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Recap / Sesame Street E 3006

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Today's is Grandma's day here on Sesame Street. Big Bird is ready to see his Granny Bird.


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Segments includes:

  • Teaser Opening
  • Street Scene 1
  • Mixed Live-Action and Animation/Song: At School Rap
  • Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash - Little Red Riding Hood
  • Film: Storks fly around their nest as the Flamenco music plays.
  • Cartoon: Snacks on Parade - The Raisins
  • Street Scene 2
  • Muppet/Celebrity Moment/Song: Adventure with En Vogue
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  • Cartoon: X being stamped and painted
  • Cartoon: A Navajo blanket
  • Cartoon: A Duckling dresses his jacket.
  • Muppets: Lifestyles of The Big and Little - Sylvia Little and Lyle Large
  • Cartoon/Song: Banana Samba
  • Street Scene 3
  • Film: Practicing for the circus
  • Muppets: The Two-Headed Monster demonstrates SURPRISE!
  • Cartoon: The letter X in different fonts.
  • Film: Balloons are popping in front of kids demonstrating surprise.
  • Cartoon: A Bellhop makes 12 wake up calls.
  • Muppet/Song: Raise your Hand with Chrissy and the Alphabeats.
  • Cartoon: A shy girl wants to join in a group bouncing ball.
  • Scene 4
  • Cartoon: Words that starts with a CH sound.
  • Film/Song: The Playground Map Song
  • Cartoon: Slot Machine Leg (Man at the Bus Stop sign)
  • Muppets: Super Grover - EXIT
  • Mixed Live Action and Animation: After kids at school exits the gym, The Keith Herring mural comes to life and exit too.
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  • Cartoon: Planet G/g
  • Street Scene 5
  • Cartoon: Rubber Stamp 12
  • Muppets - Caveman Days - Taking out the Trash
  • Cartoon: Esme's Wooden Clown.
  • Film: A blind class goes to the park.
  • Cartoon: Oh, What a Fabulous Party
  • Street Scene 6

Extra notes:

  • Funky Chimes was officially retired and id no longer use as of this episode. And this was the first episode to feature the Coming Soon on Sesame Street bumper and shows a preview clip of the next episode (Featuring a clip of Snuffy and the Snuffleketeers).
  • Starting with this episode, The US Department of Education stops funding Sesame Street until Season 33-36.
  • As of this episode, The Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York are no longer funded on Sesame Street.


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