. Kyoko isn't impressed.


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